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The Professionals:





Wives of Police Officers

Police Who Have Become Private Investigators

Police Who Have Otherwise Retired

Private Investigators--American

Private Investigators--British

Private Investigators--International

Secretaries of Private Investigators, Lawyers, Etc.

Insurance Investigators

Industrial and Corporate Investigators

Security Experts

Department Store Detectives

Hotel Detectives

Railroad Detectives

Military Investigators

Environmental Investigators

Other Governmental Investigators

Fire Investigators

Forensic Specialists



Attorneys' Investigators

Former Attorneys

Court Clerks, Court Reporters, Etc.

Bailbondsmen and Bounty Hunters

Prison Employees

Parole Officers

Witness Protection Agents

Collection Agents




Corporate Spies

Criminals and Rogues

Criminal Nemeses


Classical Investigators





Police Detectives:




Sergeant  Frank Abbott (created by Patricia Wentworth);

Constable Dortemus "Dort" Adams (created by A. Carman Clark);

Frankie Aguirre, an F.B.I. agent (created by Ryne Douglas Pearson);

Malcolm Ainslie (created by Arthur Hailey);

Sheriff Rocky Allan (created by Virginia Rath);

Detective David Alvarez;

Sheriff Spencer Arrowood (created by Sharyn McCrumb);

Detective Ray Attla (created by Dana Stabenow);

Detective Barbara Babalino (created by Tom Philbin);

Special Detective Mars Bahr (created by Kj Erickson);

Sheriff Joe Bain (created by John H. Vance);

Sheriff Johnelle Baker (created by John Miles);

Detective Harry Ball (created by Barbara Yager Witten);

Police Chief Mario Balzic (created by K.C. Constantine);

Detective Barelli (created by Yvonne Montgomery);

Detective Ray Bartell (created by Robert Sims Read);

Mark Beamon, an F.B.I. agent (created by Kyle Mills);

Sheriff's Deputy Jason Beard (created by A.B. Guthrie, Jr.);

Detective J.P. Beaumont (created by J.A. Jance);

John Becker, an F.B.I. agent (created by David Wiltse);

Detective Sy Beckman (created by E.V. Cunningham);

Norm Benn (created by Barbara D'Amato);

Chief Reid Bennett (created by Ted Wood);

Officer Judy Best (created by Stephen Cook);

Deputy Billy Birdsong (created by Douglas McBriarty);

Lobo Black (created by William DeAndrea);

Detective Sonora Blair (created by Lynn Hightower);

Detective Lee Blanchard (created by James Ellroy);

Detective Bucky Bleichert (created by James Ellroy);

Detective Harry Bliss (created by R.D. Brown);

Sergeant John Bogdanovic (created by H. Paul Jeffers);

Officer Orin Boyd (created by John Westermann);

Detective Lou Boldt (created by Ridley Pearson);

Detective Harry Bosch (created by Michael Connelly);

Sheriff Carl Boxruud (created by Mabel Seeley);

Sheriff Joanna Brady (created by J.A. Jance);

Sheriff Grover Bramlett (created by John Armistead);

Chief Tim Brennan (created by Clarissa Fairchild Cushman);

Sergeant Dave Brichter (created by Mary Monica Pulver);

Officer Annie Broussard (created by Tami Hoag);

Detective Arthur Brown (created by Ed McBain);

Ricardo Bueno (created by Richard and Frances Lockridge);

Detective Eileen Burke (created by Ed McBain);

Anton Burns, a special agent with a state police force (created by Clinton McKinzie);

Chief Mitch Bushyhead (created by Jean Hager);

Deputy Brigham Bybee (created by John Gates);

Inspector Byrnes (created by Julian Hawthorne);

Lieutenant Peter Byrnes (created by Ed McBain);

Detective Mitch Calhoun (created by Christiane Heggan);

Dirty Harry Callahan [films] (created by Harry and R.M. Fink, Dean Riesner, and John Milius);

Nora Callum (created by Thomas McCall);

Detective Steve Carella (created by Ed McBain);

Detective Ruggiero "Rugs" Carlucci (created by K.C. Constantine);

Lieutenant Carreau (created by Daniel Broun);

Charlie Chan (created by Earl Derr Biggers);

Sheriff Chick Charleston (created by A.B. Guthrie, Jr.);

Chief Alden Chase (created by Theodora Wender);

Detective Marc Chastain (created by Linda Howard);

Jimmy Chee (created by Tony Hillerman);

Detective Orson Cheever (created by Alan Russell);

Margaret Chisholm an FBI agent (created by Gonzalo Lira);

Officer Ella Clah (created by Aimee and David Thurlo);

Lieutenant Clancy (created by Robert L. Pike);

Inspector Clarke (Patrick Quentin);

Jeffery Clayton, an expert on serial killers (created by John Katzenbach);

Sheriff Jules Clement (created by Jamie Harrison);

Inspector Cobb (created by Jonathan Stagge);

Sheriff Lewis Cody (created by William S. Slusher);

Commander Larry Cole (created by Hugh Holton);

Jesse James Colson (created by John P. Cooke);

Thatcher Colt (created by Anthony Abbot);

Lieutenant Columbo [television] (created by William Link and Richard Levinson; William Harrington);

Commissioner John Comaday (created by E.V. Cunningham);

Steve Conway (created by Earle Basinsky);

State Trooper Dayton Coop (created by Lydia Adamson);

Detective John Corey (created by Nelson DeMille);

William Cowley, an F.B.I. agent (created by Brian Freemantle);

Detective Fey Croaker (created by Paul Bishop);

Alex Cross (created by James Patterson);

Joe Cullen (created by Jerry Oster);

Lieutenant Eve Dallas (created by J.D. Robb);

Joe Dante (created by C. Newman);

Detective Lucas Davenport (created by John Sandford);

Lieutenant Bill Decker (created by Lawrence Treat);

Detective Peter Decker (created by Faye Kellerman);

Ryker Delany (created by Mary Lynn Baxter);

Captain Edward X. Delaney (created by Lawrence Sanders);

Detective Kate Delafield (created by Katherine Forrest);

Detective Frank De Sales (created by Thomas Boyle);

Mike Devlin, an FBI agent (created by Paul Lindsay);

Detective Paul Devlin (created by William Heffernan);

Sheriff Steve Dillon (created by Anna Katharine Green);

Bill Donovan, Chief of Special Investigations (created by Michael Jahn);

Detective Jim Donovan (created by Michael Jahn);

Sergeant Vince Dowling (created by Jack Mullen);

Popeye Doyle (created by Ernest Tidyman);

Inspector Dundee (created by Anne Austin);

Gabriel Du Pree, part-time sheriff's deputy (created by Peter Bowen);

Detective Jack Eichord (created by Rex Miller);

Chief Fred Fellows (created by Hillary Waugh);

Suze Figueroa (created by Barbara D'Amato);

Detective Fiona Fitzgerald (created by Warren Adler);

Adam Flint [television--The Naked City];

Officer Mike Flint (created by R. Austin Healy);

Inspector Francis Xavier Flynn (created by Gregory MacDonald);

Joseph Flynn, an F.B.I. agent (created by Michael Newton);

Detective Terry Flynn (created by Bill Granger);

Chief John Folger (created by Francine Mathews);

Detective Merry Folger (created by Francine Mathews);

State Police Officer Brett Fortesque (created by Valerie Wolzien);

Detective Cesar Frank (created by A.M. Pyle);

Benny Freedman (created by Milton Bass);

Jub Freeman (created by Lawrence Treat);

Lieutenant Bill French (created by Christopher Hale);

Sergeant Joe Friday [television] (created by Jack Webb);

Sheriff Matt Gabriel (created by Paula Gosling);

Lorenzo Garcia (created by R.J. Hamilton);

Lupe Garcia (created by Doug Allyn);

Lee Garrett (created by Fred Bean);

Chief Reb Gassler (created by Deborah Adams);

Undersheriff Bill Gastner (created by Steven F. Havill);

Lieutenant Karl Genesko (created by Susan Holtzer);

Will Gentry (created by Brett Halliday);

Cuthbert Gibbons, an undercover FBI agent (created by Anthony Bruno);

Federal Marshall Raylan Givens (created by Elmore Leonard);

Abe Glitsky (created by John T. Lescroart);

Inspector Glover (created by March Evermay);

Lieutenant Max Gold (created by Octavus Roy Cohen);

Detective Sammy Golden (created by Jack Webb);

Detective Harry Golding (created by Howard Fast);

P.J. Gray (created by Shirley Kennett);

Detective Noah Green (created by Nat Hentoff);

Detective Joe Gregory (created by Ed Dee);

Inspector Gridley (created by Ruth Fenisong);

Detective Lew Griffin (created by James Sallis);

Elenezer Gryce (created by Anna Katherine Green);

Detective Joe Gunther (created by Archer Mayor);

Satan Hall (created by Carroll John Daly);

Chief Judy Hammer (created by Patricia Cornwell);

Police Chief Arly Hanks (created by Joan Hess);

Deputy Gabriel Hanna (created by Micah S. Hackler);

Lieutenant Sigrid Harald (created by Margaret Maron);

Detective Kate Harrod (created by Laura Coburn);

Chip Harrison (created by Lawrence Block);

Commander Frank Hastings (created by Colilin Wilcox);

Detective Cotton Hawes (created by Ed McBain);

Tony Hawkins, an F.B.I. agent (created by Harry Harrison);

Detective Stuart Haydon (created by David Lindsey);

Sergeant Ernest Heath (created by S.S. Van Dine);

Detective Jake Hines (created by Elizabeth Gunn);

Detective Neil Hockaday (created by Thomas Adcock);

Joe Holden (created by Milton M. Raison);

Tad Honeywell (created by Grace F. Edwards);

Detective Lloyd Hopkins (created by James Ellroy);

Deputy Sheriff Marty Hopkins (created by P.M. Carlson);

Sergeant Helen Horowitz (created by David Delman);

Lieutenant Jacob Horowitz (created by David Delman);

Detective Hudlow (created by Paul W. Valentine);

Lieutenant Max Hunter (created by Willis Todhunter Ballard);

Lieutenant A. Jackson (created by Anthony Boucher);

William "Tough" Jackson (created by Warren Murphy);

Chief of Detectives Harvey Jacobs (created by H. Paul Jeffries);

Detective Frank Janek (created by William Bayer);

Officer Cliff Janeway (created by John Dunning);

Lieutenant Oliver Jardine (created by Kate Green);

Elena Jarvis (created by Nancy Herndon);

Art Jefferson, an F.B.I. agent (created by Ryne Douglas Pearson);

State Trooper Alex Jenson (created by Sue Henry);

Inspector Jervis (created by Q. Patrick);

Coffin Ed Johnson (created by Chester Himes);

Detective Johnson (created by Paul W. Valentine);

Grave Digger Jones (created by Chester Himes);

Deputy Sheriff Berkley Jordon (created by Frank C. Strunk);

Detective Milo Kachigan (created by Karen Rose Cercone);

Detective Jackie Kaminsky (created by Margot Dalton);

Alison Kaine (created by Kate Allen);

Detective Sergeant Joe Keller (created by Nelson DeMille);

Steve Keller [television--The Streets of San Francisco];

Detective George Kelso (created by Malcolm McClintick);

Detective Maurice Kendrick (created by Eileen Dewhurst);

Detective Joe Keough (created by Robert J. Randisi);

Lt. F.X. Kerrigan (created by Joseph Harrington);

Detective Kethridge (created by Cortland Fitzsimmons);

Kilkenny (created by Lawrence Blochman);

Lieutenant Bill Kinderman (created by William P. Blatty);

Mateesie Kitologitak (created by Scott Young);

Detective Bert Kling (created by Ed McBain);

Superintendent Knowles (created by Marian Babson);

Lieutenant Theo Kojak [television] (created by Victor B. Miller);

Detective Karen Kovac (created by Bill Granger);

Sheriff Milt Kovak (created by Susan Rogers Cooper);

Detective Spaceman Kowalski (created by Teri White);

Detective Harvey Krim (created by E.V. Cunningham);

Paul Lane (created by Richard and Frances Lockridge);

Officer Skip Langdon (created by Julie Smith);

Sheriff Cliff Lansing (created by Micah S. Hackler);

Sergeant Marion Larch (created by Barbara Paul);

Sheriff Lavers (created by Carter Brown);

Commander Joe Lawless (created by Tom Philbin);

Joe Leaphorn (created by Tony Hillerman);

Captain Leopold (created by Edward Hoch);

Lieutenant Richard Levy (created by Elizabeth Sanxay Holding);

Detective Abe Lieberman (created by Stuart Kaminsky);

Ralph Lindsey (created by Ben Benson);

Ross Lizenby, an F.B.I. agent (created by Margaret Truman);

Detective Karen Logan (created by Ed McBain);

Detective Tony Lonto (created by E. Richard Johnson);

Detective Pharoah Love (created by George Baxt);

Lieutenant Shelly Lowenkopf (created by Richard Fliegel);

Lieutenant Fred Lindquist (created by Sara Hoskinson Frommer);

Sergeant Shelly Lowenkopf (created by Richard Fliegel);

Marti MacAlister (Eleanor Taylor Bland);

C. K. Mackenzie (created by Gilian Roberts);

Detective Kate MacLean (created by Noreen Gilpatrick);

Ivor Maddox (created by Elizabeth Linnington);

Officer Gianna Maglione (created by Penny Micklebury);

Detective Blue Maguire (created by Teri White);

Chief Cuddy Mangum (created by Michael Malone);

Sheriff Eric Maland (created by Mabel Seeley);

Kathleen Mallory (created by Carol O'Connell);

Pete Malloy [television--Adam 12] (created by Jack Webb);

Sheriff Abel Marsh [made-for-television movies];

Lieutenant Marshall (created by H.H. Holmes);

Kay Martin (created by Deborah Adams);

Detective Kate Martinelli (created by Laurie R. King);

Detective Martinez (created by Connie Holt Sawyer);

Sergeant Masao Masuto (created by E.V. Cunningham);

Sheriff Charles Matthews (created by D.R. Meredith);

Sheriff Matins (created by Patricia Tichenor Westfall);

Sheriff Charles Matthews (created by D.R. Meredith);

Daphne Matthews (created by Ridley Pearson);

Police Chief Sylvester Maxwell (created by Nelson DeMille);

Highway Patrolman Beau McAllister (created by Carsten Stroud);

Inspector Timothy McCarthy (created by Isabel Ostrander);

