Kevin Copper

  1. I was born and raised in Columbus Ohio on May 30th 1995.
  2. I am a CECS major at Wright State University.
  3. After I graduated from Wright State University I plan to work for Wright patterson Air Force Base as a Computer Engineer.
  4. In ten year from now I hope to be a wealthy Computer Engineer working a civilian job on Wright Patterson Air Force Base.


I'm Interested in playing Games, all types of games; Computer games,gaming consoles, outdoors, if it's fun I will play it. recently my favorite game is Nintendo Smash Bro Brawl for the Game Cube or wii. I also love Computers, which why I'm a CECS major. Want to know everything about computer from knowing how to fix them, make them, etc. I also on my spare time try to repair computers and other electronics. Recently I fix a Flat screen tv, a disc drive on a Asus, and now I'm attempting to fix a printer. I do these things to gain experience.

My favorite musical groups

      Maroon Five

My favorite foods

      Velveta shell Macaroni
      Chicken Tenders
      Donatos Pepperoni Pizza

My most deprised foods

      brussell sprouts
      sushi with wasabi sauce

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