I will be on sabbatical during the Spring semester writing a book on British science fiction author J.G. Ballard for the University of Illinois Press's Modern Masters of Science Fiction Series. I am also at work on a trilogy of plays and a collection of short fiction as well as the daily operations of my publishing company Anti-Oedipus Press. I look forward to getting back to teaching this summer! My courses will include online offerings of ENG 2050: African American Literature, ENG 3830: Introduction to Fiction Writing, and ENG 3000: Business Writing. In the meantime, I hope everybody has a productive and enjoyable semester.

For students interested in majoring in English, please have a look at the WSU-LC English program's website and Twitter feed.


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Introduction to Fiction Writing
Business Writing
British Texts: Medieval to 17th Century
American Texts: Early 19th Century
American Texts: Later 19th Century
American Texts: 20th Century
Introduction to Jacques Lacan
Topics in American Literature: Philip K. Dick
Topics in American Literature: The Gendered Body
Studies in Literary Theory

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DHW received a B.A. in English from Witternberg University, a M.A. in English from UMass-Boston, a M.A. in Science Fiction Studies from University of Liverpool, and a Ph.D. in English from Michigan State University. He is a Professor of English at WSU-Lake Campus, where he has taught since 2006.

In addition to hundreds of stories and essays, DHW is the author of nearly 20 books of fiction and criticism. He is also the reviews editor for the academic journal Extrapolation and the managing editor of Guide Dog Books, the nonfiction syndicate of Raw Dog Screaming Press.