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Gene Therapy 7770 (M&I/BMS)

Spring semester (alternate even years); 3.0 credits


The molecular basis of gene therapy and the use of viral gene delivery systems for the treatment of human disease is examined. Gene therapy strategies are contrasted with various diseases, including cancer and AIDS.


Basic Virology 4310/7310 (M&I, BMS 8070)

Spring semester; 3.0 credits

This course provides an introduction to the field of virology. The course emphasizes the intrinsic properties of viruses that cause human disease and their interaction with cells, multiplication, genetics, and tumor induction.


Biological Safety 4340/6340 (M&I, BIO, ANT, EES 4750/6750, BMS 8170)

Fall semester; 2.0 credits

The basic principles and practices of biosafety are examined. This course teaches the identification, handling, and containment of potentially hazardous biological materials, including microorganisms and recombinant DNA.

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