5201 Direct Deposit of Pay | Wright Way Policy

5201.1 General Policy

Wright State University pays employees (faculty, unclassified, classified, and students) by direct deposit of net pay to accounts in participating financial institutions. Direct deposit of pay is commensurate with the joint capability of the Payroll department and the participating financial institutions to process deposits in a timely manner. An employee's net pay will be deposited in his/her designated account and available for use on the pay date. Direct deposit is an ongoing procedure and cannot be done on a one-time basis.

5201.2 Procedure for Direct Deposit

Employees shall:

  1. obtain an Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits form from the Payroll department.

  2. attach to the form a void check or preprinted deposit slip. The check or deposit slip will be used to obtain the account number and bank routing/transit number.

  3. return the completed form to the Payroll department. The first direct deposit will be effective the next payroll following receipt of the authorization agreement.

5201.3 Making Changes to Direct Deposit

  1. To direct the deposit to a different financial institution and terminate the old institution, an employee should provide the new information to the Payroll department ten days prior to the pay date on which the change will be effective.

  2. To change accounts within the same financial institution, an employee should provide the new information to the Payroll department at least ten days prior to the scheduled pay date.

5201.4 Direct Deposit Program

Total net pay may be sent to any financial institution participating in the direct deposit program. It is possible to direct monies to more than one institution and to more than one account, up to six accounts.

5201.5 Costs, Pay Advice, and Updating Instructions

  1. The university underwrites all costs of the direct deposit program.

  2. All employees will receive a non-negotiable pay advice each pay period. The pay advice will show gross pay, deductions, and net pay.

  3. The direct deposit will continue to be sent to the designated account(s) until the employee provides other instructions to the Payroll department. If the deposit is rejected, the participating financial institution will notify the university's Payroll department. The employee will not lose his/her pay; however, the rejection will result in a delay in receiving pay.