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For basic research see Diotima.

The Perseus Project gives access to the literature and culture of the Greco-Roman world.

Don't miss exploring Virtual Rome at VRoma

You can learn much about the Roman world from Apuleius; check out the Apologia Seminar

See the collection of Ancient World: WWW Sites assembled by K.C. Hanson.


For a nice overview of the physical and geographical dimensions of the Roman world, see Lacus Curtius Home Page

The Roman Empire in Africa is covered by Lepcis Magna

There is a tour of Patmos and the Monastery of St. John

There is interesting information on the Jewish Roman world of Jesus


The BBC gives a brief introduction to State Religion with a few images. Other Images.

The private world of Family Religion is summarized and illustrated

Some idea of ancient astronomy/astrology can be gained from Star Myths

There is a nice collection on Magic, with spells and amulets.

Everyday Concerns

To see what people looked like view these Roman portraits.

Two sites specialize in medical issues: Ancient Medicien and Medicina Antiqua

For the restoration of a Roman ship, see Diana Nemorensis

If you want to know how Romans bathed see Nova and explore what they ate with these recipes

The Private Life of the Romans is a concise and clear online text.

Brief introductions to various aspects of life can be found at Classics Unvieled


For a later period see the Society for Late Antiquity page

There are several courses onWomen's Spirituality in Antiquity

The University of Cincinnati Classics Iris Slide Collection is schedule to come on line (scroll down a bit).

The following sites seem to have disappeared.

The comprehensive listing on the Roman Sites Home Page

A glimpse of daily life, at Ancient Greek World

How the Romans cooked, The Roman Orgy Page

See my Syllabus for "Everyday Lives"
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