River-Related Poems

Aird, T. "The River."
Aldrich, T.B. "Piscataqua River."
Alford, H. "To the River Wye."
Allen, E.A. "By the River-Side."
--. "The Haunted River."
Allingham, W. "Aeolian Harp: What Saith the River to the Rushes Gray."
Ammons, A.R. "Cascadilla Falls."
--. "Delaware Water Gap."
--. "Ground Tides."
--. "If Anything Will Level with You Water Will."
--. "River."
Anderson, R. "To the River Caldew."
--. "To the River Eden."
Anderson, Sherwood. "American Spring Song."
Arnold, Matthew. "The Buried Life."
---. "The River."
Arwalker, E. "The Farmer and the River: Smooth Water Runs Deep."
Ayton, R. "On the River Tweed."
Barlas, J.E. "A Leaf upon the River, Let It Float."
--. "Oh River Flowing through the Silent Night."
--. "The River's Pilgrimage."
--. "To the River."
--. "The Two Rivers."
Barlow, G. "The Mirage-River."
--. "The River and the Sea."
--. "The River's Bride."
--. "Song of the Rivers."
--. "The Voice of the River."
Barnes, W. "Pentridge by the River."
--. "Rivers Don't Gi'e Out."
Barton, B. "The Hippopotamus, or River Horse."
--. "To the River Deben."
Bell, H.T.M. "The River of Thought."
Benet, Stephen Vincent. "By the Waters of Babylon."
Blackie, J.S. "The River, an Allegory of Life."
--. "The River Side: Lines Written at Banchory Ternan, Dee-Side."
--. "The Song of the Highland River."
Blake, William. "London."
Blunt, W.S. "The Bride of the Nile: An Extravaganza in Three Acts."
Boker, G.H. "The River and the Maiden."
Botta, A.C.L. "Lines on an Incident Observed from the Deck of a Steamboat on the Mississippi River."
Bourdillon, F.W. "By the River."
--. "River Deeps."
Bowles, C.A. "The River."
Bowles, W.L. "Cadland, Southampton River."
--. "The River Cher Well."
--. "The River Wainsbeck."
--. "To the River Itchin."
--. "Water Party on Beaulieu River, in the New Forest."
--. "Written at Cadland, Southampton River."
Brainard, J.G.C. "Address to Connecticut River."
--. "The Black Fox of Salmon River."
--. "On Connecticut River."
--. "Salmon River."
Brooks, C.T. "To the Mississippi."
Brooks, M.G. "When Thou See'st the River Brighten."
--. "Written on the Margin of the Little River St. Charles."
Browne, M. "Eclogue III: The River Enemies."
Brown, T.E. "At Malmsmead, by the River-Side."
--. "A Dialogue between Hom-Veg and Ballure's River."
Brownell, H.H. "The River Fight."
Bryant, William Cullen. "Green River."
--. "Night Journey of a River."
--. "Ode to Connecticut River."
--. "To the River Arve, Supposed to Be Written at a Hamlet near the Foot of Mount Blanc."
Bullen, A.H. "The Rivers."
Byron, G.G.N. "By the Rivers of Babylon, We Sat down and Wept."
Campbell, T. "Lines on Leaving the River Cart."
--. "On Revisiting a Scottish River."
Canning, J.D. "Address to Connecticut River."
--. "Ashuelot River."
--. "Connecticut, the Stream That Flows: Written in a Skiff, on Connecticut River, at the 'Narrows,' a Short Distance above Turner's Falls."
Carew, T. To My Mistress Sitting by a River's Side, an Eddy."
Carleton, W. "From Corn-Field to River."
Cary, A. "To a Stagnant River."
Cary P. "On the River."
Cavendish, W. "Love's Cristall River."
Cawein, M. "By the Willow Copse near the River Shore."
--. "A Distant River Glimpsed through Deep-Leaved Trees."
--. "Sunset on the River."
Channing, W.E. "The River."
Charlton, R.M. "To the River Ogeechee."
Chaucer, Geoffrey. "The Clerk's Tale."
Clare, J. "Flow on Winding River."
--. "A Ramble by the River Side."
--. "River Banks."
--. "The River of the Water of Life."
--. "Sonnet on the River Gash."
