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Stefan Borowski, the gay lover of English professor Nick Hoffman (created by Lev Raphael);

Mark Bradley, a gay author of celebrity biographies (created by Stan Cutler);

Dave Brandsetter, a gay Southern California private investigator (created by Joseph Hansen);

Jet Butler, a lesbian college professor (created by B. Reese Johnson);

Archie Cain (created by Jack Ricardo);

Scott Carpenter, a gay baseball player (created by Mark Richard Zubro);

Geoffrey Chadwick (created by Edward Phillips);

Blackie Cole/Blanche Cohen, a transgendered private investigator (Created by Lisa E. Davis);

Jesse James Colson, a gay policeman in Isthmus City, Wisconsin (created by John P. Cooke);

Kate Delafield, a lesbian LAPD homicide detective and former Marine (created by Katherine Forrest);

Nick Duffy, a bisexual former police detective who is now a private investigator based in London (created by Dan Kavanagh);

Colleen Fitzgerald, a lesbian insurance investigator (created by Barbara Johnson);

Lorenzo Garcia, a gay police officer (created by R.J. Hamilton);

Zachary Grayson, a gay author of cookbooks (created by Ronald Tierney);

Michael Hamilton (created by Jeremy Beadle);

Nick Hoffman, a gay professor of English (created by Lev Raphael);

Lexy Hyatt, a lesbian crime reporter (created by Carlene Miller);

Cassidy James, a lesbian private investigator based in Portland, Oregon (created by Kate Calloway);

Benjamin Justice, a gay crime reporter in West Hollywood (created by John M. Wilson);

Alison Kaine, a lesbian police officer (created by Kate Allen);

Virginia Kelly, a lesbian investment advisor (created by Nikki Baker);

Joe Kelsey (created by Alison Gordon);

Micky Knight, a lesbian New Orleans private investigator (created by J.M. Redmann);

Stan Kraychick, a gay Boston hairdresser who inherits a fortune (created by Grant Michaels);

Meg Lacey, a lesbian private investigator based in Canada (created by Elizabeth Bowers);

Jane Lawless, a lesbian restaurant owner in Minneapolis (created by Ellen Hart);

John Limbo (created by Anthony Firth);

Pharoah Love, a gay police officer in New York City in the 1960s (created by George Baxt);

Mark Manning, a gay investigative reporter (created by Michael Craft);

Kate Martinelli, a lesbian San Francisco police detective (created by Laurie R. King);

Tom Mason, a gay high school teacher (created by Mark Richard Zubro);

Blue McCarron, a gay San Diego private investigator with credentials as a psychologist (created by Abigail Padgett);

Doan McChandler, a San Francisco transvestite (created by Orland Outland);

Stoner McTavish, a lesbian travel agent (created by Sarah Dreher);

Maris Middleton, a lesbian chemist with a specialization in forensics (created by Kaye Davis);

Todd Mills, a gay Minneapolis reporter (created by R.D. Zimmerman);

Ralph Mitchell (created by James Gollin);

Inspector Sarah Nelson (created by Susan Wolfe);

Allison O'Neill, a lesbian (created by Lauren Wright Douglas);

Leonard Pine (created by Joe R. Lansdale);

Caitlin Reece, a lesbian (created by Lauren Wright Douglas);

Cassandra Reilly, a widely travelled lesbian translator (created by Barbara Wilson);

Alex Reynolds, a gay federal employee (created by Fred W. Hunter);

Henry Rios, a gay defense attorney (created by Michael Nava);

Matt Sinclair (created by Tony Fennelly);

Donald Strachey, a gay private investigator operating out of Albany (created by Richard Stevenson);

Milo Sturgis, a physically imposing gay Los Angeles police detective (created by Jonathan Kellerman);

Hilary Tamar, an androgynous lawyer (created by Sarah Caudwell);

Paul Turner, a gay Chicago police detective (created by Mark Richard Zubro);

Amanda Valentine, a lesbian (created by Rose Beecham);

Daniel Valentine, a gay bar owner (created by Nathan Aldyne);

Binky Van de Kamp, a San Francisco transvestite (created by Orland Outland);

Sergeant Wield, a gay British police detective (created by Reginald Hill).