Marshal McCloud (created by Collin Wilcox);

Detective James McDougal (created by Hildegarde Dolson);

Billy McGrath (created by Richard Rayner);

Detective Joe McGuire (created by John Lawrence Reynolds);

Inspector Christopher McKee (created by Helen Reilly);

Detective Brian McKenna (created by Dan Mahoney);

Sheriff McPhee (created by Douglas McBriarty);

Lt. Luis Mendoza (created by Del Shannon);

Heimrich Merton (created by Frances and Richard Lockridge);

Detective Meyer Meyer (created by Ed McBain);

Detective Monaghan (created by Ed McBain);

Louis Monroe (created by Bill Kent);

Detective Monroe (created by Ed McBain);

Sergeant Charlie Moon (created by James D. Doss);

Toussaint Moore (created by Ed Lacy);

Bumper Morgan (created by Joseph Wambaugh);

Chief of Police James Morgan (created by Andrew Coburn);

Detective Sal Morizio (created by Margaret Truman);

Hugh Morrison (created by Frank Orenstein);

Norah Mulcahaney (created by Lillian O'Donnell);

Muldoon (created by William Marshall);

Sergeant Fang Mulheisen (created by Jon. A. Jackson);

Sheriff Kurt Muller (created by Thomas Zigal);

Lieutenant George Murphy (created by Deidre S. Laiken);

Kate Murphy (created by Sister Carol Anne O'Marie);

Inspector Sarah Nelson (created by Susan Wolfe);

Eliot Ness, Director of Public Safety (created by Max Allan Collins);

Elliot Ness (created by Marvin Albert);

Jake Neuman (created by Jerry Oster);

Jack Nevelsen (created by Larry Watson);

Detective Eddie Nickles (created by William D. Pease);

Officer Barney Nolan (created by William P. McGivern);

Inspector Rae Norse (created by John Esteven);

John Novak, an F.B.I. agent (created by Gerald Petievich);

Paul O'Donnell (created by Nancy Star);

Lance O'Leary (created by Mignon G. Eberhart);

Megan O'Malley (created by Tami Hoag);

Jim O'Neill (created by Doris Miles Disney);

Chief Gabe Ortiz (created by Earlene Fowler);

Lieutenant Johnny Ortiz (created by Richard Martin Stern);

Veronica Pace, an FBI agent (created by Philip Luber);

Officer Lorraine Page (created by Lynda La Plante);

Peter Painter (created by Brett Halliday);

Detective John Paris (created by Richard Montanari);

Inspector Wade "Old Icewater" Paris (created by Ben Benson);

Deputy Park (created by Frederick Irving Anderson);

Lieutenant Mike Parker [television--The Naked City];

Toby Parkman (created by Stan Washburn);

Deputy Parr (created by Frederick Irving Anderson);

Chief Scott Parris (created by James D. Doss);

Chance Perdue (created by Ross. H. Spencer);

Detective Jake Phillips (created by Nick Gaitano);

Inspector Oscar Piper (created by Stuart Palmer);

Detective Marvia Plum (created by Richard Lupoff);

Sheriff Garwood Plunkett (created by Barry Estabrook);

Sergeant Polnik (created by Carter Brown);

Detective Hamilton Pope (created by Edward Mathis);

Leroy Powder (created by Michael Z. Lewin);

Lieutenant Price Price (created by Knight Rhoades);

Quinsigamond (created by Jack O’Connell);

Lieutenant Peter D. Quint (created by Hugh Austin);

Lieutenant Nicky Rachmanoff (created by Robert Westbrook);

Officer Tom Ragnon (created by Richard Harper);

Detective Deb Ralton (created by Lee Martin);

Frank Ramos (created by Frederic Brown);

Tommy Rankin (created by Milton Propper);

Detective Jeremy Ransom (created by Fred Hunter);

Detective Deb Ralston (created by Lee Martin);

Detective Jeremy Ransom (created by Fred Hunter);

Detective John Rawlings (created by John Minahan);

Detective Ed Razoni (created by Warren Murphy);

Jim Reed [television--Adam 12] (created by Jack Webb);

Joe Reilly (created by C.J. Songer);

Detective Gary Reissig (created by Lillian O'Donnell);

Sheriff Dan Rhoades (created by Bill Crider);

Max Ritter (created by Lawrence G. Blochman);

Sheriff's Deputy Dave Robicheaux (created by James Lee Burke);

Sheriff Jess Roden (created by A.B. Cunningham);

Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt (created by Caleb Carr);

Detective Peter Rosen (created by Joan Hess);

Sergeant Devlin Rourke (created by James Grady);

Detective Rune (created by Jeffery Deaver);

Detective Anthony Ryan (created by Ed Dee);

Lieutenant Ryder (created by H. Edward Hunsberger);

Detective Sergeant Joe Ryker (created by Nelson DeMille);

Officer Amelia Sachs (created by Jeffery Deaver);

Constable Orlo Sage (created by Frederick Irving Anderson);

Christine Saksis, an F.B.I. agent (created by Margaret Truman);

Lieutenant Fred Santomassima (created by Frank De Felitta);

FBI Special Agent Dillon Savich (created by Catherine Coulter);

Lieutenant Justin Saville V (created by Michael Malone);

Inspector Schmidt (created by George Bagby);

Tom Schultz, homicide detective (created by Diane Mott Davidson);

Detective Leo Schulz (created by Shirley Kennett);

Inspector Lenny Schwartz (created by Irving Weinman);

Aline Scott (created by Alison Drake);

Detective Max Segal (created by Dan Greenburg);

Lieutenant Frank Sessions (created by Hillary Waugh);

Detective Rene Shade (created by Dan Woodrell);

Detective Sheppard (created by T.J. MacGregor);

FBI Special Agent Lacey Sherlock (created by Catherine Coulter);

Commissioner Isaac Sidel (created by Jerome Charyn);

Police Chief Joe Silva (created by Susan Oleksiw);

Detective Wally Simpson (created by Celia Dale);

Detective Jack Sinclair (created by Leonard Goldberg);

Detective Jacob Singer (created by George Baxt);

"Skinny" (created by James Colbert);

Deputy Debra Slater (created by Mark Munger);

Lieutenant Charlie Sleet (created y Stephen Greenleaf);

Bill Slider (created by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles);

Detective Smith (created by Malcolm McClintick);

Detective Jill Smith (created by Susan Dunlap);

Inspector Paavo Smith (created by Joanne Pence);

Chief Judd Springfield (created by Alison Smith);

Sheriff Harry Starbranch (created by Gregory Bean);

Deputy Frank Stark (created by Jack Crosswell);

Detective Rachel Starr (created by Lue Zimmelman);

Lieutenant Donovan Steele (created by J.D. Masters);

Detective Jonathan Steele (created by Michael Newton);

Detective Jesse Stone (created by Robert B. Parker);

Mike Stone [television--The Streets of San Francisco];

Mark Storm (created by Skip and Gloria Finkling);

Lieutenant Peter Strom (created by Mabel Seeley);

Lieutenant John Straver (created by Helen Hayes and Thomas Chastain);

Lieutenant Jack Stryker (created by Paula Gosling);

Detective Milo Sturgis (created by Jonathan Kellerman);

Officer Mike Svenson (created by Eve K. Sandstrom);

Detective Cobb Takamura (created by Rob Swigart);

Officer Tina Tamiko (created by Paul Bishop);

Martin Tanner, an F.B.I. agent (created by Michael Newton);

Mitch Taylor (created by Lawrence Treat);

Officer Wayne Tedrow, Jr. (created by James Ellroy);

Detective Martin Teller (created by Margaret Truman);

Chief Nick Thorn (created by Connie Feddersen);

Detective Virgil Tibbs (created by John Bell);

Tillman (created by William Marshall);

Sheriff Sam Titus (created by Eve K. Sandstrom);

Lieutenant Ben Tolliver (created by James Neal Harvey);

Mike Tozzi, an undercover FBI agent (created by Anthony Bruno);

Lieutenant Tragg (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Detective Nikki Trakos (created by Ruby Horansky);

Lieutenant Timothy Trant (created by Q. Patrick);

Captain Rat Trap (created by John William Corrington and Joyce H. Corrington);

Lieutenant Alonzo Tully (created by William X. Kienzle);

Paul Turner (created by Mark Richard Zubro);

Lieutenant Valcour (created by Rufus King);

Lieutenant Sarah van Allen (created by Tony Burton);

Detective Max Van Larsen (created by George Baxt);

Detective Maggie Van Zandt (created by Ken Gross);

Vic Varallo (created by Elizabeth Linnington);

Gabriel Wager (created by Rex Burns);

State Trooper Sam Watchman (created by Brian Garfield);

Sergeant Terry Webb (created by William DeAndrea);

Lieutenant William Weigand (created by Frances Lockridge and Richard Lockridge);

Joshua Weinstein, an F.B.I. agent (created by T. Jefferson Parker);

Deputy Chief Virginia West (created by Patricia Cornwell);

Lieutenant Al Wheeler (created by Carter Brown);

Sergeant April Woo (created by Leslie Glass);

Chief Susan Wren (created by Charlene Weir);

Lieutenant Alfred Zimmerman (created by Theodore George).






Luke Abbott (created by Paula Gosling);

Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn (created by Ngaio Marsh);

Superintendent Dudley Allwright (created by Philip MacDonald);

Inspector Andrews (created by H.C. "Sapper" McNeile);

Inspector John Appleby (created by Michael Innes);

Assistant Commissioner Herbert Armstrong (created by John Dickson Carr);

Inspector Henry Arnold (created by Miles Burton);

Chief Inspector William Austen (created by Anne Hocking);

Inspector Autumn (created by Robert Robinson);

Inspector Bill Aveyard (created by James Fraser);

Chief Inspector Alan Banks (created by Peter Robinson);

Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby (created by Caroline Graham);

Inspector Bass (created by George Selmark);

Cief Inspector William Bastion (created by Richard Harrison);

Superintendent Battle (created by Agatha Christie);

Inspector Beedel (created by Ernest Bramah);

Sergeant William Beef (created by Leo Bruce);

Detective Sergeant Harry Bennett (created by T.E.B. Clarke);

Inspector Biggins (created by W.H. Boore);

Inspector Biles (created by Anthony Wayne);

Inspector Sam Birkett (created by Laurence Payne);

Chief Inspector Bishop (created by R.T. Campbell);

Superintendent Blake (created by Maurice Culpan);

Superintendent Robert Blayde (created by John Wainright);

Chief Inpspector Bligh (created by E.C. Bentley);

Chief Inspector David Bliss (created by James Hawkins);

Superintendent Bliss (created by Edgar Wallace);

Inspector Blount (created by Nicholas Blake);

Superintendent Robert Bone (created by Susannah Stacey);

Inspector Bootle (created by Edwin de Caire);

Chief Inspector "Daddy" Bourne (created by G.V. Galwey);

Inspector Luke Bradley (created by Hugh Pentecost);

Inspector Franklin Brady (created by Allan McRoyd);

Inspector John Bragg (created by Henry Wade);

Sergeant Joseph Bragg (created by Ray Harrison);

Detective Sergeant Brant (created by Ken Bruen);

Inspector Ian Bridie (created by Margery Allingham);

Superintendent Frank Briers (created by C. P. Snow);

Superintendent Bristow (created by Anthony Morton);

David Brock (created by Barry Maitland);

Inspector Bucket (created by Charles Dickens);

Inspector J. Humphrey Bull (created by David Frome);

Sergeant Thomas Bulmer (created by Wilkie Collins);

Inspector Bunce (created by Dorsey Fiske);

Inspector Cheviot Burmann (created by Belton Cobb);

Inspector Burnival (created by Edward Candy);

Inspector Burnley (created by Freeman Wills Crofts);

Inspector Cardiff (created by Dulcie Gray);

Sir Robert Carey (created by P.F. Chisholm);

Detective Constable Carr (created by Jeffrey Ashford);

Inspector John Carruthers (created by John Dickson Carr);

Chief Inspector Carston (created by Bill Kirton);

Detective Inspector Neil Carter (created by Eileen Dewhurst);

Sergeant Caleb Cluff (created by Gil North);

Inspector Cockrill (created by Christianna Brand);

Inspector Codd (created by Michael Delving);

Inspector John Coffin (created by Gwendoline Butler);

Inspector Collier (created by Moray Dalton);

Inspector David Cope (created by June Drummond);

Inspector Cornford (created by Milward Kennedy);

Sergeant Craig (created by Ian Jeffries);

Inspector Richard Cribb (created by Peter Lovesey);

Detective Inspector Mike Croft (created by Jane Adams);

Chief Inspector Cromwell (created by Victor Gunn);

Constable Crosby (created by Catherine Aird);

Inspector John Crow (created by Roy Lewis);

Sergeant Cuff (created by Wilkie Collins);

Inspector James Dale (created by John C. Cooper);

Inspector Adam Dalgliesh (created by P.D. James);

Superintendent Andrew Dalziel (created by Reginald Hill);

Detective Charmian Daniels (created by Jennie Melville);

Inspector Dauncey (created by Douglas G. Browne);

Constable John George Davis (created by Jack Ripley);

Chief Inspector Davy (created by Agatha Christie);

Chief Inspector William "Bloodhound Bill" Dawson (created by Bennet Copplestone);

Detective Sergeant Derwent (created by L.P. Davies);

Inspector Desmond (created by Bill James);

Inspector Dewar (created by Neil Gordon);

Detective Peter Diamond (created by Peter Lovesey);

Inspector Donohue (created by Peter Turnbull);

Sergeant Cal Donovan (created by Jo Bannister);

Inspector Dornfell (created by J.J. Connington);

Inspector Wilfred Dover (created by Joyce Porter);

Chief Constable Sir Clinton Driffield (created by J.J. Connington);

Inspector Duncannon (created by J.J. Connington);

Sergeant Sir Peter Dunn (created by Edgar Wallace);

Constable Evan Evans (created by Rhys Bowen);

Inspector Tom Fairford (G.D.H. Cole and M.I. Cole);

Inspector Jeremy Faro (created by Alanna Knight);

Inspector Ian Fellowes (created by Gerald Hammond);

Sergeant George Felse (created by Edith Pargeter);

Inspector Fenby (created by Richard Hull);

Inspector Septimus Finch (created by Margaret Erskine);

Ralph Flensing (created by John Wainright);

Detective Constable Kathy "Kaz" Flood (created by Alex Keegan);

Inspector Flower (created by Moira Field);