--. "Verses Written on the Banks of the River Gash at Bridge Casterton."
Clough, A.H. "A River Pool."
Cokayne, A. "Of the River Cham."
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. "Kubla Khan."
---. "To the River Otter."
Colvill, R. "The Muses Triumphant over Venus: Or, the Poetical Vision Seen One Summer Evening beside the River at Elgin, a Tale."
Cook, E. "A River Thought."
Cooke, R.T. "The River."
Costello, L.S. "The Hunter of the Uruguay to His Love."
Cottle, J. "Life, a River."
Cranch, C.P. "By the Shore of the River."
--. "The Shadowed River."
Crane, Hart. "The River."
--. "Repose of Rivers."
DeForest, J.W. "By the Rivers of Babylon."
Delmore, Alton. "The Girl by the River."
Dorr, J.C.R. "The River Otter: Afragment."
Dunbar, Paul Laurence. "The Lapse."
--. "On the River."
--. "The River of Ruin."
Elliot, T.S. Four Quartets: "Part Three: The Dry Salvages."
Embury, E.C. "The American River: A Remembrance."
--. "The English River: A Fantasy."
Emerson, Ralph Waldo. "Concord Hymn."
--. "The River."
--. "Two Rivers."
English, T.D. "At the River."
--. "Crossing the River."
--. "Gauley River."
--. "The River."
Fawcett, E. "The Rivers."
Fletcher, John. "The River God."
Flint, M. "Mounds on the Western Rivers."
Fordham, M.W. "By the Rivers of Babylon."
--. "Maiden and River."
Foster, Preston Paine. "Moan On, Mississippi."
Foster, S. "On the Banks of Life's Fair River."
Freneau, Philip M. "Stanzas to the Memory of Two Young Persons (Twin Brothers), Robert Sevier and William Sevier, Who Were Killed by the Savages on Cumberland River, in North Carolina, in Attempting to Assist a New Settler, Who Was Then Passing the River with a Numerous Family."
Frost, Robert. "West-Running Brook."
Fu, Tu. "The River Village."
Gilder, R.W. "The River Inn."
--. "The Singing River."
Goodrich, S.G. "The Mississippi."
--. "Song: The River."
Gould, H. "Lake and River."
"The Great Ho River by the Mother of the Lord of Sung."
Guiney, L.I. "Hemlock River."
--. "To the River."
Hale, S.J.B. "Address to Sugar River."
Halleck, F. "The Rhyme of the Ancient Coaster: Written While Sailing in an Open Boat on the Hudson River, between Stony Point and the Highlands, on Seeing the Wreck of an Old Sloop, June 1821."
Harte, B. "Mad River."
Hartley, Marsden. "West Pitch at the Falls."
Hayne, P.H. "The River."
Hoffman, C.F. "To the Hudson River."
Hopkinson, F. "The Battle of the Kegs."
Hosmer, W.H.C. "To Indian River."
Housman, A.E. "The River."
Howe, J.W. "I Have Made a Voyage upon a Golden River."
Hughes, Langston. "The Negro Speaks of Rivers."
Hughes, Ted. "River."
Jeffers, Robinson. "Salmon Fishing."
Kinnell, Galway. "The Last River."
Larcom, L. "Across the River."
--. "By the River."
Lathrop, G.P. "Bride rook."
Lazarus, E. "Niagra River below the Falls."
Legare, J.M. "The Rising of the River."
Leland, C.G. "Over the River."
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. "Mad River, in the White Mountains."
--. "River, That Stealest with Such Silent Pace."
--. "The Song og Hiawatha."
--. "Songo River."
--. To the River Charles."
--. "To the River Rhone."
--. "To the River Yvette."
--. "The Two Rivers."
Melville, Herman. "Battle of Stone River, Tennessee: A View from Oxford Cloisters."
--. "Clarel."
Miller, J. "Christmas by the Great River."
--. "The Poem by the Potomac."
--. "The Rhyme of the great River."
--. "The River of Rest."
Mitchell, S.W. "Evening, after a Storm on the Ristigouche River."
Moody, J.W. "On the River."
Moulton, E.L.C. "Down the River."
Osgood, F.S.L. "Fisherman."
Patton, Charlie. "High Water Everywhere."
Percival, J.G. "Deep Sunk in Thought He Sat beside the River."
