Production Requirements

For COM 411 Final Team Projects




The CaTS television/video production facilities are professionally equipped studios, control room and editing suites that require specific professional standards to ensure that production services can be provided in a timely manner with quality results. The standards listed below have been created in order to maintain a consistent level of service during any quarter of instruction. Standards other than those listed below will be assessed on an individual basis, and may result in not being able to provide the service requested. The Production Manager has final say regarding any production in the TVC facilities.


Scheduling and Pre-Production


COM 411 teams will make an appointment to meet with the Production Manager one week or more before the classes final taping begins, to discuss their production needs. If a meeting is not possible, then teams should follow any previous guidelines given by the Production Manager or class instructor. Teams will have met prior to meeting with Production Manager and have their production requirements thoroughly planned out. During the meeting the Production Manager will assess the production, and make changes to adapt each team’s production to the Television Center facilities capabilities, thus ensuring a quality end product. If a meeting is not possible, then the teams must email a completed script to .


COM 411 teams will provide the Production Manager with a full script*, graphic requirements* and any videotape roll-ins* no later than three days prior to the production date. Late submissions may not be used in the final production.



*Full Script Requirements


-           12 pt. Arial Font, all caps and doubled spaced.

-           “Portrait” pages numbered in chronological order. “Landscape” page layouts will not be accepted.

-           Typed script must have a 2-inch margin to the right or left side where key information such as news segments and changes, talent information and tape roll-in information will be placed.

-           If your team is using the teleprompter, you must provide your completed script as a Word document on a PC formatted disk. The document should be named accordingly and saved in chronological order, double spaced, all caps, 30 pt. Arial font with no page breaks and standard margins. One continuous document.



*Graphic Requirements


-           When scripts are turned in, all talent names must be provided with proper spellings.

-           Any other graphic requirements, like location or section keys, will be provided with the scripts and will be discussed during the meeting with the Production Manager.


*Video Roll-in Requirements


-           All tapes must be provided on DVD, mini-DV, DV, VHS/SVHS recorded in SP (standard play) mode, with at least 15 seconds of black before and after the video package.

-           Media will have labels identifying them with team names, runtimes and/or out cues that are also provided on the script.

-           Tapes must be cued to the correct playback spot.





Please refer any questions that you may have to the TVC Production Manager.