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HIV-1 Mutation and Recombination
Genetic variation of HIV-1 is the single largest obstacle in developing effective vaccines and therapies for preventing AIDS. My research focuses on HIV-1 variation and its impact on pathogenesis. I investigate the molecular mechanisms by which HIV-1 mutates and recombines its genome. Recently, I developed a novel mutation rate assay for HIV-1 in cell culture (patent pending) and have used this assay to study the behavior of reverse transcriptase variants. Ongoing studies are directed at using the new assay to monitor and make treatment decisions for HIV-1-infected people and to learn more about how HIV-1 alters its genome in response to host and therapeutic influences.


HIV-1 Infection of Eosinophils
I developed and published the only model system for HIV infection of the eosinophil, a specific type of white blood crucial to the immune response against parasitic infections, especially helminthes. I was the first to show that T-tropic but not M-tropic strains of HIV can infect, kill, and alter the function of these important cells. Ongoing studies are directed at using primary eosinophils isolated from uninfected and HIV-infected individuals in order to further investigate the susceptibility of these cells to HIV infection, to determine how interaction of HIV alters the function of eosinophils, and to ascertain the pathogenic effects that result from infection or interaction with eosinophils.


Protection Against Agents of Bioterrorism
In collaboration with the Great Lakes Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases Research and the United States Air Force, our long-range goal is to develop methods to counteract certain viruses or bacteria that may be used as weapons. This work will be conducted in our Biosafety Level 3 Facility. Our research is expected to contribute basic research, applied technologies, and facilities that will be needed to counter the threat of bioterrorism.

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