Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

Raj Soin College of Business

Anand Jeyaraj, PhD Teaching

204 Rike Hall * 937-775-2189 * anand.jeyaraj@wright.edu

Undergraduate level (IS majors)
MIS 450 Systems Development and Implementation
[using Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle E-business Suite]
MIS 305 Business Operating Systems
MIS 215 Business Data Structures
[using Java]

Undergraduate level (Supply chain majors)
SCM 425 Supply Chain Information Management

Undergraduate level (Business majors)
MIS 480 Modern Computing Applications for Business
[Social computing, Cloud computing, Geographic
computing (using ArcGIS, Tableau)]
MIS 480 Business Intelligence
[using MicroStrategy, Teradata, Tableau]

Graduate level (Master of IS)
MIS 798 IT Outsourcing and Partnerships

Graduate level (MBA)
MIS 720 Telecommunications Management
MIS 710 Managing Business Data
[using Oracle]