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Teaching Grammar with Poetry:
Publication Projects

General Assignment Sheet | Lesson Plan Headings Sheet

Things to do Poem

Things to do list poem to teach verbs.

Pronoun Poem

Example pronoun poem about an Encounter with a famous author.

Adjective Project

Fandex for publishing adjective poems.

Adverb Project

Squash book for publishing adverb poems.

Adjective Project Front

Open squash book with each line on one square panel.

Adjective Project Back

Back of the open squash book decorated with visuals and print.

Preposition Project

Shoebox bed for publishing prepositional phrase dream poems.

Preposition Activity

Sticker activity for teaching prepositional phrases.

Preposition Activity 2

Die cut shape visual for modeling one line for the dream poem.

Conjunction Word Pockets

Word pockets for teaching conjunctions.

Conjunction Project

Magic book for publishing conjunction poems.

Conjunction Project Inside

Inside of magic book.

Interjection Project

Mouth pop-up for publishing interjection poems.

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