These are pictures from various trips that I've flown in little airplanes. 

Mary Mary
May 16, 1999
Dr. Mary Chellis and I wrote a paper together on errors in the ED.  When it was published, I promised we'd fly somewhere.  Chicago was too windy that day so we went to the Greenbriar resort in West Virginia.
more to come

June 25, 2003
Eduardo Martinho, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, spent about 11 months in the lab.  We went flying a couple of times.  This one was just before he left home to continue medical school.
more to come
more to come

January 27, 2006
Dr. Terry Lonergan was the high bid in the "One-hour ride in a small airplane" prize during the department's 25th anniversary celebration.  We flew for a bit longer going to Portsmouth, Ohio.
November 22, 2006
Around Thanksgiving, I flew to Columbus, Ohio to pick up my son and bring him and his stuff home for the holiday.  I clamped the camera to the top of the instrument panel and tried out the video function. 
January 17, 2007
Just a nice day to go up and practice maneuvers. 
May 24,2007
After many months of trying to go flying together, Adric and I finally got up and went to Put-in-bay.

June 6, 2012

Rob Spokane and I flew to Berea, Kentucky for lunch and a look around.