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Folk Dance Vita 

Harry J. Khamis, September 2016

bullet   Danced international folk dances since 1978, focused on Scandinavian dances since 1988 and Scottish country dances since 2004. bullet   Awarded the "Big Silver Medal" in Swedish polska dances, 1999, Sveg, Sweden.  bullet   Fully certificated Scottish Country Dance teacher (completed at St. Andrews, Scotland)

bullet   Taught a two-credit hour International Folk Dance Course (HPR 100) as an adjunct instructor in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPR) at Wright State University for thirteen years.

bullet   Danced with Zivio!, an amateur performing Yugoslav dance group in Dayton, OH.; performed with Zivio! for two weeks in a tour of Yugoslavia in 1987 (by invitation).

bullet   One of the regular teachers at the Miami Valley Folk Dance Club, Dayton, OH.; teach a wide range of dances including line, circle, individual, couple, contra, and set dances.  One of the regular teachers at the Flying Ghillies Scottish Country Dance Club (Cincinnati Branch of the RSCDS). 

bullet   Lived in Sweden for two years (1999 - 2000) as a visiting professor at Uppsala University in the Department of Information Sciences; studied Swedish "polskor" (couples turning dances done to three-beat music) in my spare time.

bullet   For Swedish polska dancing: received the "Big Silver" Medal in 1999 (Sveg, Sweden) and "Diploms" in 2000 (Myrviken), 2001 (Orsa), 2003 (Orsa), 2004 (Trångsviken), 2005 (Orsa), 2006 (Trångsviken), 2007 (Orsa), 2008 (Östersund), 2010 (Östersund), 2011 (Ludvika), 2012 (Östersund), and two "fortsättningsdansdiploms" in 2011 in Ludvika and 2013 in Orsa, all from the Svenska Folkdansringen.  Currently, I hold 13 diploms.  

bullet   Taught at folk dance groups/classes/workshops in Ohio (Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati), Virginia, Arizona, Boston (MA.), Sacramento (CA), Santa Cruz (CA), Ceres (CA), Detroit (MI.), Indianapolis, Uppsala (Sweden), Folklore Village, WI. (spring weekend workshop 2000, midsommarfest 2007), Fairwater (WI.), New York, Kentucky Dance Institute, Murray, KY (Scottish Country Dance teacher, 2015), Seattle.

bullet   Taught Scandinavian dances with Roo Lester in Ohio (Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus), Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh), West Virginia (Oglebay Camp, World Village Dance Camp), Indiana, Kentucky (Kentucky Dance Institute, Christmas Country Dance Week in Berea 2008 and 2009), Wisconsin (Folklore Village), Maine (Mainewoods Camp 1998, 2001, 2009, 2016), California (Stockton Folk Dance Camp 2001 and 2009, North/South Folk Dance Teacher's Seminar, Scandia Camp Mendocino), Champaign Illinois, and New Mexico (August Folk Dance Camp).

bullet   Taught Swedish dances with Josiane Rostagni in Gennetines, France (2009) and St. Gervais D'Auvergne, France (2010, 2011). 

bullet   Taught regularly at the Columbus (Ohio) Scandinavian Dancers group for several years. 

bullet  Taught Bodapolska at "Boda Day" in Boda, Sweden, 7/22/16.

bullet   Publication: International Folk Dance as a College Course, Viltis
Vol. 51, No. 4, pages 4-5, 1992.


Contact:  (937) 546-6092; harry.khamis@wright.edu


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