Wright State University

HST 4830: History of Masculinity in Europe

Spring 2014


Christopher Oldstone-Moore

Millett 368


Office Hours: MWF 1-2:15 pm


Requirements                                                                           Paper Topics

                                                                                                                                             Guide to the Essay





Mon. Jan 13

Gender and History



Wed. Jan 15

History and Masculinity


Dudink, Preface

Forth, Intro. to p. 6

Question Set Intro.

Fri. Jan 17

Body and Civilization

Braudy, chs. 1-4

Forth, pp. 6-15


Mon. Jan 20




             Theme 1:

The Body Politic



Wed. Jan 22

18th C. Gentleman

Forth, ch. 2 to p. 55

Question Set 1

Fri. Jan 24

American and French Revolutions

Levˇe en Masse

Festival of the Supreme Being


Mon. Jan 27

Revolutionary Manliness

Braudy, ch. 29

Dudink, ch. 1 to p. 12


Wed. Jan 29

Napoleon and Romanticism

Dudink, ch. 3


Fri. Jan 31

Prussian Nation-state

Dudink, ch. 4


Mon. Feb 3

Building Bodies

Forth, ch. 5


Wed. Feb 5

British Citizenship

Dudink, ch. 7

Guide To Discussion


             Theme 2:

Moral Reform of Manliness



Fri. Feb 7

Victorian Fathers

Tosh: "Authority and Nurture"

Question Set 2

Mon. Feb 10

Tom Brown chs. 3-7



Wed. Feb 12

Tom Brown chs. 8-9; Pt II: chs. 1-4



Fri. Feb 14

Tom Brown Pt. II: chs. 5-9



Mon. Feb 17

Tom Brown: The Movie



Wed. Feb. 19

Muscular Christianity

Hughes: "Manliness of Christ"


Fri. Feb 21

The Beard Movement



Mon. Feb 24

Exam 1



             Theme 3:

Fears for the Modern Man



Wed. Feb 26

Fear of Degeneracy

Braudy, ch. 35

Forth, ch. 6 to p. 153

Question Set 3

Fri. Feb. 28


Forth, finish ch. 6






Mon. Mar 10

Construction of Homosexuality

Braudy, chs. 34, 36


Wed. Mar 12

Manliness and Empire

Tosh, "New Imperialism"


Fri. Mar 14

Boy Scouts

Braudy, ch. 39


Mon. Mar 17

Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Manual


Wed. Mar 19


McDevitt, "Gender and Imperial Sport"


Fri. Mar 21


McDevitt, "May the Best Man Win"

Paper Topics

Mon. Mar 24

No class-- Paper consultations


Bibliography due

             Theme 4:

Manliness and Technological War



Wed. Mar 26

Death of Heroism

Braudy, chs. 40-41

Question Set 4

Fri. Mar 28

Making sense of war

Braudy, chs. 42-43


Mon. Mar 31

Restoring manliness

Braudy, chs. 44


Wed. Apr 2

Men of steel

Forth, ch. 7 to p. 194


Fri. Apr 4

No class--writing



Mon. Apr 7


Forth, finish ch. 7

Braudy, ch. 45


Wed. Apr 9

Post-war recovery

Braudy, chs. 52-53


Fri. Apr 11

No class--consultations


Thesis and outline

Mon. Apr 14

Post-war Germany

U. Poiger, "New Western Hero"


Wed. Apr 16

Consumer Manliness

Forth, ch. 8


Fri. Apr 18

Exam 2



Mon. Apr 21

No class--consultations



Wed. Apr 23

Paper presentations


Essay due

Fri. Apr 25

Paper presentations



May 2

Final Exam