Reading & Comprehension

Read presentations and re-read outlining.

Read and study Types of Visuals, Creating a Presentation, Using Visuals in a Presentation and Hints for Nervous Speakers.

Final Presentation

This assignment will be formatted with PowerPoint. As ENG 3000 is an online class, you will not actually present the material in person, of course, but you will use PowerPoint to construct a presentation as if you were to enact it in front of an audience.

To do this assignment, you should assume that you landed the job that you applied for in your application letter and resume. Your task is to prepare a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation on a topic that is pertinent to your job. What topic you choose is up to you, but it must be substantive and useful for your co-workers, who will be your hypothetical audience. Assume your co-workers will be assessing your ability to explain the topic concretely, intelligently and, if need be, persuasively. You will be evaluated based on CONTENT as well as STYLE.

The first PowerPoint slide should explain the scope of your presentation, describing its PURPOSE (what is your thesis?), AUDIENCE (what is the demographic of the co-workers who will be listening to you?) and DIRECTION (how will the presentation unfold from beginning to end).

It is a prerequisite that you are familiar with PowerPoint software. If not, refer to these tutorials.


Summary: Write a detailed, single-spaced summary of presentations. (NOTE: This should not be a summary of your own presentation, but of the section in the textbook that explains presentations in general.) 250-500 words. Submit via Pilot. DUE DATE & TIME: Friday, Nov. 23, 9 a.m.

Final Presentation (Preparation): Brainstorm a topic and prepare a detailed PURPOSE PARAGRAPH and OUTLINE. Your purpose paragraph should be written as a single-spaced text patterned after the sample in Determining Your Purpose on pg. 407. Your outline should be single-spaced, too, and AT LEAST 250 words long; refer to outlining for the proper format. Submit via Pilot. DUE DATE & TIME: Friday, Nov. 30, 9 a.m.

Final Presentation: Submit via Pilot. DUE DATE & TIME: Friday, Dec. 7, 9 a.m.

Final Reflection: In English 3000, you have been asked to read and synthesize a lot of information and produce several different types of writing, each of which may come into play in the business world. The online structure of the course also required you to engage with computer technology on an intensive level. Write a 250-500 word reflection on the course in which you describe the skills you learned and developed in English 330 and how you foresee yourself putting them to use outside of university life. This reflection should be entirely free of mechanical and grammatical errors, so be sure to both write something thoughtful and revise your writing. Submit via Pilot. DUE DATE & TIME: Friday, Dec. 7, 9 a.m.