Welcome to Fogle.htm

  1. Bradley Fogle....aka McLovin this is the Fogell aka McLovin from Superbad
  2. 1572 Forestdale Ave. Beavercreek OH 45432
  3. (937) 427-2769
  4. shortyfitch@yahoo.com
  5. Beavercreek Highschool
  6. Student council officer
    Marching band
  7. the news
  8. Rock
    pretty much everything
    I play the trumpet
  9. I love to watch:
    I love to play:
    and football for fun
  10. work for WPAFB
    designing and testing materials
  11. Hawii or California
  12. My elderly neighbors car was broken down on the side of the road about 20minutes from our house and i stoped to help them.
  13. Willy...he doesnt smell to bad
  14. My hobby

  15. Brad Fogle

  16. this picture was taken from

Some Friends
this Brad Fogle and Chris enjoying the Guardian paper in Russ Center
this is Zack and Chirs showing there love for the displays in Russ Center
this is the SWEETEST TA EVER

Random Moments
this is the massive random sculpture in the Student Union
this is one Sweet Mac Computer located in Russ Center
A painting in Russ Center of a chemical engineer hard at work
a girl studying on homework in the lobby of Russ Center
an NCR door entry sign

So far i am doing pretty good in the classes i am taking. I currently am enrolled in:

Campus life at Wright State University is amazing. At first I didn't know what to expect since i was not living on campus. Turns out that WSU offers a wide variety of opportunities to express yourself. I like that they have different groups and organizations whom are dedicated to your success while attending WSU. though there are only a few things that i do not like about Wright State University and they would be, the lack of parking spaces for students, and how the campus turns into a ghost town over the weekend.

Class Schedule

Dept Number Title Time Days
EGR 190 Fundamentals of Engineering 09:00-10:45 M
CST 242 Comp NW Culture 08:30-10:10 TR
EGR 190L Fund of EGR 12:20-02:00 T
EGR 190L Fund of EGR com 09:00-10:40 W
ENG 102 Writing Acad 12:15-01:20 MF
EGR 101R Intr Mth EGR Ap 10:25-11:40 T
EGR 101 Intr Mth for Eg 04:00-05:50 TR
EGR 101L Intr Mth EGR Ap 02:15-04:05 T