Wright State University

History 3900--Global Encounters

C. Oldstone-Moore

Fall 2014


Christopher Oldstone-Moore

Millett 368

Office Hours: T/TH 2-3:15 pm









Tues. Aug 26

Intro: Expansion of Great Britain


Question Set A

Thurs. Aug 28

British India Begins

Judd, ch 3


Tues. Sep 2

Lab P: East India Company

Lab1 documents

Thurs. Sep 4

Industrialization and Reform

Webb and others


Tues. Sep 9

British South Africa

Discussion 1: Reform and Reaction in South Africa



Thurs. Sep 11

Lab 1: Missionaries

Age of Reform in India

Judd, ch. 4

Grp 1

Tues. Sep 16

Discussion 1: Indian Rebellion

Judd, ch. 5

Grp 2

Thurs. Sep 18

The British Raj

Lab 2: The Raj

Judd, ch. 6

Lab documents

Grp 3

Tues. Sept 23

Origins of the Opium Wars

Lab documents

Thurs. Sep 25

First Opium War

Waley, pp. 22-69

Tues. Sep 30

Discussion 2: First Opium War

Waley, pp. 69-111; 133-46

Grp 1

Thurs. Oct 2

Second Opium War

Lab 3: trade, patriotism and war

Parliamentary debate

Grp 2

Tues. Oct. 7

New Imperialism


Achebe, part I

Question Set B

Thurs. Oct 9

Exam 1

Tues. Oct 14

Discussion 3: Things Fall Apart

Achebe, parts II-III


Grp 3

Thurs. Oct 16

South African Gold

Lab 4: Cecil Rhodes

Fremont-Barnes (13-22)

Rhodes, "Confession"

Grp 1

Tues. Oct 21

Imperial Idealists

Karl Pearson

Rudyard Kipling

Thurs. Oct 23

Boer War

Fremont-Barnes (23-70)

Tues. Oct 28

Movie: Breaker Morant


Thurs. Oct 30

Discussion 4: Legacy of Boer War

Fremont-Barnes (74-91)


Grp 2

Tues. Nov 4

Discussion 5: Boy Scouts

Baden-Powell, Scouting

Grp 3

Thurs. Nov 6

China Under the Treaties

Lab 5: Chinese Nationalism

Gregory, "Stagnant China"

Fung Guifen, “Weapons”

Veeser, Sun Yatsen

Grp 2

Tues. Nov 11

Indian Nationalism

Judd, ch. 7

Thurs. Nov 13


Judd, ch. 8


Tues. Nov 18


Rao  chaps. 2-3

Study Guide for Reading


Thurs. Nov 20

Discussion 6: Kanthapura

Rao, chaps 13-16

Grp 1

Tues. Nov 25

African Nationalism




Thanksgiving Break



Tues. Dec 2

White Nationalism in South Africa Lab 6: Apartheid

Verwoerd on Apartheid

Grp 3

Thurs. Dec 4

Consequences of Empire


Tues. Dec 9

Exam II