--. "In Sheeted Gold the River Glides."
--. "Murmuring River."
--. "Softly Flow, Thou Gentle River."
Poe, Edgar Allan. "To the River."
Pound, Ezra. "Separation on the River Kiang."
Ray, H.C. On the Concord River."
--. "O Sweet, Sad Singing River."
Riley, James Whitcomb. "Down around the River."
Robinson, Edwin Arlington. "The Town down the River."
Schwartz, Delmore. "In the Slight Ripple, the Mind Perceives the Heart."
Sharp, Iain. "Tuware's River Talk."
Sigourney, L.H.H. "Connecticut River."
Simms, W.G. "Asley River."
--. "The Cassique of Accabee: A Legend of Ashley River."
--. "Now Fare Thee Well, Sweet River!"
Smith, S.F. "Life's Rapid River."
Snyder, Gary. "The Elwha River."
Stevens, Wallace. "The Countryman."
--. "The River of Rivers in Connecticut."
---. "River That Flows Nowhere."
Stickney, T. "I Hear a River thro' the Valley Wander."
Stoddard, R.H. "Harley River."
--. "I Wandered by a River."
Story, W.W. "The River of Time."
Tabb, J.B. "The River."
T'Ai-Po, Li. "Autumn River Song on the Broad Reach."
--. "The Crosswise River."
--. "Drinking Alone on the Rock in the River of the Clear Stream."
--. "Theme of the Rest-House on the Clear Wan River."
Taylor, B. "Rio Sacramento."
Taylor, Edward. "His Eyes Are as the Eyes of Doves by Rivers of Waters Washed with Milk, and Fitly Set."
Thompson, A.B. "Beyond the River."
Thoreau, Henry David. "The Assabet."
--. "I Sailed up a River with a Pleasant Wind."
--. "I Was Born upon Thy Bank, River."
--. "The River Swelleth More and More."
Trowbridge, J.T. "By the River."
Tuckerman, F.G. "As When, Down Some Broad River Dropping."
--. "To the River."
Vandyne, W.J. "The Hudson River."
Very, J. "Naumkeck River."
--. "North River."
--. "The River."
--. "Sailing on Cakes of Ice in the North River."
--. "The South River at Sunset."
Walls, Frances Archer. "Life Is like a River."
--. "A Mountain River."
Ward, E.S.P. "All the Rivers."
Whitman, Walt. "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry."
--. "From Pent-Up Aching Rivers."
Whittier, John Grenleaf. "Our River, for a Summer Festival at 'The Laurels' on the Merrimac."
--. "The Red River Voyageur."
--. "The River Path."
Wilcox, E.W. "Leudemanns-on-the-River."
---. "Memory's River."
--. "The River."
--. "River and Sea."
--. "The River of Sleep."
Woolson, C.F. "Detroit River."
Wordsworth, William. "There Is a Little Unpretending Rill."
---. "Tintern Abbey."

River-Related Poetry Collections

Ashberry, John. Mountains and Rivers.
Brown, Arthur. Mississippi River Poems: Selected and New Writing.
Crossing the Yellow River: 300 Poems from the Chinese..
Farewell, Patricia, and Margo Stever. Voices from the River. (The Hudson Valley Writers' Center Poetry Series)
Hernton, Calvin. The Red Crab Gang and Black River Poems.
Hillard, Jeffery. River Dwellers: Poems on the Setttling of the Ohio River.
Jaffe, Dan. Seasons of the River: Poems.
Jauss, David. Improvising Rivers.
Masters, Edgar Lee. Spoon River Anthology.
McKernan, John. Walking along the Missouri River.
Merwin, W.S. The River Sound.
Milosz, Czeslaw. Facing the River: New Poems.
Oliver, Mary. The River Styx, Ohio, and Other Poems.
River of Dreams: American Poems from the St. Lawrence Valley.
Rogers-Ripoll, Doris Bennett. Childhood's Fires and Rivers.
Stafford, William. Methow River Poems.
Strickland, Stephanie, ed. River Poems (The Hudson Valley Writers' Center Poetry Series)
Wiebe, Dallas. Down the River: A Collection of Ohio Valley Fiction and Poetry.
Wright, James. Above the River: Complete Poems.