Nikolai V. Priezjev
Assistant Professor


      Mechanical & Materials Engineering
      Wright State University
      430 Russ Engineering Center
      3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy
      Dayton, OH 45435

      Phone: (937) 775-3214

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    • ME 4720: Engineering Polymers (2017)
    • ME 4010: Computational Methods for Mechanical Engineering (2016)
    • ME 3760: Diffusion and Kinetics (2016)
    • ME 2210: Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Dynamics (2015)
    • ME 2120: Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics (2014)
    • ME 361: Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics (2013)
    • ME 891: Molecular Modeling in Engineering: Methods and Applications
    • ME 481: Mechanical Engineering Design Special Needs Bicycle
    • ME 391: Advanced Engineering Mathematics (2006)

Research Interests:

    • Structural relaxation in amorphous materials under periodic deformation
    • Numerical modeling of the effective microfiltration of oil-in-water emulsions
    • Transport phenomena in microfluidic systems: slip boundary conditions
    • Liquid crystals (surface anchoring, topological defects, phase ordering)


    • Molecular dynamics (Lennard-Jones, FENE), Langevin dynamics
    • Monte Carlo methods (Lebwohl-Lasher model), cluster algorithms
    • Combinatorial optimization algorithms and network flows

Research Projects:

    • Diffusion of a Janus nanoparticle in an explicit solvent: MD simulations
    • Analysis of crossflow-enhanced microfiltration of oil-in-water emulsions
    • Effect of surface roughness on slip flow in nanoscale polymer films (poster)
    • Brief description of a recent study on slip flow past heterogeneous surfaces
    • This movie shows the presence of slip at the wall in shear flow of polymers
    • Role of defects in the coarsening dynamics of biaxial nematic liquid crystals

International Laboratory for Supercomputer Atomistic Modelling and Multiscale Analysis

Ph.D. Students: Anoosheh Niavarani (PhD 2011), Tohid Darvishzadeh (PhD 2014)