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Folk Dancing


with Nancy Ellinghaus, Orsa, Sweden
With Nancy Ellinghaus,
my favorite dance partner,
in Orsa, Sweden, 1997.

with Roo Lester, Oglebay Camp
With Roo Lester,
my favorite dance partner,
at Oglebay Camp, 1998.


with Marianne Eriksson, Stockholm
With Marianne Eriksson,
my favorite dance partner,
in Stockholm, Sweden, 1999.


with St. Erik, Uppsala
With St. Erik,
my favorite dance partner,
in Uppsala, Sweden, 1999.

I started folk dancing in a little international folk dance group at Virginia Tech in 1978 while I was in graduate school. I think what drew me to folk dancing, and what continues to draw me, is the wide variety of music and movements from across the world. The incredible richness of melodies, rhythms, beats, and instruments is fascinating to me, and the opportunity to move to these rhythms is great fun and provides a physical outlet for my energy.

I finished my studies at Virginia Tech in 1980 and moved to the Dayton area. I then joined the Miami Valley Folk Dancers (MVFD) in Kettering, Ohio. The MVFD Club is one of the oldest folk dance clubs in the country; it started in 1952.  The MVFD webpage includes directions to the Michael Solomon Pavilion where we dance (best dance floor in Ohio).

At Virginia Tech, we did very few couples dances. My first love was for Israeli folk dances, then I grew to enjoy the Balkan dances most, especially from Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. However, the MVFD Club included as many couples dances as non-couples dances; it had a very balanced repertoire. I then began dancing many more couples dances - dances from England, Scotland, Germany, and Sweden. Now my favorite dances are Swedish "polskas" - a "polska" is a type of Swedish turning dance done to three-beat music.  A close second favorite is Scottish Country Dancing.

I'm available to give workshops in international folk dance with a specialty in Swedish turning dances (polska) and Scottish Country Dances. My "folk dance vita" is attached.


with Sonia Back, Myrviken, Sweden
With Sonia Bäck, my favorite dance partner,
in Myrviken, Sweden, 2000.
Dancing for Diplom.

receiving my "Big Silver" medal
Receiving my "Big Silver" medal in Sveg, Sweden, 1999.


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