Inspector Forbes (created by Hugh Desmond);

Inspector Fox (created by Ngaio Marsh);

Superintendant Heldon Foyle (created by Frank Froest);

Inspector French (created by Freeman Wills Crofts);

Inspector Jack Frost (created by R.D. Wingfield);

Baldwin Furnshill, Keeper of the King’s Peace (created by Michael Jacks);

Fusil (created by Peter Alding);

Chief Inspector David Fyfe (created by William Paul);

Chief Superintendent George Gently (created by Alan Hunter);

Gideon (created by John Creasey);

Chief Constable Gilliant (created by John Wainright);

Inspector Gilmartin (created by Charles Barry;

Inspector Liz Graham (created by Jo Bannister);

Chief Inspector Grant (created by Andrew Garve);

Chief Inspector Bill Green (created by Douglas Clark);

Inspector Greenwood (created by C.A. Alington);

Detective Inspector Greve (created by Dennis Haddow);

Inspector David Hadley (created by John Dickson Carr);

Superintendent Blanche Hampton (created by Trevor Barnes);

Inspector Hardcastle (created by Agatha Christie);

Chief Superintendent Colin Harpur (created by Bill James);

Captain Hastings (created by Agatha Christie);

Sergeant Barbara Havers (created by Elizabeth George);

Chief Inspector Hazelrigg (created by Michael Gilbert);

Superintendant Hebden (created by Lord Gorell);

Inspector Hennessy (created by G.D.H. Cole and M.I. Cole);

Inspector Cuthbert Higgins (created by Cecil Freeman Gregg);

Sergeant Judy Hill (created by Jill McGown);

Sergeant Honeybody (created by Kenneth Giles);

Detective Michaela Hoolihan (created by Martin Amis);

Inspector Hopkins (created by David Burnham);

Inspector David Hornbeam (created by John Rhode and Carter Dickson);

Chief Inspector Houghton (created by Maurice Culpan);

David Hoyle (created by John Wainright);

Inspector Hoyle (created by harry Carmichael);

Sergeant Hughjohn (created by Douglas G. Browne);

Inspector Humbleby (created by Edmund Crispin);

Inspector Hyde (created by Anthony Heckstall-Smith);

Detective Constable Desmond Iles (created by Bill James);

Inspector Jacko Jackson (created by Frank Palmer);

Sergeant Gemma James (created by Deborah Crombie);

Inspector Harry James (created by Kenneth Giles);

Superintendent Japp (created by Agatha Christie);

Detective Inspector Carol Jordan (created by Val Macdermid);

Harry Jordan (created by Janie Bolitho);

Sergeant Trevor Joseph (created by Katherine John);

Inspector Ben Jurnet (created by S.T. Haymon);

Superintendent Richard Jury (created by Martha Grimes);

Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy (created by Paul Charles);

Inspector Kenworthy (created by John Buxton Hilton);

Constable Kerr (created by Peter Alding);

Inspector Don Kerry (created by Jeffery Ashford);

Superintendent Duncan Kincaid (created by Deborah Crombie);

Inspector Kirby (created Andrew Garve);

Detective Superintendent John Knowles (created by Marian Babson);

Detective Kathy Kolla (created by Barry Maitland);

Detective Jack Laidlaw (created by William McIlvanney);

Inspector Lamb (created by Patricia Wentworth);

Chief Inspector Lyle (created by John Wainright);

Inspector Leric (created by Roger Busby);

Inspector Lestrade (created by Arthur Conan Doyle);

Inspector Joseph Lestrade (created by M.J. Trow);

Sergeant Lewis (created by Colin Dexter);

Sergeant Lister (created by Victor Gunn);

Inspector Littlejohn (created by George Bellairs);

Sergeant Gomer Lloyd (created by David Williams);

Chief Inspector Lloyd (created by Jill McGown);

Chief Inspector Lord (created by David Frome);

Inspector Loxton (created by J.J. Connington);

Sergeant Lumly (created by Donald Thomas);

Inspector Lyle (created by John Wainright);

Inspector Thomas Lynley (created by Elizabeth George);

Constable Hamish MacBeth (created by M.C. Beaton);

Inspector MacDonald (created by Arthur Conan Doyle);

Inspector John MacLeish (created by Janet Neel);

Macleod (created by Joanna Cannan);

George Macrae (created by Alan Scholefield);

Moss Magill (created by Dorothy Gardiner);

Inspector Mallett (created by Mary Fitt);

Inspector Mallett (created by Cyril Hare)

George Man, 18th-century parish watchguard (created by Keith Heller);

Chief Constable March (created by Patricia Wentworth);

Colonel March (created by Carter Dickson);

Inspector Humphrey Marion (created by John Dickson Carr);

Chief Inspector Alan Markby (created by Ann Granger);

Colonel Marquis (created by Carter Dickson);

Chief Inspector Martin (created by Richard Amberley);

Inspector George Martin (created by Francis Beeding);

Chief Superintendent George Masters (created by Douglas Clark);

Chief Inspector Humphrey Masters (created by Carter Dickson);

Inspector Mather (created by Graham Greene);

Roger Matthews (created by James Anderson);

Chief Inspector Gil Mayo (created by Marjorie Eccles);

Chief Inspector McLean (created by George Goodchild);

Inspector John McLeish (created by Janet Neel);

Inspector Midwinter (created by Harrington Hext);

Detective Nick Miller (created by Jack Higgins);

Inspector "Touchy" Miller (created by Philip Daniels);

Sergeant Arthur Milton (created by L. Henderson);

Inspector Mitchell (created by Pauline Bell);

Chief Inspector Mitchell (created by Freeman Wills Crofts);

Inspector Moresby (created by Anthony Berkeley);

Inspector Morgan (created by John Bingham);

Chief Inspector Morrissey (created by Kay Mitchell);

Chief Inspector Morse (created by Colin Dexter);

Constable James Morton (created by Ray Harrison);

Phil Moss (created by Bill Knox);

Sergeant Angus Mott (created by Clare Curzon);

Inspector Narracott (created by Agatha Christie);

Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt (created by Jeanne M. Dams);

Inspector Nilsen (created by June Drummond);

Inspector Nivens (created by Emily Brightwell);

Winston Nkata (created by Elizabeth George);

Inspector Guy Northeast (created by Joanna Cannan);

Inspector Oates (created by Margery Allingham);

Inspector Jack Oxby (created by Thomas Swan);

Chief Inspector Pardoe (created by Dorothy Bowers);

Sergeant Peter Pascoe (created by Reginald Hill);

Constable Jock Patterson (created by Peter N. Walker);

Detective Hugh Patterson (created by Jill McGown);

Inspector Richard Patton (created by Roger Ormerod);

Detective Charlie Peace (created by Robert Barnard);

Inspector Henry Peckover (created by Michael Kenyon);

Inspector Gregory Pellew (created by Val Gielgud);

Inspector Percival (created by Richard Hull);

Chief Inspector Merlin Perry (created by David Williams);

Sergeant Patrick Petrella (created by Michael Gilbert);

Detective Carmen Pharoah (created by Peter Turnbull);

Superintendent James Pibble (created by Peter Dickinson);

Detective Owen Pitt (created by Stephen Solomita);

Inspector Thomas Pitt (created by Anne Perry);

Chief Inspector Pointer (created by A.E. Fielding);

Inspector John Poole (created by Henry Wade);

Chief Superintendent Erskine Powell (created by Graham Thomas);

Officer Robin Price (created by Anne Morice);

Inspector Ronald Price (created by Joanna Cannan);

Detective Charlie Priest (created by Stuart Pawson);

Simon Puttock, a bailiff (created by Michael Jacks);

Detective Douglas Quantrill (created bt Sheila Radley);

Inspector Adam Quill (created by Caryl Brahms and S.J. Simon);

Inspector Raikes (created by Dorothy Bowers);

Inspector Rambler (created by Peter Antony);

Inspector Stephen Ramsay (created by Ann Cleeves);

Inspector John Rebus (created by Ian Rankin);

Sergeant Reed (created by Charles Drummond);

Inspector Charlie Resnick (created by John Harvey);

Inspector Reynolds (created by Eric Bruton);

Constable Nick Rhea (created by Nicholas Rhea);

Constable [later Inspector and then Superintendent] Richardson (created by Basil Thomson);

Inspector Ringrose (created by Eden Phillpotts);

Inspector Ringwood (created by Katherine Farrer);

Charles Ripley (created by John Wainright);

Inspector Julian Rivers (created by Carol Carnac);

Chief Inspector Roberts (created by Ken Bruen);

Inspector Roberts (created by Carter Dickson);

Detective Superintendent George Rogers (created by Jonathan Ross);

Superintendent Douglas Roper (created by Roy Hart);

Inspector Ross (created by Freeman Wills Crofts);

Superintendent Ross (created by J.J. Connington);

Superintendent Rowley (created by Miles Burton);

Inspector Tony Rowley (created by Roger Busby);

Inspector Rudd (created by June Thomson);

Sergeant Ruddock (created by Francis Beeding);

Inspector Rufford (created by J.J. Connington);

Inspector Ian Rutledge (created by Charles Todd);

Sergeant Salt (created by Dorothy Bowers);

Superintendent Seegrave (created by Wilkie Collins);

Chief Inspector Frank Shapiro (created by Jo Bannister);

Superintendent Simon Shard (created by Philip McCutchan);

Sergeant Jasper Shrig (created by Jeffery Farnol);

Leopold Silver (created by Alan Scholefield);

Robert Skinner (created by Quintin Jardine);

Inspector Anthony Slade (created by Leonard R. Gribble);

Inspector Bill Slider (created by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles);

Inspector C.D. Sloan (created by Catherine Aird);

Inspector Smallways (created by George A. Birmingham);

Chief Inspector Owen Smith (created by James Barnett);

Inspector Terry Sneed (created by G.F. Newman);

Inspector Alec Stainton (created by Stephen Murray);

County Constable Matthew Stock (created by Leonard Tourney);

Sergeant Stone (created by Sarah J. Mason);

Inspector Strang (created by Carol Carnac);

Sir John Strangeways (created by Nicholas Blake);

Inspector Angus Straun (created by Barry Cork);

Superintendent Sutcliffe (created by Robert Barnard);

Inspector David Sutton (created by Andrew Osmond);

Inspector Swaim (created by Donald Thomas);

Sergeant Swift (created by Edwin de Caire);

Inspector Tanner (created by Freeman Wills Crofts);

Constable Edward Thackeray (created by Peter Lovesey);

Colin Thane (created by Bill Knox);

Inspector Luke Thanet (created by Dorothy Simpson);

Chief Inspector H.H. Thew (created by Douglas G. Browne);

Superintendent George Thorne (created by John Penn);

Inspector Richard Thornhill (created by Andrew Taylor);

Inspector Henry Tibbett (created by Patricia Moyes);

Inspector Harry Timberlake (created by Max Marquis);

Inspector Derek Torrey (created by John Gardner);

Superintendent Perry Trethowan (created by Robert Barnard);

Nick Trevelyan (created by Susan B. Kelly);

Inspector J. Trewley (created by Sarah J. Mason);

Sergeant Troy (created by Caroline Graham);

Sergeant William Clarence Verity (created by Francis Selwyn);

Chief Inspector Sidney Walsh (created by Richard Hunt);

Inspector David Webb (created by Anthea Fraser);

Inspector Roger West (created by John Creasey);

Chief Inspector Reginald Wexford (created by Ruth Rendell);

Superintendent George "The Old General" Wharton (created by Christopher Bush);

Sergeant Wield (created by Reginald Hill);

Inspector Willis (created by Freeman Wills Crofts);

Superintendent Wilson (created by G.D.H. Cole and M.I. Cole);

Superintendent William Winter (created by Gwendoline Butler);

Inspector Witherspoon (created by Emily Brightwell);

Assistant Commissioner Wray (created by Douglas G. Browne);

Superintendent Charles Wycliffe (created by W.J. Burley);

Superintendent Mike Yeadings (created by Clare Curzon);

Inspector Young (created by Miles Burton).






Inspector Enrique Alavarez [Mallorca] (created by Roderic Jeffries);

Sergeant Martin Karl Alberg [Canada] (created by L.R. Wright);

Inspector Pierre Allain [France] (created by Bruce Graeme);

Inspector Alevrez [Majorca] (created by Roderic Jeffries);

Inspector Wang Anzhuang [China] (created by Christopher West);

Inspector Carlo Arbati [Italy] (created by John Spencer Hill);

Inspector Carol Ashton [Australia] (created by Claire McNab);

Inspector Auden [Hong Kong] (created by William Marshall);

Inspector Barlach [Switzerland] (created by Friedrich Durrenmatt);

Martin Beck [Sweden] (created by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo);

Henri Bencolin [France] (created by John Dickson Carr);

Chief Reid Bennet [Canada] (created by Ted Wood);

Superintendent Luis Bernal [Spain] (created by David Serafin);

Captain Bihn  [fictitious Southeast Asian nation] (created by Gary Alexander);

Napoleon Bonaparte [Australia] (created by Arthur W. Upfield);

Inspector Borges [Spain] (created by John Bonett);

Lieutenant Boruvka [Czechoslovakia] (created by Josef Skvorecky);

Inspector Guido Brunetti [Italy] (created by Donna Leon);

Sergeant Maynard Bullock [Canada] (created by James Powell);

Superintendent Luis Burnal [Spain] (created by David Serafin);

Inspector Henri Castang [France] (created by Nicholas Freeling);

Zinc Chandler [Canada] (created by Michael Slade);

Detective Sergeant Emile Cinq-Mars [Canada] (created by John Farrow);

Cirret [France] (created by Elizabeth Hely);

Avram Cohen [Israel] (created by Robert Rosenberg);

Detective Chief Inspector Cross [Northern Ireland] (created by Chris Petit);

Chief Superintendent John Crown [China] (created by TerryHarknett);

Detective Sergeant Aiden Cummings [Ireland] (created by Sheila Barrett);

Dmitri Danilov [Russia] (created by Brian Freemantle);

Michel Danton [French] (created by Norman Bogner);

Captain Jose Da Silva [Brazil] (created by Robert L. Fish);

Saturnin Dax [France] (created by Marten Cumberland);

Robert DeClerq [Canada] (created by Michael Slade);

Sergeant de Gier [Netherlands] (created by Janwillem van de Wetering);

Detective Inspector DeKok [Netherlands] (created by Baantjer);

Colonel Paul de Saint-Martin, Royal Highway Patrol [France] (created by Charles O’Brien);

