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Economics 204 and 205 Online Courses 
Joseph K. Cavanaugh, Ph.D.
Email: joseph.cavanaugh@wright.edu
Office Location: Dwyer 243
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Course Text: Economics, Third Ed. by Joseph E. Stiglitz, and Karl E. Walsh, W. W. Norton & Co. Study Guide to Economics, by Lawrence W. Martin

Course Objectives: The objective of these courses, The Principles of Microeconomics (EC204), and The Principles of Macroeconomics (EC205) are four credit hour courses that provide students with an introduction of economics. These courses make extensive use of interactive tools and multimedia such as online tests, quizzes, and articles.  In addition, a CD provides presentations containing video and sound steps students though each chapter. Online, students can access sample article write-ups, their grades, the syllabus, and supplementary articles with questions and answers.  These courses even allow students to chat with other students in an interactive chat room and participate in an online discussion group. Students will learn about the time value of money, consumer decision making, investing in mutual funds and stocks, unemployment, and many other subjects.

Why Take These Courses?: The flexibility of these courses is particularly helpful for students who have schedule conflicts with other courses or job commitments. You access all the materials and take quizzes and tests online at your convenience (these courses are completely online so you do not ever need to be on campus to take these courses).  These courses use state-of-the-art technology that enhances the material.  The presentations and supplementary materials utilize audio, video, and use a question and answer format that makes these courses interactive and fun.

Who Should Take These Courses?: Students that are self-motivated, have access to the internet, and prefer open book tests and quizzes.

Who Should Not Take These Courses?: Students who need a regularly scheduled class times to motivate them to learn.  Students that have never used a computer and have never been on the internet. Students who would prefer more points allocated to exams and less to short quizzes and article assignments.

Availability: Only a limited number of students will be able to enroll in these courses, so sign up as soon as possible. These courses have closed every quarter they have been offered!

Register on Raider Express Telephone (419) 586-0324 or (937) 775-4400 (Course EC204 or EC205).  These courses are listed as Lake Campus courses (click on Lake Campus button when looking up the  course listing using ROX).  For information: Raider Express. Summer 2004 term the section number for EC 204 is WC1 and the call number is 75576.  The section number for EC 205 is WC1 and the call number is 75577.  There are no prerequisites for these courses and both courses can be taken simultaneously.

Links to an overview of  WebCT (which is where you can take your online tests, quizzes, and chat with the professor) can be found at: WebCT Information  

Samples: To see what the Astound Presentations are like, go to Sample Slideshow . I am continually making changes to all the presentations (but am unlikely to ever change this sample) so keep in mind this is for demo purposes only. Please allow extra time for the slideshow media to load.  A CD with all the executable presentations are sent to students taking these courses.