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The Ethnic Detective:




Black British Detectives

Amish and Other Religious Primitives









Native American












Mali Anderson, a former police officer who is now a graduate student and informal private investigator (created by Grace F. Edwards);

Ezell "Easy" Barnes, a former boxer, a former policeman, and now a private investigator based in Newark, New Jersey (created by Richard Hilary);

Carver Bascombe, a poet and private investigator based in San Francisco (created by Kenn Davis);

Arthur Brown, a detective in the 87th precinct, created by Ed McBain;

Marcus Clay, the proprietor of a record store, and Dimitri Karras, one of his employees, who has a cocaine habit (created by George P. Pelecanos);

Larry Cole, a commander in the Chicago police department (created by Hugh Holton);

Candi Covington and Simone Covington, sleuth sisters (created by Nora DeLoach);

Alex Cross, a police psychologist in Washington, D.C. (created by James Patterson);

Sam Dean, a native of Jamaica who works as an American journalist (created by Mike Phillips);

Webster Flagg, an ex-actor who now works as a cook or butler (created by Veronica Parker Johns);

C.J. Floyd, a Chicago private investigator and bounty hunter (created by Robert Greer);

Socrates Fortlow, an ex-convict (created by Walter Mosley);

Chester Fortune, a mixed-race private investigator based in Los Angeles (created by Thomas H. Stone);

Theresa Galloway (created by Terris McMahan Grimes);

Abe Glitsky, an African-American Jewish police officer in San Francisco (created by John T. Lescroart);

Lew Griffin, a private investigator based in New Orleans who has estabished a cult reputation as a novelist (created by James Sallis);

Aaron Gunner, a private investigator based in Los Angeles (created by Gar Anthony Haywood);

Lee Hayes, a police detective (created by Ed Lacy);

Nanette Hayes, a street saxophonist and Grace Jones look-alike (created by Charlotte Carter);

Hudlow, a homicide detective (created by Paul W. Valentine);

William "Tough" Jackson, a New York police detective (created by Warren Murphy);

Coffin Ed Johnson (created by Chester Himes);

Johnson, a homicide detective (created by Paul W. Valentine);

Grave Digger Jones (created by Chester Himes);

Joe and Dottie Loudermilk, retirees who are fond of traveling (created by Gar A. Haywood);

Pharoah Love, a gay police officer in New York city (created by George Baxt);

Marti MacAlister, a private investigator working out of Lincoln Prairie, Illinois (created by Eleanor Taylor Bland;

Bolivar Manchenil, a police detective in the Virgin Islands (created by Donald McNutt Douglass);

Ivan Monk, a private investigator based in Los Angeles (created by Gary Phillips);

Toussaint Moore, perhaps the first African American private investigator (created by Ed Lacy);

Easy Rawlins, a Los Angeles private investigator (created by Walter E. Mosley);

Vonna Saucier, a private investigator based in New Orleans (created by J. Madison Davis):

Alexander Scott, character in television show I Spy (created by Sheldon Leonard).

John Shaft, a tough, hip Harlem private investigator (created by Ernest Tidyman);

Joe Sixsmith, a private investigator based in Chicago (created by Reginald Hill);

Florian Slappey, an Alabaman transplanted to Harlem (created by Octavius Roy Cohen);

Virgil Tibbs, a Pasadena, California (in the film adaptation, Philadelphia) policeman, assigned in one instance to assist a Southern sheriff (created by John Ball);

Talba "Baroness Pontalba" Wallis, a private investigator based in New Orleans (created by Julie Smith);

Penny Wanawake (created by Susan Moody);

Paul Whelan, a former policeman and currently a private investigator based in Chicago (created by Michael Raleigh).




Black British Detectives:


Charlie Peace, a Black Scotland Yard detective (created by Robert Barnard);

Joe Sixsmith (created by Reginald Hill).




Amish and Other Religious Primitives:


Sister Rose Callahan, a Shaker (created by Deborah Woodworth);

Magdalena Yoder, an inn owner (created by Tamar Myers).






Gregor Demarkian (created by Jane Haddam).