Master Detective Otto Dietrich [German] (created by James Thayer);

Flavia di Stefano, Art Theft Squad [Italy] (created by Iain Pears);

Detective Segeant Cal Donovan [Ireland] (created by Jo Bannister);

Superintendant Duffy [Ireland] (created by Nigel Fitzgerald);

Luke Dunlop [Australia] (created by Peter Corriss);

Detective Felix Elizalde [Philippines] (created by William Marshall);

Chief Inspector Harry Feiffer [Hong Kong] (created by William Marshall);

Detective Zhong Fong [People’s Republic of China] (created by David Rotenberg);

Fowler [Australia] (created by John Godwin);

Inspector Furneaux [France] (created by Louis Tracy);

Ambrose Ganelon (four generations with the same name) [Monaco] (created by James Powell);

Inspector Jean-Paul Gautier [France] (created by Richard Grayson);

Sergeant Getulio [Brazil] (created by Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro);

Inspector Gevrol [France] (created by Emile Gaboriau);

Inspector Ganesh Vinayak Ghote [India] (created by H.R.F. Keating);

Barry Gilbert [Canada] (created by Scott Mackay);

Monsieur Gondureau, Chief of the Surete (created by Honore de Balzac);

Adjutant Grijpstra [Netherlands] (created by Janwillem van de Wetering);

Chief Inspector Alex Grismolet [France] (created by Dean Fuller);

Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia [Italy] (created by Magdalen Nabb);

Inspector Haig [Australia] (created by S.H. Courtier);

Colonel Haki [Turkey] (created by Eric Ambler);

M. Hanaud [France] (created by A.E.W. Mason);

Sergeant Eddie Henderson [Canada] (created by L.R. Wright);

Sergeant Hoong [China] (created by Robert van Gulik);

Liu Hulan [China] (created by Lisa See);

Inspector Iqbal [Pakistan] (created by Cheryl Benard);

Commissaris Jan [Netherlands] (created by Janwillem van de Wetering);

Monsieur Jonquelle (created by Melville Davisson Post);

Ben Kamal [Palestine] (created by Jon Land);

Inspector Mike Kenny [Ireland] (created by Eilis Dillon);

Superintendent Bamsan Kiet [fictitious Southeast Asian nation] (created by Gary Alexander);

Inspector Kimura [Japan] (created by James Melville);

Inspector Mateesie Kitologitsk [Canada] (Created by Scott Young);

Herman Kohler [Germany--Gestapo Investigator] (created by Joseph Robert Janes);

Colonel Kong [China/Hong Kong] (created by William Marshall);

Lieutenant Tromp Kramer [South Africa] (created by James McClure);

RCMP Sergeant Dan Laurenson [Canada] (created by R.F. Darian);

Sergeant Juan Llorca [Spain] (created by Delano L. Ames);

Ernst Lohmann [Germany] (created by Jack Gerson);

Joe Lombardo [Canada] (created by Scott Mackay);

Ambrose Mahon [Australia] (created by S.H. Courtier);

Inspector Maigret [France] (created by Georges Simenon);

Inspector Scobie Malone [Australia] (created by Jon Cleary);

Bolivar Manchenil [Virgin Islands] (created by Donald McNutt Douglass);

Captain Maestrangelo [Italy] (created by Magdalen Nabb);

Inspector Carl McCadden [Ireland] (created by Jim Lusby);

Chief Superintendent Peter McGarr [Ireland] (created by Bartholomew Gill);

Cecil Megarry [Northern Ireland] (created by E. McEldowney);

Inspector Matt Minogue [Ireland] (created by John Brady);

Felix Norman [France] (created by Marten Cumberland);

Chief Inspector James Odhiambo [Kenya] (created by Dennis Casley);

Inspector O'Donovan [Ireland] (created by Brian Cleeve);

Chief Inspector Michael Ohayon [Isreal] (created by Batyr Goor);

Superintendent O’Malley [Ireland] (created by Michael Kenyon);

Superintendent Tetsuo Otani [Japan] (created by James Melville);

Senior Inspector O'Yee [Hong Kong] (created by William Marshall);

Don Pancho [Mexico] (created by Bruce Buckingham);

Detective Claire Parker [Canada] (created by Laurence Gough);

Chief Inspector Clovis Pel [France] (created by Mark Hebden);

Superintendent Pepper [Canada] (created by Frank A. Smith);

Petrovich [Russia] (created by Fyodor Dostoyevsky);

Sergeant Mel Pickett [Canada] (created by Eric Wright);

Inspector Pinaud [France] (created by Pierre Audemars);

Arkady Renko [Russia] (created by Martin Cruz Smith);

Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman Madoc Rhys (created by Alisa Craig);

Inspector Simon Riviere [France] (created by Claude Aveline);

Inspector Porfiry Petrovich Rostnikov [Russia] (created by Stuart Kaminsky);

Inspector Royle [Australia] (created by Robert Barnard);

Inspector Charlie Salter [Canada] (created by Eric Wright);

Inspector John Sanders [Canada] (created by Medora Sale);

Inspector Sands [Canada] (created by Margaret Millar);

Ichiro Sano, [Medieval Japan] (created by Laura Joh Rowland);

Inspector George Sansi [India] (created by Paul Mann);

Constable Jake Small [Canada] (created by A.E. Eddenden);

Inspector Spearpoint [Suva] (created by Frank Arthur);

Inspector Spencer [Hong Kong] (created by William Marshall);

Inspector Jean Louis St. Cyr [France] (created by Joseph Robert Janes);

Commissioner James Munroe Tallant [West Indies] (created by Andrew York);

Inspector Albert V. Tretheway [Canada] (created by A.E. Eddenden];

Superintendent Vachell [British Africa] (created by Elspeth Huxley);

Incra Vallo [Italy] (created by Carlo Emilio Gadda);

Inspector Van Der Valk [Netherlands] (created by Nicholas Freeling);

Inspector Kurt Wallander [Sweden] (created by Henning Mankell);

Sergeant Wilkie [Canada] (created by Eric Wright);

Detective Jack Willow [Canada] (created by Laurence Gough);

Detective Sergeant Campbell Young [Canada] (created by J.D. Carpenter);

Aurelio Zen [Italy] (created by Michael Dibdin);

Mickey Zondi [South Africa] (created by James McClure).




Wives of Police Detectives Who Are More Active than Passive Partners in Terms of Their Cases:


Agatha (Troy) Alleyn (created by Ngaio Marsh);

Judith Raven (Appleby) (created by Michael Innes);

Kori Brichter (created by Mary Monica Pulver);

Cathy Carter (created by Eileen Dewhurst);

Bunty Felse (created by Ellis Peters);

Ellie (Soper) Pascoe (created by Reginald Hill);

Clare Ringwood (created by Katherine Farrer);

Emmy Tibbett (created by Patricia Moyes);

Arlette Van der Valk (created by Nicolas Freeling);

Dora Wexford (created by Ruth Rendell).




Police Detectives Turned Private investigators:


Vinnie Altobelli (created by Milton Bass);

Lew Archer (created by Ross MacDonald);

Ezell "Easy" Barnes (created by Richard Hilary);

Lilly Bennett (created by Marne Davis Kellogg);

Jack Blaine (created by Al Sarratonio);

Charlie Bradshaw (created by Stephen Dobyns);

Frank Branco (created by David Daniel and Chris Carpenter);

Jack Cardigan (created by William Shatner);

Carlotta Carlyle (created by Linda Barnes);

Fred Carver (created by John Lutz);

Joe DiGregorio (created by Seth Margolis);

Chester Drum, an ex-FBI agent (created by Stephen Marlowe);

Nick Duffy (created by Dan Kavanagh);

Jack Dwyer (created by Ed Gorman);

Meg Gillis (created by C.J. Songer);

Nate Heller (created by Max Allan Collins);

Jack Kiley (created by John Harvey);

Jacob Lomax (created by Michael Allegretto);

Mac (created by Thomas Blanchard Dewey);

Harry MacNeil (created by H. Paul Jeffers);

McGregor (created by Henry Kane);

Alex McKnight (created by Steve Hamilton);

Stanley Moodrow (created by Stephen Solomita);

Harry Orwell [television] (created by Howard Rodman);

Mel Pickett [Canada] (created by Eric Wright);

John Raven [British] (created by Donald MacKenzie);

Tony Rome (created by Marvin H. Albert);

Lenny Schwartz (created by Irving Weinman);

Nick Sharman (created by Mark Timlin);

Kate Shugak (created by Dana Stabenow);

Aristotle Plato Socarides (created by Paul Kemprecos);

Spenser (created by Robert B. Parker);

Wish Stephenson (created by Dianne Day);

Holland Taylor (created by David Housewright);

Mitch Tobin (created by Tucker Coe);

Gabe Treloar (created by John Roberts);

Paul Whelan (created by Michael Raleigh).




    Other Police Detectives Who Have

        Resigned or Retired:


Mali Anderson (created by Grace F. Edwards);

Inspector John Appleby (created by Michael Innes);

Kate Baker (created by Gary Krist);

Burke Basile (created by Sandra Brown);

Lobo Black, a disabled former lawman (created by William DeAndrea);

Peter Brichter (created by Mary Monica Pulver);

Avram Cohen [Israel] (created by Robert Rosenberg);

Joe Crow (created by Pete Hautman);

Gregor Demarkian, the former head of the FBI's Behavoral Sciences Unit (created by Jane Haddam);

Peter Diamond, British (created by Peter Lovesey);

Bill Driver (created by J. Wallis Martin);

Luke Dunlop, Australian (created by Peter Corriss);

Jack Dwyer (created by Ed Gorman);

Mike Flint (created by Austin R. Healy);

Jimmy "Griff" Griffin (created by Preston Pairo III);

Jefferson "J.W." Jackson, disabled former policeman (created by Philip R. Craig);

Kevin Kerney (created by Michael McGarrity);

Elizabeth Kennedy (created by Frances Fyfield);

Edwin Kreiss, a retired F.B.I. agent (created by P.T. Deutermann);

John Spencer Lubbock, a retired Detective Chief Inspector in Great Britain (created by Brian Cooper);

Johnny MacClough (created by Reed Farrel Coleman);

Terril McCaleb (created by Michael Connelly);

Adam McCleet (created by Rick Hanson);

Bryan Murphy (created by Terri White);

Frank Pavlicek (created by Andy Straka);

(Former Deputy Federal Marshall) Oscar Schiller (created by Douglas C. Jones);

(Ex-Inspector) Paxton Sevrel (created by Cedric Worth);

(Ex-Commissioner) Sir Denis Nayland Smith (created by Sax Rohmer);

Mel Pickett, a retired Canadian police officer (created by Eric Wright);

Ex-Lieutenant) Seymour Pinchus (created by Dennis Asen);

Isaac Sidel, a former police commissioner (created by Jerome Charyn);

Calico Jack Walker, a former patrolman (created by Paul Bishop);

Lee Ann Warren (created by Chassie West);

John Webber (created by Anthony Oliver);

Charlie Willis (created by Lee Goldberg);

(Ex-Superintendnet) Henry Wilson (created by G.D.H. Cole and M.I. Cole);

(Ex-Superintendent) Archie Wiston (created by Lindsay Anson).




Private investigators:




Harvey Ace (created by Merle Horwitz);

Rachel Alexander (created by Carol Lea Benjamin);

Johnny Aloha (created by Day Keene);

Vinnie Altobelli (created by Milton Bass);

Pete Amsterdam (created by Lawrence Shames);

Lew Archer (created by Ross MacDonald);

Michael Archer (created by Dianne Day);

Jacob Asch (created by Arthur Lyons);

Aaron Asherfeld (created by David Berlinski);

Mick "Brew" Axbrewder (created by Reed Stephens);

Sonny Baca (created by Rudolpho Anaya);

Dred Balcazar (created by Ned White);

Masey Baldridge (created by James D. Brewer);

Paul Bannerman, the owner of a private investigations firm (created by John Maxim);

Ezell "Easy" Barnes (created by Richard Hilary);

Carver Bascombe (created by Kenn Davis);

Ginger Barnes (created by Donna Huston Murray);

Stone Barrington (created by Stuart Woods);

J.P. Beaumont (created by J.A. Jance);

Lee Beckett (created by John Crowe);

Jerry Benedict (created by Edward S. Aarons);

Lilly Bennett (created by Marne Davis Kellogg);

Alan Bernhardt (created by Colin Wilcox);

Tom Bethany (created by Jerome Doolittle);

Joe Binney (created by Jack Livingston);

Thomas Black (created by Earl Emerson);

Jack Blaine (created by Al Sarratonio);

Haskell Blevins (created by Taylor McCafferty);

Harvey Blissberg (created by Richard Rosen);

Leo Bloodworth (created by Dick Lochte);

Lilly Bennett (created by Marne Davis Kellogg);

Joe Binney (created by Jack Livingston);

Haskell Blevins (created by Taylor McCafferty);

Leo Bloodworth (created by Dick Lochte);

Jack Bodine (created by Thomas Bunn);

Peter Boone (created by William Jaspersohn);

Charlie Bradshaw (created by Stephen Dobyns);

Peter Bragg (created by Jack Lynch);

Frank Branco (created by David Daniel and Chris Carpenter);

Barr Breed (created by Bill S. Ballinger);

Paul Broder (created by James T. Doyle);

R.J. Brook (created by Stephen H. Bogart);

Sydney Bryant (created by Patricia Wallace);

James Burlane (created by Richard Hoyt);

John Caine (created by Charles Knief);

Cat Caliban (created by D.B. Borton);

Brock "The Rock" Callahan (created by William Campbell Gault);

Roman Cantrell (created by Elaine Raco Chase);

Jack Cardigan (created by William Shatner);

Neal Carey (created by Don Winslow);

Carlotta Carlyle (created by Linda Barnes);

Michael Carolina (created by Thomas G. Briody);

Ace Carpenter (created by Hamilton Caine);

Owen Carr (created by Walter Walker);

"Apples" Carstairs (created by Simon Myles);

Nick Carter (created by John R. Coryell);

Fred Carver (created by John Lutz);

Charley Case (created by John Spencer);

Tony Cassella (created by Larry Beinhart);

Antonio "Chico" Cervantes (created by Bruce Cook);

Bart Challis (created by William F. Nolan);

Peter Chambers (created by Henry Kane);

Ian Chapel (created by Paul Bishop);

Nick Charles, a former private investigator (created by Dashiell Hammett);

