NAME  ____________________________________________________________



ASSIGNMENT  _____________________        TOTAL POINTS  _____________


Criteria                                                  Possible Points                               Points Scored


1. Depth of Subject:                                                20                                                       __________

Shows application of theory, research, and/or relationship to subject.  Adequate support and evidence by examples.  Demonstrates understanding of major concepts and elements.


2. Organization:                                                        20                                                       __________

Is precise, pertinent, and well supported.  Provides a logical conceptual approach.  Clearly links concepts and principles to subject.  Avoids tangential material that detracts from central focus.  Provides clear transitions between and within sections of paper.


3. Completeness and Accuracy:                        20                                                       __________

Interpretation of data and concepts are appropriate.  Adheres to and fulfills the requirements of the assignment.


4. Clarity of Expression:                                       25                                                       __________

Sentences are clear, concise, varied, and logical.  Vocabulary and terminology are appropriate to the subject, purpose, and audience.  Subjects agree with verbs.  Elements are parallel.  References and word order are clear.  Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, possessive forms, etc., are correct.  Manuscript has been proofread and corrected.


5. Consistent with APA Standards:                  15                                                       __________

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  Documentation provided when appropriate in APA format.  For maximum credit a minimum of six scholarly references related to content/tests are required.