Carlie Chan, a low-keyed and unflappably pleasant Hawaiian police detective (created by Earl Derr Biggers);

Isamu Ohara, a Japanese-American private investigator (created by Nan Hamilton);

Lydia Chin, a Chinese-American New York private investigator (created by S.J. Rozan);

Jo Gar, a Filipino private investigator (created by Raoul Whitfield);

Masao Masuto, a Japanese-American, Los Angeles police detective (created by E.V. Cunningham).

Dr. Motilal Mookerji, assistant to the chief pathologist at a large Midwestern hospital (created by Lawrence G. Blochman);

Mr. I.A. Moto, a Japanese espionage agent (created by John P. Marquand);

Mark Shigata, a Japanese-American sheriff (created by Anne Wingate);

Cobb Takamura, a police detective in Hawaii (created by Rob Swigart);

Ken Tanaka, a Japanese-American computer programmer (created by Dale Furutani);

Sara Yamura, a Japanese-American private investigator (created by Ralph Warner and Toni Ihara);

Ken Tanaka, a Japanese-American private investigator (created by Dale Furutani);

April Woo, a Chinese-American police officer (created by Leslie Glass);

Grace Wu, an undercover agent for the DEA (created by Gaylord Dold);

Lily Wu, a Chinese-American private investigator (created by Juanita Sheridan).


[Also, television--Mysteries of Chinatown, featuring Dr. Yat Fu, proprietor of an herb and curio shop in San Francisco].


Winston Nkata, a British police officer (created by Elizabeth George).






Pierre-Ange Sawyer (created by Marvin H. Albert).






Roman Grey (created by Martin Cruz Smith);

Michael Vlado (created by Edward D. Hoch).






Sonny Baca, an Albuquerque private investigator (created by Rudolpho Anaya);

Luis Balam, a former policeman who now operates a tour service (created by Gary Alexander);

Ricardo Bueno, police detective working out of the 19th precinct (created by Richard and Frances Lockridge);

Antonio "Chico" Cervantes, a Mexican-American private investigator based in Los Angeles (created by Bruce Cook);

Willie Cuesta, a Cuban-American private investigator (Created by John Lantigua);

Willy Diaz, a private investigator based in Spanish Harlem (created by Rider McDowell);

Lorenzo Garcia, a gay police officer (created by R.J. Hamilton);

Lupe Garcia, a Detroit homicide detective (created by Doug Allyn);

Joaquim Hawkes, a part-Hispanic and part-Native American CIA agent in Indochina (created by Bill S. Ballinger);

Martinez, a police detective in coastal California (created by Connie Holt Sawyer);

Lt. Luis Mendoza, the independently wealthy and personally colorful head of the Los Angeles homicide department (created by Del Shannon);

Luis Montez, a Chicano attorney and political and social activist (created by Manuel Ramos);

Charlie Morell, a Cuban private investigator (created by Alex Abella);

Elena Oliverez, a Mexican-American art expert, created by Marcia Muller;

Johnny Ortiz, a police lieutenant (created by Richard Martin Stern);

Carmen Ramirez, a newspaper editor (created by Carol Cail);

Frank Ramos, a Tucson police officer, created by Frederic Brown;

Henry Rios, a defense attorney (created by Michael Nava);

Fred Santomassima, a lieutenant in the Los Angeles Police Department (created by Frank De Felitta);

Gabriel Wager, a Denver police detective, created by Rex Burns.






Mici Anholt, New York Crime Victims Compensation Board (created by Lillian O'Donnell).






The Nameless Detective (created by Bill Pronzini).