Elizabeth Chase (created by Martha C. Lawrence);

Sunny Childs (created by Ruth Birmingham)

Lydia Chin (created by S.J. Rozan);

Joe Cinquez (created by Clifford Mason);

Frank Clemons (created by Thomas H. Cook);

Matt Cobb (created by William DeAndrea);

Blackie Cole/Blanche Cohen, a transgendered private investigator (Created by Lisa E. Davis);

Elvis Cole (created by Robert Crais);

Cyrus Colfax (created by Jayne Ann Krentz);

Kat Colorado (created by Karen Kijewski);

Timothy Cone (created by Lawrence Sanders);

Claire Conrad (created by Melodie Johnson Howe);

The Continental Op (created by Dashiell Hammett);

Bertha Cool (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Joe Copp (created by Don Pendleton);

Tony Costaine (created by Willis Todhunter Ballard);

Bill Crane (created by Jonathan Latimer);

Karl Craven (created by Jonathan Latimer);

Joshua Croft (created by Walter Satterthwait);

Edwina Crusoe (created by Mary Kitteredge);

John Francis Cuddy (created by Jeremiah Healy);

Willie Cuesta (Created by John Lantigua);

Sandrine Curry (created by Michael Bowen);

Thomas Curry (created by Michael Bowen);

Timothy Dane (created by William Ard);

Vic Daniel (created by David M. Pierce);

Jane Da Silva (created by K.K. Beck);

Athena Dawes (created by Anita Gentry);

Patricia Delaney (created by Sharon Gwyn Short);

Sarah Delaney (created by Carolyn Haines);

Kit DeLeeuw (created by Jon Katz);

Nick Delvecchio (created by Robert J. Randisi);

John Denson (created by Richard Horr);

Harry James Denton (created by Steven Womack);

Lee Diamond (created by Chris Wiltz);

Willy Diaz (created by Rider McDowell);

Joe DiGregorio (created by Seth Margolis);

DiMaggio (created by Mike Lupica);

Gil Disbro (created by James E. Martin);

Tough Dick Donahue (created by Frederick Nebel);

Jack Donne (created by William Relling, Jr.);

Carroll Dorsey (created by Thomas Lipinski);

Paul Drake (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Simon Drake (created by Helen Nielsen);

Chester Drum, an ex-FBI agent (created by Stephen Marlowe);

Tubby Dubonnet (created by Tony Dunbar);

Cliff Dunbar (created by Will Harriss);

Jonas Duncan (created by Jackson Gillis);

Micah Dunn (created by M.K. Shuman);

Jack Dwyer (created by Ed Gorman);

Henry Dyer (created by Raymond H. Ring);

Mark East (created by Hilda Lawrence);

John Easy (created by Ronald Goulart);

Jake Eaton (created by Larry Maness);

Kenny Eisenburg (created by Marlys Millhiser);

Maggie Elliott (created by Elizabeth Atwood Taylor);

Scott Elliott (created by Terence Faherty);

Homer Evans (created by Elliot Paul);

Fortune Fannelli (created by Jack Early);

Mike Faraday (created by Basil Copper);

Fiddler (created by A. E. Maxwell);

Kevin Fitzgerald (created by Tom Topor);

Jack Flippo (created by Doug J. Swanson);

C.J. Floyd (created by Robert Greer);

Mal Foley (created by David Walker);

Chester Fortune (created by Thomas H. Stone);

Dan Fortune (created by Michael Collins);

Nick Fourcade (created by Tami Hoag);

Jake Fowler (created by Doris Mortman);

Theresa Franco (created by Carolyn Chambers Clark);

Margo Franklin (created by Jerry Jenkins);

Benny Freedman (created by Milton R. Bass);

Reuben Frost (created by Haughton Murphy);

Jackson Fury (created by Carol Jerina);

Zeke Gahagan, an eighty-one-year-old p.i. (created by Vincent McConner);

Jo Gar (created by Raoul Whitfield);

Harry Garnish (created by Frank McConnell);

Garrett (created by Glen Cook);

Dave Garrett (created by Neil Albert);

Angela Gennaro (created by Dennis Lehane);

Meg Gillis (created by C.J. Songer);

J.J. Gittes [films] (created by ?);

Murray Glick (created by Michael J. Katz);

Leo Gold (created by Jay Finklestein);

Rayford "Ray" Goodman (created by Stan Cutler);

Archie Goodwin (created by Rex Stout);

Delbert "Dub" Greenert (created by J. Madison Davis);

Greenstreet, a Pinkerton operative (created by Richard Moquist);

Lew Griffin (created by James Sallis);

Simeon Grist (created by Timothy Hallinan);

Hector Gronig (created by Walter Walker);

Peter Gunn [television] (created by Blake Edwards);

Aaron Gunner (created by Gar Anthony Haywood);

Brian Guy (created by Jason Ridgeway);

Leo Haggerty (created by Benjamin M. Schutz);

Leo Haig (created by Lawrence Block);

Mike Haller (created by Max Byrd);

Mike Hammer (created by Mickey Spillane);

Joe Hannibal (created by Wayne D. Dundee);

Jim Hanvey (created by Octavus Roy Cohen);

Will Hardesty (created by Richard Barre);

Patrick Hardy (created by Martin Meyers);

Frank Harriman (created by Jan Burke);

Chip Harrison (created by Lawrence Block);

Stanley Hastings (created by Parnell Hall);

Tamara Hayle (created by Valerie Wilson Wesley);

Carl Heller (created by Frank Roderus);

Nate Heller (created by Max Allan Collins);

Ben Helm (created by Bruno Fischer);

Tom Hickey (created by Ken Kuhlken);

Rick Holman (created by Carter Brown);

Duffy House (created by Crabbe Evers);

Jeri Howard (created by Janet Dawson);

Emma Howe (created by Gillian Roberts);

Wayne Hoyer (created by John Kissinger);

Robert Lee Hunter (created by Eric Sauter);

Sam Hunter (created by L.A. Morse);

J.W. Jackson (created by Philip R. Craig);

Matt Jacob (created by Zachary Klein);

Miles Jacoby (created by Robert J. Randisi);

Milan Jacovich (created by Les Roberts);

J.J. Jackson (created by Philip R. Craig);

Simon "Red Diamond" Jaffa (created by Mark Schorr);

Cassidy James (created by Kate Calloway);

Chet Johnston (created by Joel Helgerson);

Casey Jones (created by Katy Munger);

Fremont Jones (created by Dianne Day);

Lena Jones (created by Betty Webb);

Milo Kachigan (created by Karen Rose Cercone);

Simon Kaye (created by Hillary Waugh);

Lincoln Keller (created by Lee Meadows);

Gerry Kells (created by Paul Cain);

Patrick Kenzie (created by Dennis Lehane);

Kevin Kerney (created by Michael McGarrity);

Jack Kiley (created by John Harvey);

Johnny Killain (created by Dan J. Marlowe);

Chris Klick (created by Wendell McCall);

Micky Knight (created by J.M. Redmann);

Dan Kruger (created by Michael Cormany);

Donald Lam (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Raina Lambert (created by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.);

Simon Lash (created by Frank Gruber);

Joe Lassiter (created by John Case);

Lauren Laurano (created by Sandra Scoppettone);

Jacob Lomax (created by Michael Allegretto);

Tony Lowell (created by E.C. Ayers);

Gideon Lowry (created by John Leslie);

Jimmy Lujack (created by David Thoreau);

Bubba Mabry (created by Steve Brewer);

Mac (created by Thomas Blanchard Dewey);

Marti MacAlister (created by Eleanor Taylor Bland);

Cam MacCardle (created by Tucker Halleran);

Devon MacDonald (created by Nancy Baker Jacobs);

Amos MacGuffin (created by Robert Upton);

"Three Gun" Terry Mack (created by Carroll John Daly);

Patience Mackeller (created by Janet LaPIerre);

Verity Mackeller (created by Lanet LaPierre);

Scotia MacKinnon (created by Sharon Duncan);

Harry MacNeil (created by H. Paul Jeffers);

Matty Madrid (created by P.J. Grady);

David Mallin (created by Roger Ormerod);

Stuart Mallory (created by Ronald Clair Roat);

Ryder Malone (created by J.W. Rider);

Terry Manion (created by Dick Lochte);

Eric March (created by G.G. Fickling);

James Marley (created by Philip Ross);

Daisy Marlow (created by D. Miller Morgan);

Philip Marlowe (created by Raymond Chandler);

Van Mars (created by Bill S. Ballinger);

Cat Marsala (created by Barbara D'Amato);

Paul Marston (created by Robert Eversz);

Angela Matelli (created by Wendi Lee);

Bert McCall (created by Willis Todhunter Ballard);

Quint McCauley (created by D.C. Brod);

Blue McCarron (created by Abigail Padgett);

Mike McCleary (created by T.J. MacGregor);

Sharon McCone (created by Marcia Muller);

Travis McGee (created by John D. MacDonald);

Pete McGrath (created by Michael Brett);

McGregor (created by Henry Kane);

Todd McKinnon (created by Lenore Glen Offord);

Alex McKnight (created by Steve Hamilton);

Archibald McNally (created by Lawrence Sanders);

Robert Miles (created by David H. Everson);

Kinsey Milhone (created by Sue Grafton);

Dana Miller (created by Sherryl Woods);

Robin Miller (created by Jaye Maiman);

Milton "Milo" Milodragovitch (created by James Crumley);

Tess Monaghan (created by Laura Lippman);

Ivan Monk (created by Gary Phillips);

Stanley Moodrow (created by Stephen Solomita);

Scott Moody (created by Steve Oliver);

Phil Moony (created by Paul Engleman);

Charlie Morell (created by Alex Abella);

Ruff Morgan (created by Jimmy Shannon);

Hoke Mosely (created by Charles Willeford);

Matt Murdock (created by Robert J. Ray);

The Nameless Detective (created by Bill Pronzini);

Tres Navarre (created by Rick Riordan);

Nebraska (created by William J. Reynolds);

Yuri Nevsky (created by Dimitri Gat);

Vic Newman (created by Dorothy Sucher);

Nason "Nase" Nichols (created by M. Thomson);

Tip O'Neil (created by James Edward Grant);

Ed Noon (created by Michael Avallone);

Rita Noonan (created by Michael Hendricks);

Alo Nudger (created by John Lutz);

Fergus O'Breen (created by Anthony Boucher);

Freddie O'Neal (created by Catharine Dain);

Harry Orwell [television] (created by Howard Rodman);

Bridget O'Toole (created by Frank McConnell);

E.L. Oxman (created by John Lutz);

Lorraine Page (created by Lynda LaPlante);

Chance Perdue (created by Ross H. Spencer);

Ben Perkins (created by Rob Kantner);

Anna Peters (created by Janice Law);

Toby Peters (created by Stuart Kaminsky);

Nicholas Pierce (created by Rob MacGregor);

Joe Pike (created by Robert Crais);

Paul Pine (created by Howard Browne);

Evan Pinkerton (created by David Frome);

Duke Pizzatello (created by Robert Leslie Bellem);

J. Pletcher (created by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.);

Marvia Plum (created by Richard A. Lupoff);

Nick Polo (created by Jerry Kenneally);

Rainbow Porter (created by Harlen Campbell);

Ralph Poteet (created by Loren Estleman);

Mark Preston (created by Peter Chambers);

Hank Prince (created by Philip Lee Williams);

Virgil Proctor (created by J.D. Knight);

Joe Puma (created by William Campbell Gault);

Chance Purdue (created by Ross H. Spencer);

John Quincannon (created by Bill Pronzini);

Hugh Quint (created by Steve Sherman);

Rafferty (created by W. Glenn Duncan);

Neal Rafferty (created by Chris Wiltz);

Gwenn Ramadge (created by Lillian O'Donnell);

John Rankin (created by James Grady);

Alex Rasmussen (created by David Daniel);

Easy Rawlins (created by Walter Mosley);

Joe Reddman (created by Warwick Downing);

Savannah Reid (created by G.A. McKevett);

Regan Reilly (created by Carol Higgins Clark);

Mark Renzler (created by Paul Engleman);

Slots Resnick (created by Michael Geller);

Michael Rineheart (created by John Birkett);

Harry Rice (created by Allan Pedrazas);

Matt Riordan (created by Frederick Huebner);

Lil Ritchie (created by Phyllis Knight);

Ed Rivers (created by Talmadge Powell);

Mitch Roberts (created by Gaylord Dold);

Yvonne Robinson (created by Peter Whalley);

Jim Rockford (created by Stuart Kaminsky);

Joe Rogers (created by Ross MacDonald);

Simon Rolfe (created by Joseph L. Bonney);

Dan Roman (created by Edward Mathis);

Tony Rome (created by Marvin H. Albert);

Taggert Roper (created by William Sanders);

Jack Ross (created by Bernard Schopen);

Kelly Ryan (created by Kate Grilley);

Oscar Sail (created by Lester Dent);

Albert Samson (created by Michael Z. Lewin);

Jake Samson (created by Shelley Singer);

Jake Sands (created by Ron Ely);

Vonna Saucier (created by J. Madison Davis):

Mark Savage (created by Laurence Payne);

Saxon (created by Les Roberts);

Catherine Sayler (created by Linda Grant);

Lenny Schneider (created by Ed Goldberg);

Pete Scholfield (created by Thomas Blanchard Dewey);

Shell Scott (created by Richard S. Prather);

Matthew Scudder (created by Lawrence Block);

Mavis Seidlitz  (created by Carter Brown);

The Shadow (created by Maxwell Grant);

"Deets" Shanahan (created by Ronald Tierney);

Nick Sharman (created by Mark Timlin);

Desiree Shapiro (created by Selma Eichler);

Jim Shaw (created by Isidore Haiblum);

Paul Shaw (created by Mark Sadler);

Michael Shayne (created by Brett Halliday);

Kate Shugak (created by Dana Stabenow);

Phoebe Siegel (created by Sandra West Prowell);

Jacob Singer (created by George Baxt);

Bill Smith (created by S.J. Rozan);

Dan Smith (creaed by Penny Warner);

Truman Smith (created by Bill Crider);

Aristotle Plato "Soc" Socarides (created by Paul Kemprecos);

Lupe Solano (created by Caroline Garcia-Aguilera);

Sam Spade (created by Dashiell Hammett);

Philip Spence (created by Jerry Jenkins);

Spenser (created by Robert B. Parker);

Michael Spraggue (created by Linda Barnes);

Quin St. James (created by T.J. MacGregor);

