Library: Germ Hunters


Exploring Science 2007

November 27 - 30



1. Complete Your "Wanted Poster"

A. Get facts from articles - use Middle Search Plus

Go here to find science information that you can trust.
The sources for information in Middle Search Plus have been checked by EBSCO Information Services.
You should also be able get to Middle Search Plus at your school library, your public library, or at home, using your public library card.


B. Get  pictures of disease-carrying bacteria - use Google Images


    Print Page One of your set of images.




2. What can a URL tell us?


Six Common Domain Extensions (Names)
Wikipedia: Generic Top-Level Domain


3. Looking for something else to do?

    Find your house using Google Maps



4. Use InfOhio later to find information written by scientists:


College of Science & Mathematics & University Libraries

Wright State University