Jacob Asch, a Jewish-Epicopopalian private investigator (created by Arthur Lyons);

Sy Beckman, a police detective (created by E.V. Cunningham);

Morris Brummell (created by William Goldman);

Benny Cooperman, an Ontario private investigator (created by Howard Engel);

Jesse Falkenstein, a defense attorney (created by Elizabeth Linnington);

Benny Freedman (created by Milton Bass);

Abe Glitsky, an African-American Jewish police officer in San Francisco (created by John T. Lescroart);

Alexander and Norma Gold (created by Alexander Resnicow);

Leo Gold, a private investigator based in New York (created by Jay Finklestein);

Max Gold, a police lieutenant (created by Octavus Roy Cohen);

Sammy Golden, a police detective in Los Angeles (created by Jack Webb);

Harry Golding, a police detective (created by Howard Fast);

Noah Green, a police detective (created by Nat Hentoff);

Jacob Horowitz, a police lieutenant (created by David Delman);

Benjamin Jurnet, a police inspector (created by S.T. Haymon);

Denil Kahane (created by Dan Gordan);

Joe Katz (created by Lesley Egan);

Richard Levy, a police lieutenant (created by Elizabeth Sanxay Holding);

Shelley Lowenkopf, a police lieutenant (created by Richard Fliegel);

Michael Ohayon, a chief inspector of the police in Isreal (created by Batyr Goor);

Peter Rosen, a police detective (created by Joan Hess);

Lenny Schneider (created by Ed Goldberg);

Lenny Schwartz, an Inspector in the New York City Police Department (created by Irving Weinman);

Max Segal, a police detective (created by Dan Greenburg);

Isaac Sidel, a police commissioner (created by Jerome Charyn);

Jacob Singer, a police detective (created by George Baxt);

Rabbi Small (created by Harry Kemelman);

Moses Wine, a private investigator based in Los Angeles (created by Roger Simon);

Alfred Zimmerman, a police lieutenant (created by Theodore George).




Native American:


Ray Attla, an Inuit police detective (created by Dana Stabenow)

Johnelle Baker, a Choctaw sheriff (created by John Miles);

Molly Bearpaw, an advocate for Native Americans (created by Jean Hager);

Billy Birdsong, a Cherokee sheriff's deputy (created by Douglas McBriarty);

Angela Biwaban, an Anishinabe "princess" who is also an ex-con (created by J.F. Trainor);

Mo Bowdre (created by Jack Page);

Mitch Bushyhead, police chief of Buckskin, Oklahoma (created by Jean Hager);

Humphrey Campbell, part-Paiute working with the L.A. missing persons bureau (created by Geoffrey Homes);

Jimmy Chee, sergeant in the Navajo Tribal Police (created by Tony Hillerman);

Ella Clah, a Navaho policewoman (created by Aimee and David Thurlo);

Gabriel Du Pre, a mixed French and Metis cattle-brand inspector in Montana (created by Peter Bowen);

Gabe Hanna, part-Navajo sheriff's deputy in San Phillipe County, New Mexico (created by Micah S. Hackler);

Joaquim Hawkes, a part-Hispanic and part-Native American CIA agent in Indochina (created by Bill S. Ballinger);

Vicky Holden an Arapaho activist (created by Margaret Coel);

Jefferson Horse, a Navajo jewlry designer (created by Claire McCormick);

Diane Jackman, a part-Micmac outdoor guide (created by Mark T. Sullivan);

Inspector Mateesie Kitologitak, an Inuit police inspector (created by Scott Young);

Joe Leaphorn, Navajo Tribal policeman 9Created by Tony Hillerman);

Tina Martinez, a Pueblo artist (created by Cecil Dawkins);

Cole McCurtain, a college professor who is part-Chrokee, -Choctaw, -Cajun, and -Irish (created by Louis Owens);

Charlie Moon, a Ute Reservation police officer (created by James D. Doss);

Taggert Roper, a Cherokee private investigator and writer (created by William Sanders);

Christine Saksis, a half-Indian F.B.I. agent (created by Margaret Truman);

Kate Shugak (created by Dana Stabenow);

Charlie Spotted Moon, an Objibwa Indian with a law office in San Francisco (created by C.Q. Yarbro);

Sam Watchman, Navajo Arizona State Trooper (created by Brian Garfield);

Jane Whitefield, a Native American guide (created by Thomas Perry).






Spaceman Kowalski, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department (created by Teri White)






Yuri Nevsky (created by Dimitri Gat);

Nicky Rachmanoff, a lieutenant in the Beverly Hills Police Department (created by Robert Westbrook).






Milan Jacovich (created by Les Roberts).