Moe’s Villa set release October 4, 2004 in the USA!

New York//May 2004///Carroll & Graf Publishers, of the Avalon Publishing Group, has just signed a three-book contract to include Moe’s Villa and other Stories.  The new collection of short stories by James, first published in London by Arcadia Books in 2000, is out-of-print and already hard to find.  New editions for two earlier novels will soon follow — perhaps Eustace Chisholm and the Works and Malcolm. 

      The James Purdy Society’s website ( was particularly useful in getting the new contract.  John Uecker, assistant to Mr. Purdy, reports that the information available has been a welcome resource and that James’s foreign rights agent is particularly pleased with the information about the author that is now on the Internet.  The JPS also wants to express its gratitude to Martin Kich for all his work on the website — especially the bibliography that he continues to compile — and to Wright State University for hosting the site.


Publicity Photo of James Purdy Courtesy of John Uecker. Drawings by James Purdy. From Dennis Moore’s Collection (Above). 

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