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Guides & Standards - Templates

General Template: template.html

* You may also use an automated process to create your personal Web page.

Get the template file from the Web server

  1. If you do not have access to the main Web server (www.wright.edu) and an FTP (file transfer protocol) client, bring up the appropriate template in your browser and select File | Save As from the menu bar.

  2. If you do have access to the main Web server, open an FTP session using the hostname www.wright.edu. Change directory to /www/wsu/cwis/templates/. Download the file template_file.html (make sure to download the file in ASCII mode).

    Note: replace "template_file" above with the appropriate template name.

  3. Departments may request a customized departmental template, which includes a banner graphic with your department name. Send e-mail to webmaster@wright.edu with your department name (exactly as it should appear on the banner) and a departmental contact e-mail address (must be a staff or faculty member or a "generic" departmental e-mail address which is directed to a staff or faculty member).

Modify the template in an HTML editor

    We suggest using Contribute, which is available fora small fee at WSU through CATS.

    A contribute tutorial is available from the CATS website.

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