480-L1 Anderson, Hemingway, Purdy 37942
Instructor: J. Skerrett T/Th 2:30 pm
We will read work by and about three writers of the American Midwest who wrote about the Midwest but also about the wider world. Each of them was an innovative voice in the American short story who also excelled at the novel, and common themes abound. Their stories and novels explore dysfunctional families, alienation and the oppressions of village life, anxieties of sexual identity and orientation and the vexed issues of race, gender and class. Readings will include: Sherwood Anderson, Winesburg, Ohio and Poor White; Ernest Hemingway, The Nick Adams Stories and The Sun Also Rises; James Purdy, Color of Darkness and The Nephew; additional texts and critical materials in a course packet and/or library reserve. Requirements: three (3) five page papers, a final exam, and an assignment connected to the Assessing James Purdy Conference that will take place on campus October 25th.




English 480: Anderson, Hemingway and Purdy

Fall 2003

Professor Joseph T. Skerrett, Jr.

Syllabus & Schedule


Texts: :

Sherwood Anderson, Winesburg

The Egg and Other Stories

Poor White


Ernest Hemingway, The Nick Adams Stories

To Have and Have Not


James Purdy, Color of Darkness and Other Stories

The Nephew


Sept 4 Introductions; Rules & Regs


9 Sherwood Anderson and Winesburg, Ohio

11 Anderson, Winesburg, Ohio





23 Anderson, short stories TBA



30                         Ernest Hemingway and The Nick Adams Stories

Oct 2 Hemingway, The Nick Adams Stories





14                         James Purdy and Color of Darkness

15                         Purdy, Color of Darkness



23                         short stories, TBA


28                         Anderson, Poor White



Nov 4



11                         Veterans Day Holiday No Class

13   Hemingway, To Have and Have Not








Dec 2 Purdy, The Nephew





11 & Conclusions



Office: 460 Bartlett Hall Tel. no: 545-3694 E-mail: skerrett@english.umass.edu


Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11 AM to 1 PM; Wednesdays, 1 PM to 3 PM and by appointment


Attendance Policy: You are permitted three (3) unexcused absences. Accumulating more than three absences will result in a grade penalty.


Assignments: Three (3) five page papers, one on each writer. Papers have no absolute due date, but one should turned in each month (October, November, December). A fourth assignment is to attend a session of the ASSESSING JAMES PURDY Conference , October 24-25, and to write a response paper of about three pages. Papers must make use of the library or other research materials. No more than one (1) WWW source may be used in a paper. There will also be three to five quizzes and exercises or homework assignments.


Grading Policy: Each of the three page papers is worth 20 points; the conference report and other assignments are each worth three to five points, depending on how many are in fact assigned. Failure to submit all three (3) five-page papers will result in a grade of F for the course.