Policy/Procedure Adoption Process

Responsibilities of the Initiator

  1. Consult with and receive approval from the provost or appropriate vice president before initiating any policy/procedure.
  2. Identify the group (if any) and the division that initiated the policy/procedure.
  3. Identify why the policy/procedure is needed.
  4. Identify what impact the policy/procedure will have on faculty/staff and the university.
  5. Submit a written request to the University Policy Coordinator/Office of the Executive Assistant to the President, 264 University Hall.

Responsibilities of the University Policy Development Office

  1. Determine the authority trail, i.e., a Board of Trustees resolution, federal or state statute, or an internal procedure requiring no further involvement by the University Policy Development office.
  2. Determine if the policy/procedure should be reviewed by WSU General Counsel and/or other affected departments.
  3. Coordinate preparation of the policy/procedure with the initiator.
  4. Submit policy/procedure to the President's Cabinet for discussion and approval.
  5. Coordinate final dissemination.

Responsibilities of the President's Cabinet

  1. Discuss the impact of the proposed policy/procedure.
  2. Determine if the policy/procedure should be reviewed by another group on campus, i.e., Faculty Governance, Council of Deans, USAC, CSAC, etc.
  3. Return the policy/procedure to the University Policy Development office for publication.

Revised January 2001