Educating leaders for tomorrow. In today's fast-paced information world society is facing many complex problems. Acid rain is killing our forests, global warming is reducing food production, and the protective ozone layer is being depleted. At a time when the planet's ecological resources are dwindling, the world population is expected to double. As we enter the next millennium, the need for creative solutions has never been more urgent. To help my students prepare for their leadership roles of tomorrow, I provide instruction on ways to develop and enhance analytic reasoning skills. This type of instruction focuses on understanding the problem, evaluating all alternatives and creating viable solutions. I try to help my students recognize the importance of thinking critically about their world and the challenges they will face in the next millennium.

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Norma Shepelak

Norma J. Shepelak, Associate Professor of Sociology


office phone:(937-775-2666)

480 Millett Hall, Wright State University

Dayton, Ohio 45435