5202 Distribution of Payrolls | Wright Way Policy

5202.1 General Policy and Operating Procedure for the Distribution of Payrolls

  1. This policy sets forth the concepts under which the university payroll system is administered.

  2. The university's objective is to provide for the timely release of pay advices to employees on scheduled paydays, with minimum inconvenience to employees. Payday for classified staff occurs every other Friday; payday for faculty, unclassified staff, and graduate assistants occurs on the last working day of the month.

  3. Requests for early release of pay cannot be considered. All employees will receive their pay through the direct deposit program (refer to Wright Way Policy 5201).

  4. If the normal pay date falls on a university recognized holiday, pay advices shall be dated and distributed on the last workday prior to that occurrence.

  5. Processing period delays

    1. All time card employees (i.e., those employees paid on the biweekly classified staff payroll) incur a one-week delay from the Friday that time cards are submitted until the day that pay advices are distributed.

    2. For those processing periods during which holidays compress the normal time allotted to prepare payrolls, employees and supervisors may be asked to accelerate the turn-in of time cards to meet pay dates.

  6. An employee who separates from the university shall be paid final wages and remaining entitlements (if any) in a lump sum. Such payment shall be made on the normal pay date for the employee's pay group.

  7. The university shall not grant advance payment of wages or entitlements to employees for any reason.

  8. In instances in which part of a pay period falls in the new year while the majority of the work period was in the previous year, pay advices shall not be available until the new pay period. Since federal law requires that wages be taxed at the time the employee receives payment, not at the time wages are earned, taxes shall be deducted based on the new year's taxing requirements.

  9. When it is necessary for the university to mail and/or deliver pay advices to off-campus locations, the university will use the most reliable delivery service available so that pay advices will be received by employees on a timely basis.

  10. If the university experiences a computer system failure, a natural disaster, or other emergency that disrupts payroll distribution schedules, the university will use its best efforts to make pay available within 72 hours of the affected payday, without regard to holidays or weekends.

5202.2 Release of Pay Advices

  1. A representative from each department/unit is responsible for distributing month-end pay advices to faculty, salaried unclassified staff, and graduate assistants. Month-end pay advices are sent on scheduled paydays to the designated department representative.

  2. A representative from each department/unit is responsible for distributing biweekly pay advices to classified staff working day shifts. Pay advices will be delivered to the representative on scheduled paydays. Classified staff employees who are not scheduled to work on paydays may obtain their pay advices through their departmental representative/supervisor.

5202.3 Employee Exceptions

  1. Pay advices for classified staff members who work evening or night shifts may be available on Thursday afternoon preceding the scheduled payday. A representative from each affected department/unit is responsible for obtaining pay advices.

  2. Pay advices for employees who work at off-campus locations shall be routinely mailed or distributed through other mechanisms such as a courier. Pay advices shall be released to the distribution service in a timely fashion so that employees at off-campus locations shall have pay advices available to them on the scheduled pay date.

  3. An employee who expects to be absent from campus on a scheduled payday should arrange to have his/her pay advice received through his/her respective department/unit.

  4. An employee who is not working on a payday due to his/her assigned work schedule will continue to receive pay advices through his/her department as described in section 5202.2.

  5. If an emergency situation exists, the Office of the Controller may adjust the distribution of pay advices scheduled for the affected pay period.


5202.4 Student Employees

  1. Student employees incur a two-week delay from the Friday that time cards are submitted until the day (Thursday or Friday) that pay is issued. Time cards must be submitted no later than noon on the appropriate Friday.

  2. Student pay advices are distributed by Student Employment in the Office of Career Services, E334 Student Union.

  3. Student pay will be issued between the hours of 8:30 am and 5 pm on the last Thursday and Friday of the pay period.

  4. Students must pick up their own pay and must present valid identification in order to have pay released.

5202.5 Direct Deposit

The university pays all employees by direct deposit (biweekly classified staff payroll, the monthly faculty/salaried unclassified staff payroll, and the student employee payroll). Refer to Wright Way Policy 5201 (Direct Deposit of Pay). Direct deposit is an ongoing procedure and cannot be done on a one-time basis.


5202.6 Payroll Schedule

Employees should contact the Payroll office (775-2249) for a copy of the payroll schedule or view the schedule at http://www.wright.edu/administration/finanserv/controller.htm.