Jeremiah St. John (created by William Babula);

Robert Stark (created by Mark Schorr);

T.D. Stash (created by W.R. Philbrick);

Rocky Steele (created by John B. West);

Nick Stefanos (created by George P. Pelecanos);

Wish Stephenson (created by Dianne Day);

Fleming Stone (created by Carolyn Wells);

Harry Stoner (created by Jonathan Valin);

Wyatt Storme (created by W.L. Ripley);

Donald Strachey (created by Richard Stevenson);

Streeter (created by Michael Stone);

Dave Strickland (created by Thomas D. Davis);

C.W. Sughrue (created by James Crumley);

Harry Summers (created byPeter Whalley);

Loren Swift (created by Doug Hornig);

Taggett (created by Thomas Bailey Aldrich);

Alex Tanner (created by Anabel Donald);

John Marshall Tanner (created by Stephen Greenleaf);

Fred Taylor (created by Nicholas Kilmer);

Holland Taylor (created by David Housewright);

Thorn (created by James W. Hall);

Max Thursday (created by Wade Miller);

Art Tobin (created by John Lutz);

Mitch Tobin (created by Tucker Coe);

Moroni Traveler (created by Robert Irvine);

Gabe Treloar (created by John Roberts);

Bronwen Tryon, a Pinkerton operative (created by Miriam Grace Monfredo);

Dan Turner (created by Robert Leslie Bellem);

Milo Turner (created by Francis Nevins, Jr.);

Rick Vanning (created by M.V. Heberden);

Amos Walker (created by Loren D. Estleman);

Talba "Baroness Pontalba" Wallis (created by Julie Smith);

Walsh (created by Ed Gorman);

V.I. Warshowski (created by Sara Paretsky);

"Doghouse" Washington (created by Jim Dawson);

Leo Waterman (created by G.M. Ford);

Sheridan Wesley (created by Hillary Waugh);

Delilah West (created by Maxine O'Callaghan);

Honey West (created by Skip and Gloria Fickling);

Paul Whelan (created by Michael Raleigh);

Whistler (created by Robert Campbell);

Blackie White (created by Philip Johnson);

Race Williams (by Carroll John Daly);

Luke Williamson (created by James D. Brewer);

Moses Wine (created by Roger Simon);

Stuart Winter (created by Alan Russell);

Stuart Winters (created by Alan Russell);

Pennington "Penny" Wise (created by Carolyn Wells);

Nero Wolfe (created by Rex Stout);

Gil Yates (created by Alistair Boyle);

Cecil Younger (created by John Straley).






Tommy Beresford (created by Agatha Christie);

Tuppence Beresford (created by Agatha Christie);

Johnny Black (created by Neville Steed);

Sexton Blake (created by Harry Blyth);

Everard Blatchington (created by G.D.H. Cole and M.I. Cole);

Bowling (created by Donald Henderson);

Kate Brannigan (created by Val McDermid);

"Slim" Callaghan (created by Peter Cheyney);

James Carrick (created by Margaret Duffy);

Carver (created by Victor Canning);

Lemmy Caution (created by Peter Cheyney);

Nick Duffy (created by Dan Kavanaugh);

Laura Flynn (created by Lesley Grant-Adamson);

Norman Glide (created by Moray Dalton);

Cordelia Gray (created by P.D. James);

Sid Halley (created by Dick Francis);

Ron Hoggert (created by James Mitchell);

Mycroft Holmes (created by Quinn Fawcett);

Sherlock Holmes (created by Arthur Conan Doyle);

Sherlock Holmes ("created" by Michael Dibdin);

Sherlock Holmes ("created" by Loren D. Estleman);

Sherlock Holmes ("created" by L.B. Greenwood);

Sherlock Holmes ("created" by Larry Millet);

Jimmy Jenner (created by John Milne);

Jack Kiley (created by John Harvey);

Harry Lambert (created by Jill McGown);

Gilbert Larose (created by Arthur Gask);

Anna Lee (created by Liza Cody);

Teddy London (created by Robert Morgan);

the Lunghi family, multi-generational private investigation firm (created by Michael Z. Lewin);

Joanna MacKenzie (created by Margaret Duffy);

Saz Martin (created by Stella Duffy);

Arthur Martinson (created by Cortland Fitzsimmons);

Francis McNab (created by John A. Ferguson);

Scott Mitchell (created by John Harvey);

William Monk (created by Anne Perry);

Mr. Mycroft (created by H.F. Heard);

Mark Peterson (created by Peter Chambers);

Laura Principal (created by Michelle Spring);

Bernie Pryde (created by P.D. James);

Mark Raeburn (created by Malcolm Gair);

John Raven [British] (created by Donald MacKenzie);

John Samson (created by Miles Tripp);

Nick Sharman (created by Mark Timlin);

Christopher Shovelin (created by Julian Rathbone);

Joe Sixsmith (created by Reginald Hill);

Nigel Strangeways (created by Nicholas Blake);

The Old Man in the Corner (created by Baroness Orczy);

Philip Trent (created by E.C. Bentley);

Sam Turner (created by John Baker);

Fran Varaday (created by Ann Granger);

Mr. Verity (created by Peter Antony);

Larry Vernon (created by David Bateson);

Wendover (created by J.J. Connington);

Winter (created by Gwendoline Butler);

Hannah Wolfe (created by Sarah Dunant).




American Private investigators Operating in Great Britain:


Joe Dust (created by Lord Gorell);






Paul Beck, the "Rule-of-Thumb Detective" [Ireland] (created by M. McDonnell Bodkin);

John Blaine [Ireland] (created by Vincent Banville);

Richard Browning [Australia] (created by Peter Corris);

Benny Cooperman [Canada] (created by Howard Engel);

Fritz Donhoff, the partner of Pierre-Ange Sawyer [France] (created by Marvin H. Albert);

Hob Draconian [Spain] (created by Robert Sheckley);

C. Auguste Dupin [France] (created by Edgar Allan Poe);

C. Auguste Dupin [France] ("created" by George Egon Hatvary);

Marcus Didius Falco [Ancient Rome] (created by Lindsey Davis);

Syd Fish [Australia] (created by Susan Geason);

Jules Giraud [France] (created by John T. Lescroart);

Lonia Guiu [Spain] (created by Maria-Antonia Oliver);

Bernard Gunther [Germany] (created by Philip Kerr);

Cliff Hardy [Australia] (created by Peter Corris);

Jantarro [Canada] (created by Simon Ritchie);

Kemal Kayankaya [Turkish in Germany] (created by Jakob Arjouni);

Meg Lacey [Canada] (created by Elizabeth Bowers);

Monsieur Lecoq [France] (created by Emile Gaboriau);

John Locke [Canada] (created by Jack Barnao);

Auguste Lupa [France] (created by John T. Lescroart);

Frank MacAllister [Brazil] (created by Ritchie Perry);

William Murdoch [Canada] (created by Maureen Jennings);

Dora Myrl [Ireland] (created by M. McDonnell Bodkin);

Byron "Rugger" O’Toole [Central America] (created by Robert Thurston);

Mel Pickett [Canada] (created by Eric Wright);

Norman Pink [Australia] (created by Mark McShane);

Hercule Poirot [Belgium] (created by Agatha Christie);

Hercules Popeau [France] (created by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes);

Caitlin Reece [Canada] (created by Lauren Wright Douglas);

Inspector John Sanders [Canada] (created by Medora Sale);

Desmond Shannon [Ireland] (created by M.V. Heberden);

Pierre-Ange "Pete" Sawyer, an expatriate American who specializes in cases involving other expatriates [France] (created by Marvin H. Albert).

Hector Belascoaran Shayne [Mexico] (created by Paco Ignacio Taibo II);

Rich O. Shea [Canada] (created by Douglas Newell);

Pere Tabaret [France] (created by Emile Gaboriau);

Claudia Valentine [Australia] (created by Marele Day);

Eugene Valmont [France] (created by Robert Barr);

Steve Wayne [Pacific Rim] (created by Terry Harknett);

Matt West [Canada] (created by Rosemary Aubert).




Secretaries of Private investigators, Lawyers, Etc.:


Lucy Hamilton (created by Brett Halliday);

Miss Sanderson (created by E.X. Giroux);

Della Street (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Velda (created by Mickey Spillane);




Insurance Investigators:


Simon Bogner, British, Board of Trade Investigator (created by Tim Heald);

David Brandstetter (created by Joseph Hanson);

Julian "Digger" Burroughs (created by Warren Murphy);

Montague Cork (created by Macdonald Hastings);

Jefferson DiMarco (created by Doris Miles Disney);

Carroll Dorsey (created by Thomas Lipinski);

Colleen Fitzgerald (created by Barbara Johnson);

Stanley Hastings, an investigative photographer for a lawyer specializing in negligence cases (created by Parnell Hall);

Henderson (created by Douglas Angus);

Dylan Klein (created by Reed Farrell Coleman);

Andrew Laird [Scottish] (created by Robert MacLeod);

Hobart Lindsay (created by Richard Lupoff);

Major Milo March (created by M.E. Chaber);

Rex McBride (created by Cleve F. Adams);

Bredon Miles (created by Ronald A. Knox);

Lora Montgomery (created by Joan Banks);

John Piper (created by Harry Carmichael);

Jim Savage, a retired claims investigator (created by R.W. Heber);

Stanley Starfish (created by Sam Leonard).

Devlin Tracy (created by Warren B. Murphy);

John Weiss (created by Joan Smith).




Industrial and Corporate Investigators:


Timothy Cane, a private investigator specializing in Wall Street cases (created by Lawrence Sanders);

Kane Jackson (created by Michael Collins);

Mark Kilby investigator for Regal Investment Security Corporation (created by Robert Caine Frazer);

Devlin Kirk, owner of an industrial surveillance company (created by Rex Burns);

Murray Kirk, a financial investigator (created by Stanley Ellin);

Paul Marston (created by Robert Eversy);

Piers Roper, an industrial spy (created by Ken Follett);

Catherine Sayler, an undercover operative at a software company (created by Linda Grant);

Peter Tangent, an investigator for an oil company (created by Lawrence Sanders).




Security Experts, Security Services, Bodyguards and Security Guards:


Lily Bennett, owner of a security firm (created by Marne Davis Kellogg);

Roman Cantrell, a security expert (created by Elaine Raco Chase);

David Cleveland, an investigator for the Jocky Club (created by Dick Francis);

Joe Crow, a bodyguard (created by Pete Hautman);

Jack Devlin, a security investigator (created by John Clarkson);

Jack Dwyer, a part-time security guard (created by Ed Gorman);

Dave "The Monkey Man" Enamorado, part-owner of a security firm (created by Hialeah Jackson);

Meg Gillis, part-owner of a security-systems business (created by C.J. Songer);

Harding (created by John Wessel);

Annabelle Hardy, part-owner of a security firm (created by Hialeah Jackson);

Tim Lacey, the owner of a security firm [British] (created by Derek Wilson);

John Locke [Canada] (created by Jack Barnao);

Peggy O'Neill, a campus police officer (created by M.D. Lake);

Anna Peters, a security expert (created by Janice Law);

Paul Scott, a security expert (created by Michael Collins);

Joanna Stark, a security expert for art museums (created by Marcia Muller).

Jane Whitefield, an expert on changing identities (created by Thomas Perry);

Charlie Willis, a security agent for the entertainment industry (created by Lee Goldberg);

Eva Wylie, a security guard (created by Liza Cody);





Department Store Detectives:


Don Cadee, security officer for Amblett's Department Store (created by Spencer Dean);

Detective Peter Diamond (created by Peter Lovesey);

Quint McCauley, head of security at Hauser's Department Store (created by D. C. Brod).




Hotel Detectives:


Am Caulfield (created by Alan Russell);




Railroad Detectives:


Jake Hatch, known as a womanizer (created by Robert Campbell).




Military Investigators:


Ernie Bascom (created by Martin Limon);

John Francis Cuddy, a former military policeman (created by Jeremiah Healy);

Alphonse Dantan, an investigator for the Finance Office U.S. Army Paris (created by Hannah Blank);

Major Kara Guidry (created by Lucian K. IV Truscott);

Captain Julia Havilland, army intelligence corps (created by Tom Bradby);

Hermann Kohler, a Gestapo investigator (created by J. Robert Janes);

Captain Thomas Maynard, post-Civil War America (created by Donald Hoenig);

Jack Reacher, a former military policeman (created by Lee Child);

George Sueno (created by Martin Limon);



Environmental Investigators:


Webb Carrick, with the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency (created by Bill Knox);

Venus Diamond, federal fish and wildlife agent (created by Skye Kathleen Moody);

Henry Dyer, a former fish and game agent (created by Raymond H. Ring);

Doc Ford, a marine biologist (created by Randy W. White);

Neil Hamel (created by Judith Van Gieson);

Kevin Kerney, a seasonal forest ranger (created by Michael McGarrity);

Dominica "Dee" Laguerre (created by Kirk Mitchell);

Henry Lightstone, an agent for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (created by Ken Goddard);

Lauren Maxwell, a wildlife investigator (created by Elizabeth Quinn);

Joe Pickett, a game warden (created by C. J. Box);

Anna Pigeon, National Parks ranger (created by Nevada Barr);

Dirk Pitt, a director of the National Underwater-Marine Agency (created by Clive Cussler);

Rachel Porter, a wildlife agent (created by Jessica Speart);

Jack Prester, National Park Service Investigator (created by Sandy Dengler);

Grady Service, a conservation officer (created by Joseph Heywood);

Julie Tendler, National Parks ranger (created by Aaron J. Elkins).

Thorn, a private investigator with an interest in environmental cases (created by James W. Hall).




