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STT 3630, Spring 2013
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Statistical Models for Engineers, by Thaddeus Tarpey, Wright State University
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 - Table of Contents
 - Chapter 1
 - Chapter 2
 - Chapter 3
 - Chapter 4
 - Chapter 5
 - Chapter 6
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Data Files:
Chapter 1: cupasoup.dat, lane1.dat, lane2.dat, lane3.dat, lane4.dat, lane1234.mtw, triunion.dat, windWashDC.dat, flowmeter.dat, heights.dat, rain.dat
Chapter 3: aluminum.dat, ch3problem2.dat, ch3problem3.dat, ch3problem4.dat

Supplemental Homework Problems:

Supplemental Materials:
Midterm review, midterm formulae sheet, midterm tablessample midterm problems (with solutions), midterm exam solutions
chapter5.day2.notes.corrected , chapter5.day3.notes.on.residual.plots , chapter5.day4.notes
Chapter 6 analysis of wall thickness data (p193): Matlab commands, SAS output
Final exam review, final exam formulae sheet, final exam tables
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