Assessing James Purdy Conference



..October 25, 2003
..Bartlett Auditorium
..University of Massachusetts Amherst

..9 AM: Greetings and Welcomes: Joseph T. Skerrett, Jr.
..Conference Convener

..Anne Herrington
..Chair of the Department of English

..Lee R. Edwards
..Dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts
..University of Massachusetts Amherst

..10 AM – 11 AM: Keynote Address: “Deliverer of the Tales of the Ones
..Excluded from the Dream”
..Donald E. Pease, Jr., Dartmouth College

..11:15 AM-12:30 PM: First Session
..Matthew Schmidt, presiding

..“The Origin and Allure of Instability in James Purdy ‘s Short Fiction”
..Flournoy Holland, University of Massachusetts Amherst

..“James Purdy and the Theater of Real Speech, 1967-1974”
..Matthew Stadler, Novelist, Portland, Oregon

..“Befriending James Purdy, 1969-1973: A Memoir”
..Gerald Rosen, Sonoma State University (in absentia)

..12:30 PM-2 PM LUNCH

..On Your Own: The University Club is serving on campus;
..within a short driving distance are The Rafters, Bertucci’s
..and The Pub

..2 PM – 3:15 PM: Second Session
..Joseph T. Skerrett, Jr., presiding

..“Confronting (or Not) the Absent Father in James Purdy”
..Joe Kraus, King’s College

..“James Purdy’s Allegories of Love”
..Don Adams, Florida Atlantic University

..“James Purdy’s Family Poetics”
..Christopher Lane, Northwestern University

..3:30 PM – 4:45 PM: Third Session
..Donald E. Pease, Jr., presiding

..“Assessing the Assessments: Five Decades of Comment on James Purdy’s Works”
..Martin Kich, Wright State University – Lake Campus

..“Failing Better: Edward Albee’s Dramatization of James Purdy’s Malcolm”
..Norma Jenckes, University of Cincinnati

..Bartlett Hall Lobby