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New Content Added to Writer Resources

June 2, 2008 -- The University Writing Center (UWC) has added new content under the Academic Writing link in its Writer Resources section.

The Academic Writing page has been organized into three content sections: Definitions, Composition Program Goals and Assignments, and How To. In the Definitions section, the Academic Terms list has been updated. A section on Textual Analysis has been added to the new Composition Program Goals and Assignments section.

The new "How To" section includes links to new content about Planning Your Writing Project, Understanding Your Purpose, Analyzing Your Audience, and Creating Thesis Statements. The UWC hopes that the new content will be useful for students at all learning levels.

Writing Center Launches writing.bytes. Blog

January 24, 2008 -- The University Writing Center (UWC) put the final piece of its Writer's Lounge in place today when it launched its latest blog called writing.bytes.

The blog focuses on the importance of academic writing. Unlike the center's other blog, btw2, which has a single author, writing.bytes. has almost a dozen contributing writers. Among the contributors are writing center tutors and Wright State faculty members.

The center's director, David Bringhurst, says that the variety of contributors is what gives the blog its unique appeal. "College is about exploring new ideas and hearing multiple perspectives. Our new blog gives students the opportunity to hear from successful students and from faculty," says Bringhurst. "The idea is for students to learn from other students about how they approach their writing assignments. At the same time, the faculty contributors provide students with deeper insight into the reasons for writing assignments and what faculty really hope students will learn from their writing."

The Writing Center staff hopes that students will "join the conversation" by commenting and asking questions using the comment feature common to blogs. "The idea behind our blogs and the whole 'Writer's Lounge' concept, is to take advantage of the interactive nature of the Internet," says Bringhurst. "We wanted to replace our old static newsletter with something that students could participate in. Today's students spend so much time online that it seemed natural to appeal to them where they already socialize. We know that talking about writing might be tedious to some students, but we hope that the blogs will encourage more interaction and make for a more interesting discussion."

Writing Center Launches (Online) Lounge

January 2, 2008 -- The University Writing Center (UWC) kicked off the new year by launching its online Writer's Lounge today.

The Writer's Lounge is a set of interactive, virtual spaces for students and faculty to gather to discuss writing. The Writer's Lounge consists of the Writing Center's Facebook page and a blog about writing and critical thinking in one's career. A second blog focusing on writing in college is planned for publication later this year.

The Writing Center's Facebook page is designed to be a place where students can go to find out what's going on at the center and to socialize with the students and staff who work at the Writing Center. The site takes advantage of Facebook's popularity as a social networking venue to bring students together. The center's staff hopes to build an ongoing and fun dialogue with students from Wright State and area two-year colleges and high schools.

The Writing Center's first blog, Beyond the Written Word (or btw2) seeks to explain the role of writing in the workplace. Hosted by David Bringhurst, the center's Director, the blog will discuss writing in the workplace and will seek to involve local business people to discuss how writing plays a role in their daily activities. The goal of the blog is to engage students in a dialogue about writing with professionals in the area and to help create a networking opportunity for students as they prepare for their professional lives.

Web Site Changes on the Horizon

December 4, 2007 -- The University Writing Center (UWC) is in the process of reorganizing its website. The reorganization will make information on the site easier to find. As part of the reorganization, the UWC plans to add new tools for faculty as well as new resources for students.

Faculty can expect to find downloadable presentations about the writing center and various writing topics. The additions will also include a description of Writing Center services suitable for inclusion in course syllabi.

While the web site is intended to be a living document with additions to the site an ongoing goal, the reorganization itself should be completed by the end of Winter quarter 2008.

Successful Fall Quarter Kicks off 2007-08 Academic Year

December 4, 2007 -- The University Writing Center (UWC) had another successful Fall quarter in 2007. Thirty-two tutors, nearly two-thirds of them new tutors, conducted 2,934 sessions for 741 students. Among the students, 272 were registered for Developmental composition courses and 120 were international students (37 as members of the LEAP program). Tutoring sessions were conducted for 137 different classes covering 44 different subjects.

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