Nikolai V. Priezjev
Assistant Professor

Research project for students: Numerical modeling of polymer liquids on structured interfaces


      Mechanical & Materials Engineering
      Wright State University
      430 Russ Engineering Center
      3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy
      Dayton, OH 45435

      Phone: (937) 775-3214

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    • ME 4720: Engineering Polymers
       Lectures on molecular structure, polymerization, microstructures, mechanical properties
    • ME 4010: Computational Methods for Mechanical Engineering
    • ME 3760: Diffusion and Kinetics
       Lectures on binary solutions, diffusion, crystal interfaces, solidification
    • ME 2210: Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Dynamics
       Lectures on curvilinear motion, instantaneous center of zero velocity
    • ME 2120: Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics
       Lectures on moments of forces, analysis of trusses
    • ME 361: Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
    • ME 891: Molecular Modeling in Engineering: Methods and Applications
    • ME 481: Mechanical Engineering Design Special Needs Bicycle
    • ME 391: Advanced Engineering Mathematics, online teaching presentation

Research Interests:

    • Atomistic modeling of thermo-mechanical processing of metallic glasses
    • Collective relaxation dynamics in disordered solids under cyclic loading
    • Structural transformations and mechanical properties of porous glasses
    • Wetting properties and re-entrant geometry of nanotextured interfaces
    • Numerical modeling of the effective microfiltration of oil-in-water emulsions
    • Transport phenomena in microfluidic systems: slip boundary conditions
    • Liquid crystals (surface anchoring, topological defects, phase ordering)

Selected Research Projects:

    • PPT slides of seminars and presentations uploaded on
    • Molecular origin of surface tension at liquid-vapor interfaces
    • Novel strategy to transport and mix liquid droplets on vibrating substrates
    • Modeling nanostructured interfaces for passive anti-icing applications
    • Yielding transition in periodically sheared binary glasses at finite temperature
    • Diffusion of spherical and rod-shaped Janus nanoparticles: MD simulations
    • Plastic deformation of a model glass induced by a local shear transformation
    • Analysis of crossflow-enhanced microfiltration of oil-in-water emulsions (presentation, videos)
    • Slip condition at the moving contact line in MD and continuum simulations
    • Effect of surface roughness on slip flow in nanoscale polymer films (poster)
    • Brief description of recent studies on slip flow over heterogeneous surfaces
    • This movie shows the presence of slip at the wall in shear flow of polymers
    • Distribution of disclination loops near the nematic-isotropic phase transition
    • Role of topological defects in coarsening dynamics of biaxial nematic liquid crystals


    • Molecular dynamics (LAMMPS), Langevin dynamics, Ohio Supercomputer Center
    • Monte Carlo methods (Lebwohl-Lasher model), cluster MC algorithms
    • Combinatorial optimization algorithms and network flows, pore structure analysis

International Laboratory for Supercomputer Atomistic Modeling and Multiscale Analysis

Ph.D. students: Anoosheh Niavarani (PhD 2011), Tohid Darvishzadeh (PhD 2014), Ali Kharazmi (2010-2017)

M.S. students: Bishal Bhattarai (MS 2018), Qing-Long Liu (MS 2019), Anish Thomas (MS 2021)

In memory of Prof. V.B. Priezzhev (article in TMF)