Douglas T. Petkie
2010-2011  Schedule:
Fall 2010
  PHY 450/650: Electricity and Magnetism I
Winter 2011
  PHY 451/651: Electricity and Magnetism II
  EE 345/545: Electromagnetics
Spring 2011
  PHY 452/652: Electricity and Magnetism III
  EE/EP 470/670: Introduction to Sensors

Other courses taught at WSU:
  PHY/EP 494: Senior Projects
  EE 481/482: Mentor EE Senior Projects
  PHY 470: Terahertz Science, Technology and Applications (Special topics course)
  PHY 899: Graduate Thesis Research
  PHY 762: Molecular Spectra and Structure (offered on demand)
  PHY 260: Introduction to Modern Physics
  PHY 246: Concepts and Applications in Physics I
  PHY 315: Physics Instrumentation I
  PHY 316: Physics Instrumentation II
  PHY/EP 322/622: Applied Optics
  PHY 106: Planetary Astronomy
  PHY 107: Stars, Galaxies and the Cosmos

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