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Andy and Bernice Fugate have created a new Park Hills Graduate web site. They have done a beautiful job. Check it out.



Save the Old Fairborn Theater

Visit: www.fairbornpac.org/

As all or most of you know, the old Fairborn theater on Broad St. was closed down a number of years ago.  There have been numerous ideas as to what to do with the facility.  Butch Kelly, Fairborn High School class of 1954.  Butch's daughter, Niki Kelly graduated from Fairborn Park Hills class of 1972.  Butch and other classmates are trying to turn the old theater into a Fairborn Performing Arts building.

Butch said they have figured that about 60,000 folks have graduated from Fairborn since 1961.  They are putting a call out to all classmates they can contact asking for help on this project.  They said they will need everything from volunteers to donations to accomplish this.



Let Mike Shearer Class of 1991 capture your reunion video.

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Mike  Haas ran across  a tape of the PHHS stage band.  We converted it to MP3s and I added them to the PHHS web site.  The link  below will take you to the links.  It's pretty cool. --Jeff

Click here to hear the 1971-72 PHHS Stage Band.


Pictures from the 2002 All-PHHS Picnic


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all-PHHS Picnic 2001

 Pictures from the 2001 All -PHHS Picnic


They all turned 40 
Class of 1978 had a Great birthday party.

Park Hills Alumni are Featured in
National Magazines
Class of 80 Alumni Anne E. Kitch and Celia Hoenig Lum are feature in the August 2000 Ladies' Home Journal page 92 in an article entitled "What Ever Happened to the Class of 80"
Class of 83 FHS grad and billionaire Michael Saylor is featured in the July 10th 2000 People page 82 with the likes of George Clooney and Matt Damon as one of America's 100 most Eligible Bachelors.

Annette (Gilbert) Rizer did an awesome job 

planning a picnic for The first all-Park Hills alumni Picnic on July 22, 2000.

    Click here for pictures.

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