Reading & Comprehension

NFG: Read Chp. 19: Profiles, Chp. 28: Drafting and Chp. 31: Editing & Proofreading.

Read this article on Web search engine. Surf and explore the following search engines, developing a fluency with their features and an ability to perform advanced keyword(s) searches: About, Ask, Wow, Dogpile, Excite, Google, Mamma and Yahoo. This list is far from exhaustive and contains some of the more popular search engines. Bear in mind, search engines are business ventures whose purpose is largely to make money (via advertising) and a number of them are owned by the same company. As you will see, there are often many stylistic, mechanical and informational redundancies. Nonetheless each search engine is unique in some way and can serve you if used appropriately.

Character Profile

Here are the instructions for the character profile as described in the syllabus:

Choose a main character in The Great Gatsby and write a profile on him or her. The profile should include a thesis that succinctly describes what the character is like followed by textual support from both the primary source (the novel) and at least THREE secondary sources (criticism about the novel). Refer to the online WSU libraries website and use the MLA International Bibliography database and/or the Academic Search Complete to perform your research; they will consistently provide you with professional, scholarly criticism. MLA style required. 750-1000 words.

Remember to include a detailed, properly formatted Works Cited page with your finished profile.


Search Engine Research: Based on the above research you have done, choose three search engines (EXCLUDING GOOGLE AND YAHOO) and write a short summary of them. Each summary should explain the search engine's key features and research capabilities. Your imagined readership for each summary are technologically adept groups of people who are familiar with the concept of search engines but not necessarily the ones you are summarizing. Minimum 250 words apiece; 750 words total. Submit via Pilot. DUE DATE & TIME: Friday, Oct. 12, 9 a.m.

Discussion: In The Great Gatsby, the main characters, Jay Gatsby and Nick Carroway, have some similarities, but for the most part they are very different. Choose a character, describe him, and identify his chief desire. What motivates Jay and Nick to do what they do and act the way they act? Explain with specific details in the appropriate forum on Pilot. 250-500 words. DUE DATE & TIME: Friday, Oct. 19, 9 a.m.

Character Profile: Complete and submit via Pilot. DUE DATE & TIME: Friday, Oct. 26, 9 a.m.