Other Government Investigators:


Mici Anhalt, an investigator for the Crime Victims Compensation Board (created by ?);

Simon Bogner, British, Board of Trade Investigator (created by Tim Heald);

Humphrey Campbell, an investigator in the Los Angeles missing persons bureau (created by Geoffrey Homes);

Charlie Carr, a U.S. Treasury agent (created by Gerald Petievich);

Michael Connolly, intelligence officer with the Manhattan Project (created by Joseph Kanon);

Talos Cord, a troubleshooter for the United Nations (created by Robert MacLeod);

Ray Crawley, a director of the Federal Security Agency [Australia] (created by Peter Corris);

Jack Devlin, a former Secret Service agent (created by John Clarkson);

Neal Donahoe, the harbormaster for Santa Barbara (created by Tony Gibbs);

Jack Donne, a retired Treasury agent (created by William Relling, Jr.);

Jack Fowler, a D.E.A. agent (created by Paul Malone);

Jack Kelly, a U.S. Treasury agent (created by Gerald Petievich);

Steven Kirk (created by Doug Hornig);

David Madden, a postal inspector (created by Doris Miles Disney);

Sharon McCone, a legal investigator (created by Marcia Mueller);

Meredith Mitchell, a British foreign office official (created by Ann Granger);

Roy Rickman, an administrative officer in the Home Office [Great Britain] (created by David Craig);

Nan Robinson, a state bar investigator (created by Taffy Cannon);

Jack Sparks, special agent of the Queen [Great Britain] (created by Mark Frost);

Francesca Wilson, an analyst in the British Department of Trade and Industry (created by Janet Neel);

Sam Windrush, a deputy in the United Nations legal affairs department (created by Grant Sutherland).

Grace Wu, an undercover agent for the DEA (created by Gaylord Dold).




Fire Marshals, Firefighters, and Arson Investigators:


Eddie Burke (created by Peter Lance);

Mac Fontana (created by Earl Emerson);

Chet Johnston, a former firefighter (created by Joel Helgerson);

Phil Moony, a former firefighter (created by Paul Engleman);

Ben Pedley (created by Stewart Sterling).




Medical Examiners, Pathologists, Coroners, Criminologists, and Forensic Specialists:


Simon Alcourt-St. James (created by Elizabeth George);

George Barnabas (created by Claire Rayner);

Joanne Blalock (created by Leonard Goldberg);

Inspector Victor Bondurant (created by James G. Edwards);

Smokey Brandon (created by Noreen Ayres);

John Lloyd Branson (created by D.R. Meredith);

Temperance "Tempe" Brennan (created by Kathy Reichs);

Andy Broussard (created by D.J. Donaldson);

Phil Chen (created by Mark Munger);

Helen Clyde, a pathologist's assistant (created by Elizabeth George);

Daniel Webster Coffee (created by Lawrence Blochman);

Jessica Coran (created by Robert W. Walker);

John Cranston (created by Paul Harding);

Gerritt DeGraff (created by Barbara D'Amato);

Stuff Driscoll (created by Rufus King);

Lucas Frank, a forensic psychologist (created by John Philpin);

Dr. Frock, a forensic anthropologist (created by Douglas Preston);

Horatio Glass, a police surgeon (created by John Rhode and Carter Dickson);

P.J. Gray, a profiler (created by Shirley Kennett);

Dr. Tony Hill, a criminologist (created by Val McDermid);

Primrose Holland, an ex-pathologist (created by Jo Bannister);

Sara Linton (created by Karin Slaughter);

Calisto Marley (created by Bill Pomidor);

Daphne Matthews, a police psychologist (created by Ridley Pearson);

Amanda Maxwell, a forensic photographer (created by Doris Mortman);

Elizabeth McPherson, a forensic anthropologist (created by Sharyn McCrumb);

Maris Middleton (created by Kaye Davis);

Motilal Mookerji (created by Lawrence G. Blochman);

Hugh Morris, a crimonologist (created by William Targ and Lewis Herman);

Bill Mullins (created by Jeffrey Denhart);

Kiernan O'Shaughnessy (created by Susan Dunlap);

Quincy [television (created by ?);

Kit Quinn, a police psychiatrist (created by Nicci French);

Lincoln Rhyme (created by Jeffery Deaver);

Samantha "Sam" Ryan (created by Nigel McCrery);

Kay Scarpatta (created by Patricia Cornwall);

Michael Stone, a female forensic psychologist (created by Anna Salter);

Sylvia Strange, a forensic psychologist (created by Sarah Lovett);

John Thorndyke (created by R. Austin Freeman);

Samantha Turner (created by Marsha Landreth).






Daniel Barr (created by Malcolm McPherson);

Judge Dee [China] (created by Robert van Gulik);

Sir John Fielding (created by Bruce Alexander);

Deborah Knott (created by Margaret Maron);

Ephraim Peck (created by August Derleth);

Ellis Portal, a former judge (created by Rosemary Aubert);

Judge Prentiss (created by Veronica Parker Johns);

William Priest (created by Irvin S. Cobb);

Richard Quinn (created by Phillip Margolin);

Henry Tyson (created by Frederic Arnold Kummer);




Lawyers--Prosecutors or Defense Attorneys:


Venetia Aldredge (created by P.D. James);

Joseph Antonelli;

Tom Aragon (created by Margaret Millar);

Robert Audley (created by M.E. Braddon);

Jack S. Bard, a defense attorney (created by Warwick Downing);

Stone Barrington (created by Stuart Woods);

Paul Biegler, a defense attorney who was once a prosecutor (created by Robert Traver);

Franklin Blake (created by Wilkie Collins);

Mark "The Counselor" Brand (created by J.J. Connington);

John Lloyd Branson (created by D.R. Meredith);

Ernst Brendel, a Viennese attorney (created by J.C. Masterman);

Gervase Bret (created by Edward Marston);

Michael Brock, an antitrust lawyer (created by John Grisham);

Andrew Broom (created by Ralph McInerney);

Hamilton Burger, the district attorney who, with Sisyphean doggedness, prosecutes Perry Mason's clients (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Patrick Butler, a defense attorney (created by John Dickson Carr);

Harry Cain (created by D. Kincaid);

Seth Cameron (created by John Martel);

Victor Carl (created by William Lashner);

A.B. Carr (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Judy Carrier, a defense attorney (created by Lisa Scottoline);

Geoffrey Chadwick [Quebec, Canada] (created by Edward O. Phillips);

Nicholas Chirke (created by P.C. Doherty);

Marlene Ciampi, an assistant district attorney (created by R. Tannenbaum);

Joshua Clunk (created by Christianna Brand);

Larry Cohen, an assistant district attorney (created by E.V. Cunningham);

Gail Conner (created by Barbara Parker);

Dade Cooley, a defense attorney (created by Gene Thompson);

Alexandra Cooper, an assistant district attorney (created by Linda Fairstein);

Ken Corning, a district attorney (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Brady Coyne (created by created by William G. Tapply);

Crang [Canada] (created by Jack Batten);

Arthur Crook (created by Anthony Gilbert);

Mike Daley, a defense attorney (created by Sheldon Siegel);

Josh De Burke, a proesecutor (created by Dave Pedneau);

Harry Devlin (created by Martin Edwards);

India Devlin, a prosecuting attorney (created by Mariah Stewart);

Laura DiPalma (created by Lia Matera);

Matty Donahue (created by Patricia Frieder);

Mark Dooher (created by John Lescoart);

John Doowinkle, a district attorney (created by Harry Klingsberg);

Ben Driskill (created by Thomas Gifford);

Tubby Dubonnet (created by Tony Dunbar);

Jesse Falkenstein, a defense attorney (created by Elizabeth Linnington);

Nina Fischman (created by Marissa Piesman);

Dixie Flannigan (created by Chris Rogers);

James Fleming, an Irish solicitor (created by Ann C. Fallon);

Arlene Flynn, a district attorney (created by H. Paul Jeffers);

Robert Forsythe, a British barrister (created by E.X. Giroux);

Jeremiah X. "Gibby" Gibson, an assistant district attorney (created by Hampton Stone);

Rachel Gold (created by Michael A. Kahn);

Sheldon A. Gold, a defense attorney (created by Terry Devane);

Peter Hale, a public defender (created by Philip Margolin);

Kirk Halstead (created by Evelyn Berckman);

Neil Hamil (created by Judith Van Gieson);

"Bomber" Hanson (created by David Champion);

Dismas Hardy (created by John T. Lescroart);

Alec Hathorne, a lawyer specializing in aviation cases (created by Stephen Greenleaf);

Sharon Hays, a defense attorney (created by Sarah Gregory);

Dallas Henry (created by Preston Pairo III);

Gilmore Henry (created by Bruce Graeme);

Billy Bob Holland, a defense attorney (created by James Lee Burke);

Vicky Holden (created by Margaret Coel);

Matthew Hope (created by Ed McBain);

Adam Hull (created by John Grisham);

Jimmy James, a defense attorney with elastic ethics (created by Charles Lachman);

Cassandra Jameson (created by Carolyn Wheat);

Willa Jansson (created by Lia Matera);

Scott Jordan, a defense attorney (created by Harold Q. Masur);

Dmitri Kameron [Russia] (created by Michael Pearce);

Roger "Butch" Karp, chief of the criminal courts bureau (created by R. Tannenbaum);

Homer Kelly, a defense attorney (created by Jane Langton);

Lennox Kemp (created by M. R. D. Meek);

Jerry Kennedy, a defense attorney (created by George V. Higgins);

Christopher Kennet, a solicitor (created by John Mortimer);

Ben Kincaid (created by William Bernhardt);

Lucy Kingsley (created by Kate Charles);

Julia Larwood (created by Sarah Caudwell);

Jake Lassiter (created by Paul Levine);

Jack Lautrec, a defense attorney (created by Norman Zollinger);

Wynsome "Wyn" Lewis, a real-estate attorney (created by David A. Kaufelt);

Kate Logan (created by Christiane Heggan);

Annie MacPherson (created by Janet Smith);

Paul Madriani, a defense attorney (created by Steve Martini);

Antony Maitland, a defense attorney (created by Sara Woods);

John J. Malone, an unscrupulous defense attorney (created by Craig Rice);

Cyrus March, a defense attorney (created by Bill S. Ballinger);

Lupo Mardi, an Italian prosecutor (created by Magdalen Nabb);

John F. X. Markham, a district attorney (created by S.S. Van Dine);

Hezikiah Mason, the prosecutor who typically faced off against Ephraim Tutt (created by Arthur Train);

Perry Mason, a defense attorney (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Randolph Mason (created by Melville Davisson Post);

Mark McCoy (created by Wayne J. Keeley);

Amy McGuire, a district attorney (created by E.J. Gorman);

Sir Henry Merrivale, a defense attorney--especially in The Judas Window (created by John Dickson Carr);

David Middleton-Brown (created by Kate Charles);

Kate Milholland (created by Gini Hartzmark);

Steve Miller, an assistant U.S. attorney (created by Ken Englade);

Luis Montez (created by Manuel Ramos);

Lydia Ness, a defense attorney (created by Miriam Borgenicht);

Martha Nickerson, a district attorney (created by Rose Connors);

Ellen North, a district attorney (created by Tami Hoag);

Kali O'Brien (created by Jonnie Jacobs);

Mairead O’Clare, a defense attorney (created by Terry Devane);

Sean Olson, a defense attorney (created by Kevin O’Brien);

Gideon Page (created by Grif Stockley);

Christopher Paget (created by Richard North Patterson);

Karen Perry-Mondori (created by Catherine Arnold);

Bino Phillips (created by A.W. Gray);

Sheilah Quinn (created by Jeremiah Healy);

Lon Quinncannon, a defense attorney (created by Raymond Paul);

Joshua Rabb (created by Richard Parrish);

Oliver Rathbone (created by Anne Perry);

David Reddman, a prosecutor (created by Warwick Downing);

Nina Reilly (created by Perri O'Shaughnessy);

Noah Richards (created by Mary Morgan);

Marta Richter, a defense attorney (created by Lisa Scottoline);

Howard Rickover (created by Susan Wolfe);

Matt Riordan (created by Frederick D. Huebner);

Henry Rios, a defense attorney (created by Michael Nava);

Dan Robak, a defense attorney (created by Joe L. Hensley);

Randy Roberts (created by Carter Brown);

Benedetta Rosato, a lawyer specializing in police-brutality cases (created by Lisa Scottoline);

Nate Rosen, a lawyer specializing in civil rights cases (created by Ronald Levitsky);

Richard Rosenberg, a lawyer specializing in negligence cases (created by Parnell Hall);

Horace Rumpole (created by John Mortimer);

George Sansi [India] (created by Paul Mann);

Doug Selby, a district attorney (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Dan Sheridan (created by Barry Reed);

Charley Sloan (created by William Coughlin);

Charlie Spotted Moon (created by C.Q. Yarbro);

Gavin Stevens, a defense attorney (created by William Faulkner);

Dee Street (created by Hannah Wakefield);

Hilary Tamar (created by Sarah Caudwell);

John Marshall Tanner, an attorney who has stopped practicing (created by Stephen Greenleaf);

Michael Thompson (created by Philip Carlton Williams);

Judith Thornton, a deputy district attorney (created by Patricia D. Benke);

Ephraim Tutt (created by Arthur Train);

Lane Uttley (created by Steve Hamilton);

Martin Vail (created by William Diehl);

Alberto Verdugo (created by Paco Ignacio Taibo);

Peter Wade, a defense attorney (created by George V. Higgins);

Eric Ward, a solicitor (created by Roy Lewis);

Lily White, a defense attorney (created by Susan Isaacs);

John Wilkes, a defense attorney (created by W. Schoonover);

Steve Winslow (created by J.P. Hailey);

Jerry Zalman (created by Gabrielle Kraft).




Investigators Attached to Attorneys’ Offices:


Paul Drake (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Jimmy "Griff" Griffin (created by Preston Pairo III);

Tina Paris, an investigator in the New York Special Prosecutor’s Office (created by Linda Chase and Joyce St. George);

Susanna Pinscher, an investigator for the Justice Department (created by Margaret Truman);

Andy Rosenzweig, chief of investigations for the district attorney’s office (created by Philip Gourevitch);

Rusty Sabich, an investigator with a County Prosecutor's Office (created by Scott Turow);

Kate Shugak, a former investigator for the Anchorage district attorney's office who is now living in the far north (created by Dana Stabenow);

Patterson Starbuck, an investigator for a district attorney (created by Walter Walker).




Former Attorneys:


Reuben Frost, a former lawyer on Wall Street (created by Haughton Murphy);

Dave Garrett, a disbarred attorney (created by Neil Albert);

Martin Hewitt, a former lawyer turned "sleuth" (created by Arthur Morrison);

Matt Riordan (created by Frederick Huebner);

Matt Sinclair, a former lawyer with a district attorney's office (created by Tony Kennelly);

Pete Wennick, a disbarred lawyer who now earns a living as a law clerk (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Anthony Whiting, a former lawyer (created by Pat Hewitt).




Court Clerks, Court Reporters, Legal Assistants, etc.:


Marilee Jennings, a former court reporter (created by Tami Hoag).

