About the Website

This website was created as part of an extra credit assignment for Document Design- ENG 600 . Prior to creating this site, I had absolutely no experience with creating a website of any kind. I have created this site using the initial template from Free CSS Templates. The images in this template were obtained from PDPhoto.org. I found the background color for my website at HTML codes.me I began working on this site in the third week of the Fall 2011 semester. Throughout the quarter, I spent at least five hours per week editing my website a little bit here and there so that I can now proudly say that it really is my own, personal design! I want to thank the many tutorials online that have helped me with my design process and overall understanding of HTML/CSS.

Portfolio Commentary

Part of the portfolio requirements for this course was a commentary on our overall experience of the course. This commentary includes a brief summary of my initial ideas about design before coming into this class, what I learned through the course, and what I hope to learn after the class ends. I will be using the documents that I included in the My Portfolio section of this website to help trace my overall design development and progression throughout the quarter. To access my Portfolio Commentary please click the link associated with the Portfolio Commentary heading.

My Portfolio

During the class, Dr. Soderlund required his students to analyze elements of good or bad design. Students were required to find a design and write a paragraph showing how they interpreted the design as either good or bad. If you follow this link, you will have the opportunity to see the paragraph discussions on the good/bad designs that I looked at throughout the quarter.