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Multigenre Report Writing:
Neighborhood Movie Theaters

Carmel Morse

Canister Front

Film Canister for a report about two Cinerama theaters.

Table of Contents

Table of contents listing the circular pages.

Cover Letter

First page of the cover letter.

Opening Poster

Flyer for the Belmont Theater opening.

3D News Article

Newspaper article about a 3-D House of Wax film.

Humphrey Bogart News Article

Article about the Dabel Theater opening.

Brando Memoir

Letter about seeing Brando's The Wild One.

Cinerama Article

Actual article about Cinerama.

Projectionist Interview

Projectionist's memory of Sensurround and Wonderama.

Poem Canister

A poem, diary entry, and letter from a mother and a daughter about theaters.


A poem from the mother about her viewing experience.


An epitaph for the theaters.


Endnotes for the report.


References for the report.

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