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November 9, 2012Posted by JC

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October 19, 2012Posted by JC


My name is Jacklyn Cornell. I am an English major at Wright State university and am due to Graduate within the year with my BA in English a consentration in Technical Writing. I have designed this website for a class and a way for me to express my second love which is Cooking & Baking. I have been cooking since I was about three years old. Now at that age I thought I was doing everything when mom would have me on the counter pouring in what she handed me, but now I know better. She sparked my love of food from that point on. We have worked together on differnet projects everything from chocolates to meat. We love going on different websites and watching foodnetwork for new ideas. I am by no means a professional, I am just a regular young woman who really loves trying to make great tasting food that not only tastes good but is fun to create.

I thought of this idea for one reason, people Love food. We have tons of websties where you can look up recipes but I hope you enjoy adding your own here and trying out others that other people have posted.