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About the Lounge

Welcome to the Lounge. Hey, we know you're taking too many classes, have to work too many hours, and simply need a break from all the hassle. Where better to take a break than the Lounge?

Things to do at the Lounge

  • Come talk to us at our Facebook page
  • Read, comment, and ask questions at our blog, writing.bytes.
  • Catch up on Writing Center News
  • About the Blog

    writing.bytes. is hosted by the students who work at the Writing Center with contributions from faculty here at Wright State. It's a place where you can find out how successful student writers approach their assignments. Contributing faculty explain why they assign the writing that they do. Maybe we can even get them to give us some tips on how to read and understand their assignments better so we can help you write better papers. We invite you to check in often with comments and questions.

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