Generic Question Stems

Generic questions like those listed below are used to help students take information learned and use it for application, predicting, inferring, analyzing, comparing, synthesizing, evaluating and contrasting. To help you use the information that you have learned in EC 320 - The Global Economy for these purposes, take the generic questions below and insert a concept or idea from the class and see how well you could answer the question. The second column tells you what thinking skill you are using for each question stem.

Let's look at two examples. How used to...? You might "plug in" comparative advantage and trade patterns into the question so that it would now read, How could comparative advantage be used to explain trade patterns?

Or take the question: Compare...and ...with regard to... . For this example you might "plug in" Theory of Factor Proportions, Imperfect Markets Theory, technology and the question would now read, Compare the Theory of Factor Proportions and Imperfect Markets Theory with regard to technology.

So these examples should give you guidance about how to use the question stems. By plugging in information from the class you can help to "test" yourself about how well you can apply the information learned.
Generic Questions Specific Thinking Skills Used
What is a new example of...? Application
How used to...? Application
What would happen if...?  Prediction/hypothesizing
What are the implications of...? Analysis/inference
What are the strengths and weaknesses of ...? Analysis/inference
What is...analogous to?  Identification and creation of Analogies and metaphors
What do we already know about...?  Activation of prior knowledge
How does ... affect...? Analysis of relationship (cause-effect)
How does...tie in with what we learned before? Activation of prior knowledge
Explain why... Analysis
Explain how... Analysis
What is the meaning of...? Analysis
Why is...important? Analysis of significance
What is the difference between...and...? Comparison-contrast
How are...and...similar? Comparison-contrast
How does...apply to everyday life? Application - to the real world
What is the counter argument for...? Rebuttal argument
What is the best..., and why? Evaluation and provision of evidence
What are some possible solutions to the problem of...? Synthesis of ideas
Compare...and...with regard to... Comparison-contrast
What do you think causes...? Why? Analysis of relationships (cause-effect)
Do you agree or disagree with this statement:...? What evidence is there to support your answer? Evaluation and provision of evidence
How do you think...would see the issue of...? Taking other perspectives