Ben Johnson, a clerk for the U.S. Supreme Court (created by Brad Meltzer);

Pete Wennick, a disbarred lawyer who now earns a living as a law clerk (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Matilda Worthing, a retired court reporter (created by John Keith Drummond).




Bailbondsmen (-women) and Bounty Hunters:


Ruby Dark (created by Bruce W. Most);

Martin Fender (created by Jesse Sublett);

Dixie Flannigan (created by Chris Rogers);

C.J. Floyd (created by Robert Greer);

Leo Guild (created by Ed Gorman);

Staphanie Plum (created by Janet Evanovitch);

Virgil Proctor (created by J.D. Knight);

Streeter (created by Michael Stone).




Prison Employees:

Anne Vernon, a prison physician (created by Alan Scholefield).




Parole Officers:


Loretta Kovacs (created by Anthony Bruno);

Frank Marvelli (created by Anthony Bruno).




Witness-Protection Agents:


Luke Dunlop [Australia] (created by Peter Corriss).




Collection Agents:


Daniel Kearney Associates, automobile repossession and skip-tracing company (created by Joe Gores);

Taffin, a debt collector (created by Lyndon Mallett).




Espionage (and Former Espionage) Agents:




a prototype in James Fenimore Cooper's The Spy;


James Burlane, a former C.I.A. agent (created by Richard Hoyt);

Neal Carey (created by Don Winslow);

Jeffrey Dean, a former C.I.A. agent (created by Wayne Warga);

"The November Man" Devereaux (created by Bill Granger);

Clifford Driscoll (created by William DeAndrea);

San Durrel (created by Edward Sidney Aarons);

Max Farne (created by Richard Butler);

Mike Flint, a retired CIA agent (created by Austin R. Healy);

Francis Xavier Flynn (created by Gregory MacDonald);

Henry Garrett, a retired C.I.A. operative (created by Gaylord Larsen);

Joaquin Hawkes (created by Bill Ballinger);

Matt Helm (created by Donald Hamilton);

Ed Jenkins (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Edwin Kreiss, a retired C.I.A. agent (created by P.T. Deutermann);

Richard Malcolm, an analyst for the C.I.A. (Created by James Grady);

Tiger Mann, a spy for a right-wing political group (created by Mickey Spillane);

Ed Nesbitt (created by John Ball);

Jane Nichols (created by Maureen Tan);

Blackford "Blacky" Oakes, a C.I.A. agent (created by William F. Buckley);

Michael Osbourne, a C.I.A. agent (created by Daniel Silva);

Dirk Pitt (created by Clive Cussler);

Mrs. Polifax (created by Dorothy Gilman);

Cameron Pryce, a Cia agent (created by Robert Ludlum);

Ronnie Ratajczak, a C.I.A. operative (created by Frank Deford);

Ben Reese, an ex-intelligence expert (created by Sally S. Wright);

Kelly Robinson [television--I Spy] (created by Sheldon Leonard);

Jack Ryan, an analyst for the C.I.A. (created by Tom Clancy);

Harry Ryder (created by Robert Footman);

Alexander Scott [television--I Spy] (created by Sheldon Leonard);

Sunny Sinclair (created by K. K. Beck);

Brad Smith, a part-time agent for the C.I.A. (Created by Jack Bickham);

Billie St. Clair (created by K. K. Beck);

Brian Stratford, a former C.I.A. agent (created by C. C. Risenhoover);

Elizabeth Stride, a former agent of the Israeli Mossad (created by John R. Maxim);

Sweetman (created by A. Denis Clift);

Tom Talley, a C.I.A. agent (created by Philip Ross);

Evan Tanner (created by Lawrence Block);

Fred Taylor, a former spy (created by Nicholas Kilmer);

Walker (created by Melville Davisson Post);

Peter Ward (created by David St. John, pseudonym of Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt);

Remo "The Destroyer" Williams, a government "enforcer (created by Warren B. Murphy).






Tad Anders [Polish/British] (created by Ted Allbeaury);

Owen Archer, a spy for an archbishop in Wales [Medieval] (created by Candace M. Robb);

James Asher;

Peter Ashton (created by Clive Egleton);

David Audley (created by Anthony Price);

Stephen Bellecroix (created by David Craig);

Modesty Blaise (created by Peter O'Donnell);

James Bond (created by Ian Fleming);

James Bond (continued by John Gardner);

Gene Bradley [British television--The Adventurer];

Adam Breck (created by Kenneth Orvis);

Eddie Brown (created by Joyce Porter);

Paul Chavasse (created by Martin Fallon);

Hugh Corbett [Medieval] (created by P.C. Doherty);

Datchery (created by Charles Dickens);

Mr. Dee (created by Desmond Cory);

Alessandro Di Ganzarello (created by Ivor Drummond);

Sean Dillon (created by Jack Higgins);

Johnny Fedora (created by Desmond Cory);

David Garnett (created by Clive Egleton);

Patrick Gillard (created by Margaret Duffy);

Richard Graham (created by John Welcome);

Alastair Granby (created by Francis Beeding);

Tommy Hambledon (created by Manning Coles);

Jane Hildreth (created by Michael Spicer);

Matthew Jenkyn [Renaissance Period] (created by P.C. Doherty);

Helen Johnson, a former agent (created by Eileen Dewhurst);

Michael Kingston (created by Manning Coles), especially Drink to Yesterday and Toast to Tomorrow;

Herbie Kruger (created by John Gardner);

Tim Lacey, a former Sas officer (created by Derek Wilson);

Ingrid Langley (created by Margaret Duffy);

Charles Latimer (created by Eric Ambler);

Peter Lawson (created by Melvin Bolton);

Alec Leamas (created by John Le Carre);

Ernst Lohmann [German/British] (created by Jack Gerson);

Auguste Lupa (created by John T. Lescroart);

Peter Marlow (created by Joseph Hone);

Desmond Merrion (created by Miles Burton);

Charlie Muffin (created by Brian Freemantle);

Joe Narrabone (created by Michael Gilbert);

Jennifer Norrington (created by Ivor Drummond);

Boysie Oakes (created by John Gardner);

Gerald Otley (created by Martin Waddell);

James Packard (created by Robert C. Galway);

Luke Pagan [British] (created by Michael Gilbert);

Harry Palmer (created by Len Deighton);

Philis (created by Ritchie Perry);

Emily Pollifax (created by Dorothy Gilman);

Appleton "Apple" Porter [Australia] (created by Marc Lovell);

Inspector Prike [India] (created by Lawrence Blochman);

Quayle (created by Peter Cheyney);

Rupert Quinn (created by Alan Williams);

Sheila Roath (created by David Craig);

Sean Ryan (created by Brian Cleeve);

Bernard Samson (created by Len Deighton);

Harry Seddall (created by J.K. Mayo);

Esmonde Shaw (created by Philip McCutchan);

Dorian Silk (created by Simon Harvester);

Arthur Abdel Simpson (created by Eric Ambler);

George Smiley (created by John Le Carre);

Roger Tallis (created by John Rossiter);

John Tibbett (created by Laurence Payne);

Derek Torry (created by John Gardner);

Trout (created by Desmond Cory);

Coleridge Tucker III (created by Ivor Drummond);

Tweed (created by Colin Forbes);

T.S. Weaver (created by David Keith), especially A Matter of Iodine;

Jonas Wilde (created by Andrew Yorke);

Michael Wyman, an agent for M16 (created by Desmond Cory)

Simon Young (created by John Trenhaile).






Tad Anders [Polish/British] (created by Ted Allbeaury);

Michael Archer, an ex-spy from Russia (where he was known as Michael Kossoff) turned private investigator (created by Dianne Day);

Canaletto [Italy--to Great Britain] (created by Janet Laurence);

Samson Clairval [France] (created by Francis Didelot);

Ray Crawley, Director of the Federal Security Agency [Australia] (created by Peter Corris);

DeBath [France] (created by Jean Bruce);

Liam Devlin, an I.R.A. agent [Ireland] (created by Jack Higgins);

I.A. Moto [Japan] (created by John P. Marquand);

Garth Owen, head of the secret police [Egypt] (created by Michael Pearce).

Elizabeth Stride, a former agent of the Mossad [Israel] (created by John R. Maxim).




Corporate Spies and Other Privately Contracted Undercover Agents:


Cordelia Morgan (created by B. Reese Johnson);

Henry Park (created by Chang-rae Lee).




Criminals, Rogues, and Other Shadowy Protagonists:


Mick Ballou, an Irish mobster (created by Lawrence Block);

Beano Bates, a grifter (created by Stephen J. Cannell);

Paul Benjamin, a vigilante murderer (created by Brian Garfield);

Angela Biwaban, a former embezzler (created by J.F. Trainor);

Ernest Bisham, a BBC announcer who moonlights as a burglar (created by Donald Henderson);

Blackshirt, a "cracksman" (created by Bruce Graeme);

Modesty Blaise, head of the crime organization the Network (created by Peter O'Donnell);

"The Blue Mask" (created by Anthony Morton);

Lew Brady, a planner of daring heists (created by Donald Westlake);

Monty Brogan, a drug dealer (created by David Benioff);

Smiler Bunn, a gentleman-thief (created by Bertram Atkey);

Burke, a reformed con in New York City (created by Andrew Vachss);

Neal Carey, a former pick-pocket turned private investigator (created by Don Winslow);

Colonel Clay (created by Grant Allen);

Hamilton Cleek, a "master thief" (created by Thomas W. Hanshew);

Hedgeclipper Clinton (created by Simon Brett);

Keyhole Crabbe (created by Simon Brett);

Jimmie Dale, New York City "cracksman" (created by Frank L. Packard);

Dave Delano, a scam artist (created by Philip Kerr);

Constantine Dix (created by Barry Pain);

Dorrington (created by Arthur Morrison);

John Dortmunder, a thief (created by Donald E. Westlake);

Philip Fletcher, a professional killer (created by Simon Shaw);

Brian Flynn, an I.R.A. terrorist (created by Nelson DeMille);

Socrates Fortlow, an ex-con (created by Walter Mosley);

Felix Freer, a thief (created by E.X. Ferrars);

Captain Gault, a smuggler (created by William Hope Hodgson);

The Infallible Godahl (created by Frederick Irving Anderson);

Alan Grofield, a bank robber (created by Richard Stark);

Denton Hake, a rapist (created by Thomas Baum);

Ed Jenkins, the Phantom Crook (created by Erle Stanley Gardner);

Jeye, a jewel thief (created by Desmond Cory);

Tim Kearney, a three-time felon who agrees to impersonate a dope smuggler for the DEA (created by Don Winslow);

Keller, a hit-man (created by Lawrence Block);

"Notorious Sophie" Lang (created by Frederick Irving Anderson);

Doug Lord, a thief (created by Maxine O'Callaghan);

Lovejoy, a forger (created by Jonathan Gash);

Luellen, a thief (created by John Sandford);

Lugg, a reformed thief (created by Margery Allingham);

Arsene Lupin, a "gentleman burglar" (created by Maurice Leblanc);

Mackin, a petty criminal (created by Patrick Quinn);

Peter Macklin, an enforcer for organized crime (created by Loen D. Estleman);

Dan Mallet, a poacher (created by Frank Parrish);

Munch Mancini, a former prostitute and junkie (created by Barbara Seranella);

John "The Baron" Mannering, a reformed gentleman thief (created by Anthony Morton);

Graham Marshall, a serial murderer (created by Simon Brett);

Truffler Mason (created by Simon Brett);

Rex McBride (created by Cleve Franklin Adams);

Susan Melville, a "retired" assassin-for-hire (created by Evelyn Smith);

Frank Nolan, a professional thief (created by Max Allan Collins);

Joseph Packer, an art thief (created by Jeffery Deaver);

Mr. Pargeter, a deceased crook (created by Simon Brett);

Parker, a professional thief (created by Richard Stark);

Philis, a Brazilian smuggler (created by Ritchie Perry);

Victor "Vic" Plotz (created by Stephen Dobyns);

Charles Pol, the Marxist bandit (created by Alan Williams);

Daniel Port, a hoodlum trying to reform himself (created by Peter Rabe);

Romney Pringle, a thief posing as a literary agent (created by Clifford Ashdown);

Quarry, a Midwestern hitman (created by Max Allan Collins);

A.J. Raffles, an incorrigible and perhaps amoral rascal (created by E.W. Hornung);

Bernie Rhodenbarr, a bookseller/burglar (created by Lawrence Block);

the Roag Syndicate (created by George Davis);

Runyon, a thief (created by Joe Gores);

Richard Henry Sampson (created by Richard Hull);

The Shadow, a jewel thief (created by Nora Roberts);

Sir Roger Shallot (created by Michael Clynes);

Arthur Abdel Simpson, irrepressible petty criminal (created by Eric Ambler);

John Smythe, an art forger and thief (created by Elizabeth Peters);

Nicholas Snow, an art thief (created by Lue Zimmelman);

Bob "The Nailer" Swagger, a sniper (created by Stephen Hunter);

Simon Templar, the "Saint" (created by Leslie Charteris);

John Tibbett, a petty thief (created by Laurence Payne);

Milo Turner, a con-man (created by Francis Nevins, Jr.);

Vautrin [France] (created by Honore de Balzac);

Nick Velvet (created by Edward D. Hoch);

Adam Worth, a thief (created by Martin Page);

Wyatt, an Australian bank robber (created by Max A. Collins, Jr.).


A prototype in Philip MacDonald's Mystery of the Dead Police.




Criminal Nemeses:


The Deaf Man (created by Ed McBain);

Fu Manchu (created by Sax Rohmer);

Goldfinger (created by Ian Fleming);

The Kardinal, an assassin (created by R.J. Pinero);

Prince Wu Ling, head of the Brotherhood of the Yellow Beetle (created by Harry Blyth);

The Master Criminal (created by Elizabeth Peters);

Professor James Moriarty (created by Arthur Conan Doyle);

Professor James Moriarty ("created" by Michael Kurland);

Dr. No (created by Ian Fleming);

Dr. Huxton Rymer, a former surgeon (created by Harry Blyth);

Su-Muru (created by Sax Rohmer);

Dandy Jack Westman (created by Philip Daniels).






Batman (creator of Bob Kane);

Black Mask Boys (created by William F. Nolan);

Dick Tracy.




Classical Investigators:

Decius Caecilius Metullus (created by John Maddox Roberts);

Gordianis the Finder [Rome] (created by Steven Saylor];

Libertus [Roman Britain] (created by Rosemary Rowe);

Telamon [Alexandrian Greece] (created by Paul Doherty).