Many of my colleagues maintain very useful web pages; among them.

Torrey Seland Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Volda College, Norway, maintains an excellent, indexed site.

K. C. Hanson's HomePage contains a variety of material, articles, and bibliographies on the Social World of Early Christianity.

Philip Harland maintains several web sites on social world topics along with a Blog.

Jim West has developed a very useful, news-oriented site and Blog.

James Tabor has a nice variety of materials on the social and historical context of early Christianity.

Robert Kraft, specializes in New Testament but also has material for the study of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He has several early Christian etexts available.

James O'Donnell, is a Classics Professor with extensive experience of the internet. Both course material and research material are featured

David Ulansey has an outstanding collection of materials on Mystery Religions, Gnosticism, and Arcana

Loren L. Johns has a nice selection of Resources for Study of the Bible

Donald Binder has a nice collection of data and resources about Synagogues in antiquity.

Robert Fowler, Professor of Religion and New Testament, specializes in literary approaches.

Jim Ross' Bible Home Page has many valuable links at its new address.

And for a little humor, try Dharma the Cat


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