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When I was in college, bridge struck me as the last game in the world that I would waste my time learning. The idea of sitting for hours on end doing nothing more physical than shuffling cards was abhorrent to me.


Harry Khamis at Miami Valley Bridge Center
At my going-away party at the Miami Valley Bridge Center, just before leaving for my two-year stay in Sweden, 1998.

In 1984, circumstances developed in which I began learning to play bridge. So, there I was learning to play the very game with which I previously couldn't have imagined wasting time. I will be forever thankful for finding myself in that unlikely situation, however. Bridge is the most fascinating, fun, frustrating, exciting, hateful, interesting game in the world. I played bridge heavily from 1984 to 2004 and then got involved with Scottish Country Dancing.  Now I play much less frequently, and not at sanctioned games at all.  Maybe I can get back into it when I retire ... 

In my opinion, duplicate bridge is much more exciting and interesting than party (or "rubber") bridge for the following reason. In party bridge, whether you win or not depends very heavily on the cards you get, but in duplicate you can get no points at all for the entire evening and still win. That is, winning in duplicate depends on how well you play the hand you get; if you can play it better than all of the other players sitting your direction (who will be playing exactly the same hands as you against different opponents), then you'll win. In this way, the element of luck is largely removed from the game. It doesn't matter what kind of cards you get, what matters is how well you play those cards. So, if you're a party bridge player, give duplicate a try.



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