History 1100-Honors

Ancient and Medieval Europe


Christopher Oldstone-Moore

Millett 368



     Requirements                                                              Art Page





Bring book and/or copy of extra



from Spielvogel unless indicated



Mon. Aug 26



Question Set A

Wed. Aug 28

Mesopotamian Legacy

Hammurabi's Code


Fri. Aug 30

Covenant and the Law



Mon. Sep 2

No Class



Wed. Sep 4

Prophets and Divine History



Fri. Sep 6

King David

II Samuel


Mon. Sep 9

Greek Polis

Martin: 65-69; 79-90


Wed. Sep 11

Sparta and Athens

Martin: 97-103; 109-15;



Fri. Sep 13

Rise of Athens

Martin: 145-55

Pericles, Funeral Oration


Mon. Sep 16

Classical Culture

Classical Art


Wed. Sep 18

Athenian Defeat

Martin: 186-92; 200-206



Fri. Sep 20

Trial of Socrates:  truth or trouble?

Plato's Apology

Plato's Crito

Aristophanes, The Clouds

Guide to Trial Briefs

Mon. Sep 23

Intellectual Revolution

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Wed. Sep 25

Hellenistic World

See Art Page Above


Fri. Sep 27

No Class



Mon. Sep 30

Exam 1



Wed. Oct 2

Roman Republic


Question Set B

Fri. Oct 4

The Republic breaks down

Mellor: 1-16


Mon. Oct 7

Augustus and Authority

Mellor: 16-25

          docs:  7, 14


Wed. Oct 9

Augustus and Government

Mellor: 25-37

          docs: 23, 26, 32, 36


Fri. Oct 11

Trial of Augustus: Progress or Tyranny?

Mellor: 40-49

          doc: 55


Mon. Oct 14

Christian Rome



Wed. Oct 16

Christian and Muslim Empires



Fri. Oct 18

Islamic Ideas

The Qu'ran


Mon. Oct 21

Carolingian Europe



Wed. Oct 23

Peasants and Aristocrats

Jordan: 5-19


Fri. Oct 25

Spiritual Revolution

Jordan: 137-42


Mon. Oct 28

Trial of Gregory VII: Holy or Horror?

Jordan: 85-93; 97-99


Wed. Oct 30


Jordan: 100-112

Raymond d'Aguiliers


Fri. Nov 1

Exam 2 



Mon. Nov 4

Chivalry and Tournaments

Jordan: 129-33

Song of Roland

Question Set C

Wed. Nov 6




Fri. Nov 8

Discussion of Lancelot

Lancelot: Knight of the Cart


Mon. Nov 11

No Class--Veteran's Day



Wed.  Nov 13

Trial of Lovers: Marriage and Love Go Together?

Lovers' Trial


Fri. Nov 15

No Class

Jordan: 143-56


Mon. Nov 18

Rise of Kingdoms

(Jordan: 143-56)


Wed. Nov 20

Black Death

Aberth: 1-6; 11-14


Fri. Nov 22

Experience of the Plague

Aberth: docs. 15-17

                 (pp. 71-82)


Mon. Nov 25

Panel of Experts: What was the Black Death?

Aberth: 94-97



Thanksgiving Break



Mon. Dec 2

Crisis of the Church

Jordan, 314-25

Essay Due

Wed. Dec 4

Hundred Years' War

Shakespeare: Henry V


Fri. Dec 6

Trial of Joan of Arc

Trial Record


Mon. Dec 9

Exam 3   at 12:30 pm