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Wright State University
Raj Soin College of Business
Dr. Joseph A. Petrick 
Joseph A. Petrick, Ph.D., SPHR
Professor of Management


Office: 202 Rike Hall
Phone: (937) 775-2428
Fax: (937) 775-3546

Dr. Joseph A. Petrick is a Professor of Management who joined the Wright State University faculty in 1989. He has held previous academic, corporate, nonprofit and entrepreneurial management posts.

Curriculum Vitae: Joseph A. Petrick, Ph.D., SPHR

Course Information

Topical Course Syllabi History
Sigma Iota Epsilon (SIE)
Management Honorary Society
International Business Honor Society

Individual Awards Include:

  • 1992-93 Beta Gamma Sigma National Faculty Fellow

  • 1995-96 COBA Outstanding Faculty Scholar Award

  • 1995-96 MBA Student Association Best Management Teaching Professor Award

  • 1997 Malone Fellowship in Arab and Islamic Studies

  • 1998 Dayton Baldrige Award Examiner

  • 1999-2000 Ohio Baldrige Quality Award Examiner

  • 1999-2001 National Baldrige Quality Award Examiner

  • 2001  National Honor Society of International Scholars Inductee

  • 2002 Faculty Coach for the National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Championship Team

  • 2003-2005 Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) National Board of Directors

  • 2003-2005 Outstanding Business Faculty Scholarship Award

  • 2003-2004 Outstanding Management Teaching Award

  • 2005-2008 Brage Golding Distinguished University Professor of Research

  • 2008 WSU Trustees' Award for Faculty Excellence

Team Awards Include:

  • 1995-96 and 1996-97 Midwest AACSB Council of Deans Award for Innovation in Business Education

  • 1997-98 NASBITE International Trade Program Excellence Team Award2000 International Networks through Education and Technology (I-NET) U.S. Department of Education Grant Team Award

  • 2000 Ohio Governor's Excellence in Exporting (Team "E" Award)

  • 2002 WSU International Education Team Award

  • 2012 WSU Teaching Innovation Award

Educational/Certification Background:

  • Ph.D. (Business Ethics,Global Business Citizenship, International Management) Pennsylvania State University

  • MBA (Management/Marketing) University of Cincinnati

  • Doctoral and Postdoctoral work at University of Bonn (Germany); University of Tokyo (Japan); and Queensland University of Technology (Australia)

  • Certified Lifetime Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

Courses Taught: 

  • International Management
  • Management of Environment and Technology
  • Business Integrity Capacity
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Global Business
  • Quality Business Practices and Project Management
  • Strategic Management and Business Policy
  • Leadership Studies
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Management Ethics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organization Development
  • Legal and Ethical Decision-Making in Business

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Business Ethics and Leadership Development

Research Interests:
  • Business Integrity Capacity Theory
  • Management and Organizational Ethics
  • International Management
  • Strategic Leadership Integrity
  • Environmental Management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Quality and Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organization Development
  • Business and Public Policy
Selected Publications:

Recent Books:
Petrick, J. & Furr, D. (1995). Total Quality in Managing Human Resources; Lindsay, W. & Petrick, J. (1997) Total Quality and Organization Development; Petrick, J. & Quinn, J. (1997). Management Ethics: Integrity at Work; and Kloppenborg, T. & Petrick, J. (2002). Managing Project Quality.

Recent Articles:

Petrick, J. et al (1999). "Global Leadership Skills and Reputational Capital: Intangible Resources for Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century," Academy of Management Executive, (February, 1999), 13 (1), 58-69.

Petrick, J. & Quinn, J. (2000). "The Integrity Capacity Construct and Moral Progress in Business," Journal of Business Ethics, (January, 2000), 23, 3-18.

Spence, L. & Petrick, J. (2000). "Multinational Interview Decisions: Integrity Capacity and Competing Values," Human Resource Management Journal,
(2000), 10 (4), 76-93.

Petrick, J. & Quinn, J. (2000). "The Western Roots of Sustainable Biotechnology and the Promise of Mulla Sadra's Islamic Cosmology," Interdisciplinary Environmental Review,
(January, 2000), 2 (1), 1-18.

Petrick, J., Amba-Rao, S. et al (2000). "Comparative Performance Appraisal Practices and Management Values Among Foreign and Domestic Firms in India," International Journal of Human Resource Management, (February, 2000), 11 (1), 60-89.

Rinefort, F, Petrick, J. & Schukin (2001). "Occupational Safety and Health in Russia," Professional Safety, 46 (5), 19-23.

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Scherer, R. & Petrick, J. (2001). "The Effects of Sex Role Orientation on Team Schema: A Multivariate Analysis of Indicators in a U.S. Federal Health Care Organization," Journal of Social Psychology, 141 (1), 7-22.

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Ahmad, Khurshid and Joseph A. Petrick (2003). “The Challenge and Opportunity of Islamic Insurance,” Risk Management, 50(3), 18-25.

Petrick, Joseph A. and
Robert F. Scherer (2003). “Building Professional Association and Academic Department Social Capital through Code of Ethics Enhancements,” Professional Ethics, 11(2), 54-65.

Petrick, Joseph A. and John F. Quinn (2004). “Restoring Integrity Capacity to Domestic and International Accounting,” Global Business and Economics Review, 6 (1), 1-21.


Petrick, Joseph A. and Foster C. Rinefort (2004). “The Challenge of Managing China’s Workplace Safety,” Business and Society Review, 109 (2), 171-181.


Ebrahimi, Bahman P., Joseph A. Petrick, and Sandra A. Young (2005). "Managerial Role Motivation and Role-related Ethical Orientation in Hong Kong," Journal of Business Ethics, 60, 29-45

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Rinefort, Foster C. and Joseph A. Petrick (2006). "Occupational Safety and Health Trends in the Four 'East Asian Tigers'," Global Business and Finance Review, 11 (1): 79-87.

Larsen, James E., Joseph W. Coleman, and Joseph A. Petrick (2007). “The Ethics of Real Estate Agents: A Comparison of Realtor and Public Perceptions,” Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, 10 (1), 41-60

Petrick, Joseph A., Foster C. Rinefort and Vincent C. Yen (2008). "The Ongoing Challenge and promise of Managing China's Workplace Safety," Global Business and Finance Review, 13(1), 48-59.

Petrick, Joseph A. (2009). "Toward Responsible Global Financial Risk Management: The Reckoning and Reform Recommendations," Journal of Asia-Pacific Business, 10:1-33.

Petrick, Joseph A. (2010). "Sustainable Stakeholder Capitalism and Redesigning Management Education," Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 40:101-124.

Petrick, Joseph A., Wesley Cragg and Martha Sañudo (2012). "Business Ethics in North America: Trends and Challenges," Journal of Business Ethics, 104:51-62.

Professional Affiliations:

  • U.S. Academy of Management: Divisions of Social Issues in Management; International Management; Organizational Behavior; Management Education and Development; Technology and innovation Management; Organizations and the Natural Environment; Human Resources; Business Policy and Strategy; Organization Development and Change.

  • International Association for Business and Society

  • Association for International Business

  • Society for Business Ethics

  • Association for Practical and Professional Ethics

  • American Society for Quality

  • Society for Human Resource Management

  • International Society for Business, Economics & Ethics