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One of the biggest assignments we had during this class was to find a professional form or document that we would encounter after graduation and redesign it in a way that would be beneficial for us in the future. This assignment was comprised of three parts: an initial usability test run, the redesign of our document and test run and a final assessment of our form. Since I hope to one day become a professor at a college/university, the document I chose to redesign was a professor recommendation form. The original form that I found was taken from the Wright State University website under a required form for graduate studies in the Human Services career path. There were many issues that I felt needed addressing during this project. Also, I have performed a second redesign of my form, after receiving comments from users and Dr. Soderlund. Below, I have linked my summaries, original and redesigned forms and final assessments in PDF format.

  • Initial Usability Test Summary

  •         -Original Form (before redesign)

  • Form Redesign Summary

  •         -My Redesign of Original Form

  • Final Usability Summary



    The class was assigned the job to access Adobe Photoshop and just "play around" with some of the features on the software using any picture we wanted. I chose to use a picture that I had saved on my computer thumbnails. I took the original color photo and turned it black and white, cropped the original image then used the smudging tool to see how it would effect certain areas of the image.

  • Summary of Photoshop Assignment

  •         -My Version of the Image
            -The Original Image

    During class, we also had the opportunity to work in Photoshop and try and replicate a motivational photograph/painting. Here is what I had accomplished during that time and later at home for extra credit. Also, we were given the chance to obtain extra credit by doing work in Adobe InDesign and turning it in. I have included a link to a Good Design paragraph that I had written and designed in InDesign to gain additional exposure to the software.

  • Service
  • Good Design Paragraph in InDesign
  • Powerpoint Presentation on Fonts

    The presentation linked here is a brief introduction to the impact the lesson on fonts had on me during this quarter. The chapter we read that dealt with fonts was one of the first chapters we were assigned and I kept the ideas I learned from that chapter with me throughout the remainder of the course. I tried to keep tone and personality of the chosen font in mind when creating documents for this course.

  • Powerpoint Presentation on Fonts