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In the tradition of the nation's best universities, Wright State University is dedicated to teaching, research, and service. In addition, Wright State has the distinct mission of providing leadership to improve the quality of life for the people of the Miami Valley. Wright State is a comprehensive state university with a diverse range of high-quality academic programs and strong links to Miami Valley schools and business, government, and community organizations. The university serves nearly 16,000 students with programs leading to more than 100 undergraduate and 40 graduate and professional degrees through six colleges and three schools.

WSU's Licensing Program
Wright State University established a licensing program in 1989 in response to the demand and need to positively promote its image while protecting its trademark rights. In order to use the university's name or any of its marks or variations of its marks on commercial products, one must obtain permission by securing a licensing agreement. The university licenses only those products that reflect favorably on it and that depict quality and good taste. This helps to preserve the university's good name and reputation.

A trademark is any mark, word, letters, or symbol associated with its owner that can be distinguished from those of its competitors. The university asserts ownership over its name and any other mark, logo, insignia, seal, design, symbol, or any combination of these, that has come to be associated with Wright State. Creative designs that encompass underlying university trademarks are subject to licensing as well.

Obtaining a License
For license application, details concerning royalty payments, and reporting contact:

Licensing Resource Group, Inc.
426 Century Lane, Suite 100
Holland, Michigan 49423
Phone: (616) 395-0676 ext. 106   Fax: (616) 395-2517

Internal Use of University's Marks
Any use of the university's marks by departments or student organizations for fundraising or promotional purposes must be accompanied by artwork or graphics and details as to how the university mark will be used. The artwork or graphics must first be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing. All departments and student organizations are required to use a licensed manufacturer to produce the items. Promotional orders may be eligible for a royalty fee waiver.

After expenses, royalty income from the licensing program is used for student scholarships.

The Office of General Counsel actively enforces the ownership of the university's marks, names, and symbols. Retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and sales representatives are equally responsible for the purchase and resale of licensed goods.

For further information, contact Tracy Silvert at (937) 775-3540.

Mailing Address:
Office of General Counsel
Wright State University
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy.
Dayton, OH 45435-0001

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