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The Final Sale
The Final Sale: The Story of the West-Beatty Union by Brandy R.
Duncan tells about how one house in the underground railroad was
financed by an elaborate scam to sell and collect the reward for one slave.
Mother Goose Land
Mother Goose Land by Kara Kroger describes a community project during
the 1930’s to create a park for children in Canton Ohio.
Cry Baby's Bridge
Cry Baby’s Bridge by Melinda Arnett spins many urban legends about
death, babies, and bridges in Ohio.
The Ridges
The Ridges by Mandi Bross tells of the Athens Lunatic Asylum during
the 1800’s that is located on the campus of Ohio University.
Covington's Great Elephant Hunt
Covington’s Great Elephant Hunt by September Beeman relates a
humorous incident when an elephant escaped from a traveling circus.
Baseball DIamond
Baseball Diamond by Renee Hartman documents the dedication of Bob
Gottfried, her grandfather, an umpire who promoted baseball in Tiffin Ohio.
Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson: WWII and Beyond by Matthew Shelton
investigates the men who inspired the emblem that he had seen on
airplanes from the Ohio National Guard of which he is a member.
A Railroad Life
A Railroad Life by Marcy Martindale brings life to what it meant to be
employed as a railroad worker.
A Hero Emerges
A Hero Emerges in a Disaster by Kristin Smith memorializes her
grandfather’s role in rescuing people from the crash of the Hindenburg.

Smiling Through the Fear

Smiling through the Fear: Polio and My Mother as a Young Girl by Jeannine E. Sandlin investigates how a bad batch of vaccines resulted in giving her mother polio.
A One Room Schoolhouse Teacher
A One Room Schoolhouse Teacher by Natalie Krouskop honors her
connections to an earlier teacher in her family, Gladys Houchin.
From the Planes of North Dakota
From the Planes of North Dakota by Eileen Williamson traces her roots
to grandfather’s first experiences with a plane when he taught himself
to fly in an empty field.
Rack-O by Kim Curry relates her transient military family’s tradition
of game playing.

World War II Germany

World War II Germany: Through the Eyes of a Child by Carrie Brennan
gives the experiences of her uncle, Erhard Otto Eimer, as a child living
in Nazi Germany.

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