openstax Physics is a complete algebra based physics textbook of professional (commercial) quality.

Physics Equations is a supplement that allows this book to be used in a calculus-based course.


Other online resources:

      A collection of free and open source materials is hosted at Especially useful is their collection of pdf modules at Portions that I have read are well written and informative. Issues about copyright status. Based on what I have read, the plusses are: Organized and very clear lectures. The minuses: Too much historical content for students (but profs love this stuff!). The lecture/presentations tend to have different (but effective) styles.

       An earlier version of Physics Equations for the first semester is still available as a Latex created pdf file in portrait or landscape format.


First year calculus-based physics: A first-year calculus based text book with a generous (CC BY-SA 2.5) license, which renders it great for doing almost anything except copying and pasting into Wikiversity (due to attribution requirements.)

o Excellent reference that undergraduate physics majors will find helpful. Not a textbook.

Algebra-based (or trig-based) college physics: (Algebra/trig based)Very short, but a great book if you give them supplementary problems and rely on lectures to fill in the gaps. Given these limitations, this book is excellent. (Conceptual, designed for high school). An excellent collection, for its level. It must be popular because search engines seem to know all about

Astronomy resources have been moved to Wikiversity.