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There are three excellent search engines for the ancient world, each with a different focus. For general searches try:

A wonderful collection of primary sources, photos, site plans, and literary and linguistic tools.

A search engine for every aspect of the ancient world.

For resources, bibliographies, essays, collections--and especially gender issues. There is also a sub page on Internet Resources for Biblical Studies.

For other bibliographic searches try:

Table of Contents of Journals related to the ancient world or ANRW, a German collection with many articles in English.

There are also three outstanding sites for biblical studies.

For an extensive list of sites related to biblical studies, organized by topics, see the Resources Page maintained by Torrey Seland at Volda College, Norway. There are pages on: Bible texts and translation, Biblical Studies Electronically Published, The Mediterranean Social World, Software for Biblical studies, and Philo of Alexandria

Mark Goodacre has catalogued a great variety of useful material, with reference to a great many links (on Greek New Testament, Bible Translations, Textual Criticism, Non-Canonical Gospels & Acts, Paul, Revelation, Historical Jesus, Judaica, Early Church, Jesus in Film, E-Lists, Scholars, Societies, General Maps, Archaeology, Art & Images, Women & Gender, &Bibliography). He has developed his own pages on:

There is also a rather full listing of sites for the study of Judaism and Christianity maintained at the University of Pennsylvania. Topics include: Reference, Texts and Translations, Language Palaeography and Textual Criticism, Archaeology, Christian History and Literature, Jewish History and Literature, Islamic History and Literature, Journals, Newsletters, and Software


The Scholars Press Site contains a variety of information about Religion Studies, including the membership directories of the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion.

This site also has a comprehensive listing of other locations of what new on the net? of interest to students of Religion. For general information about the study of religion, check the umbrella organization, The Council of Societies for the Study of Religion.

Discussion Groups

The number of scholarly discussion lists has greatly expanded in the last year. Still on of the most useful and broad-based is the First Century Judaism Discussion Forum, Ioudaios, a discussion group of scholars focusing on aspects of Judaism in the first couple of centuries, including the emergence of Christianity. Their archives and transcripts are available; they also sponsor electronic reviews of new books on Jewish and Christian topics. These reviews are not in HTML, but they are readable on most browsers and are well indexed. Bryn Mawr Classical Review is also an excellent source for book reviews. Bryn Mawr also sponsors reviews of web resources. There is also a growing collection of reviews from the Journal of Biblical Literature available on-line.

Other groups, most of which maintain archives, include:

Graphai is an unmoderated electronic discussion group dedicated to the academic study of the New Testament. It is intended for the use of academic scholars and graduate students in New Testament.

For other lists see the Academic E-List

Romarch is an excellent place to begin investigating the Greco-Roman world, containing pointers to many useful sites. I've collected a few listings that help reconstruct everyday reality. Historical perspective on Jesus' world can be found in a variety of extracts from ancient documents.

New Testament Specialty Sites

For the gospels, there is a page devoted especially to Mark and one devoted to Synoptic relationships. It takes a little practice, but the on-line Gospel Synopsis is fantastic. There is a reconstructed text of the hypothetical early sayings gospel labeled Q; there is also a site dedicated to a World without Q. There is also a page on Jesus from the work of the Jesus Seminar and one on the quest for the historical Jesus that includes a lot of other links. On the non-canonical front, check out the Gospel of Thomas page.

A number of excellent sites on Paul have appeared; try these for starters: Pauline Studies, A collection on Paul and the Pauline letters, and the developing site on the New Testament with a special section on Paul; and for resources from a conservative perspective see page at the Baptist Bible Seminary on Paul.

An emerging web site for the study of the Book of Revelation is sponsored by the Lutheran University in Denmark. And Princeton University has begun a collection of images related to the Book of Revelation.

Sources & Texts

There are a growing number of documents from antiquity available on the Web--a good selection of early Christian writings, as well as specialized collections like Saint Augustine. There is also an excellent page of On-Line Primary Literature Related to the Bible at the University of Pennsylvania. A good collection of classical sources can be found on the MIT site. A wide variety of later Christian writings is available at Christian Classics. Th Ecole Initiative is indexing works on the web.

For works in Philosophy, see our own Philosophy Department page, as well as the page at Valdosta State, which specializes in texts.

Check out other departments in the College of Liberal Arts.

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